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  1. curious, Why did you keep eating shrooms in UW?
  2. remove pickpoint buying before its too late

    I find it amazing that the same arguments used here were used when this was implemented on the main server. If someone buys items in the store to sell ingame and buy hydro and nexus removal stones, then it will help the game by providing income, increasing the value of hydro and nexus removal stones, and gives a teeny tiny advantage to a rich player that can easily be overcome by another player with 4 less PP's who is better prepared, trained and more experienced in pvp. It hasn't ruined the main server, there are no runaway characters with uber pickpoints, and hysteria hasn't taken over the game.
  3. Auctionning a Thermal Serp

    320k crosis ingame
  4. Therm serp

    305k When's this end?
  5. Bot payments

    Ent, After re-reading this thread: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...c=28738&hl= I am looking for clarification on what the IRON guild's responsibilities are for Charn, Shari and Perun. There seemed to be some back and forth and rather then attempting to interpret it myself (and be wrong) can you tell me what the final agreement with wizzkidd and you was for these 3 bots? Thanks, Crosis
  6. Which candidate is the best match for you?

    I liked Ron Paul, but after the recent unearthing of 2 -3 decades of ROn Paul newsletters, i know he can't win.... http://www.google.com/search?source=ig&amp...racist+comments
  7. Free boat from KF to C2

    This idea is great! Doesn't hurt anything, gives free rides to C2, which is nice, Gives PKers some fresh targets, which is nice Makes some new travel connections, nice IMO... asking all pkers to show up in KF between 2 fixed times... is unrealistic...
  8. bot protocol change... kinda

    Yeah, after the server change i had to modify the packet size for certain transactions. Our code used to send whatever size fit the amount of gc's we wanted to put up. Ent mentioned bug fixes in the release, so i assumed this was one of them.
  9. Give Boneless creatures bones

    Sorry I didn't mean to be offensive in any way. All I'm seeing is that there are enough bones around that are being sold, but at much higher prices than 2gc per. (you need to show me who the sellers are that you buy 2gc from ). Also I guess I've become accustomed to the high supply - low demand trend in the game. Sorry, not even guild members get reports from the bots on WHO is buying and selling. and I only look at that information in the logs if i think charn or shari is being abused. Keeping customer and supplier confidentiality is important. If members of our guild started contacting buyers or sellers who use our bots, it creates various ethics scenarios that i'd rather not have to deal with.
  10. Give Boneless creatures bones

    Uh actually I believe there is a shortage, this is why the price of has been ever rising. In actual fact (I'm only estimating) probably 1 million bones are eaten per day. Also the supply of bones entering the game is very high too but still not high enough. IRON's bot trades 5k bones per day? This is misleading you into thinking there are plenty of bones, but these numbers are puny compared to the vast amount of bones elsewhere in EL. well jeez, perhaps you should understand that my point in stating that is even though YOU don't think there are enough bones around, doesn't mean you are correct. I buy bones all day long, and never run out. I never have to offer more then 2gc's each, but i must also be persistant with my advertising. You can't put one ad on chan 3 and expect a deluge of people selling bones to pm you. To call ME misleading because i stated a fact that i can prove with metrics, IS misleading...
  11. Give Boneless creatures bones

    Just wanted to add that IRON's bots buy/sell anywhere form 1k to 5k bones per day, there seems to be no shortage.
  12. I have no arugment with your logic. Your observation seems well thought out and stated. I agree the price is driven by supply and demand. I only referred to the pricing issue as one of the reasons for this suggestion, there were other reasons as well. However, I personally (as I stated above) have no issue with the prices or even supply myself (though it seems some how that I'm the selfish one even if I don't really care about this for myself at all.) I fight in augmented leather armor with an iron sword and iron/steel shield, I make nearly everything I need and have been able to buy the other necessities. I have 2 alembics, 3 vial molds, 3 sets of iron plate (for special occasions), etc... Clearly, if one searches hard enough they can get whatever they want. This issue really isn't MY issue... I'm simply a person trying to provide a long term solution to a problem which seems to have several layers and is affecting the community (as observed through reading other posts and talking with others in the game.) One issue being pricing, another being the constant maintenence of 'drop rates', and lastly the perception of hoarding which was made by entropy himself (and entropy pointing out that hoarding was causing the low drop rates currently.) I analyze problems and look for solutions. They don't have to be my problems and I try not do it in a manner that's looking out for me personally. I'm sorry if it appears that way, or I somehow suggested that I had the problem that needed fixing. I also apologize if it appears that I have no feelings towards others when I suggest solutions, that's not my intent. Perhaps if ent based drop rates on counts of efe's on accounts accessed within the last year would solve it?
  13. Perhaps this angle will help also: There is not an imballence in the game when it comes to the EFE prices or drop rates, there is an imballence in the game where an EFE can make an alembic which is never worth more then the efe, or an efe can be used to make other, more expensive gear that helps the manufacturer make more gc's. But the game has responded to this imballence by people making less Alembics, and more of the other items. This seems the proper response of a free market. If more alembics were needed, demand would rise and folks would be willing to pay more for them. If you do not like the price of efe's, its not because they don't drop enough or because people are hoarding them, it's because you have a perception that you can't get one at the price that you want to make the item you desire at a reasonable price. But since you have to compete with the people making more valuable gear from efe's, you are looking for a fix for a problem of perception. What if Ent were to SAY that the drop rate of efe's has been decreased again, but actually did nothing, what do you think would happen to the price? it would rise quickly for sure. It would make things worse for your situation, would it not? What if Ent did the opposite, and said he increased the drop rate, but actually did nothing. Hoarders may or may not sell them off, but i'm pretty sure the price would begin to drop temporarily, but once the supply dries up from that initial selloff, we'll be in the same boat again, because demand will STILL outstrip supply. The issue you have is one with perception of the value of an efe, but since the market as a whole drives this perception, fixing it with artificial limits, timers, expirations or other artificial means does not solve the problem that people with more resources then you will pay more for an item than you because they use them for different items then you will.
  14. Give Boneless creatures bones

    I like the idea, but wanted to play devils advocate... Even if you were to add bones to the drops of higher level creatures, do you think the people training on them will actually pick up the bones and add them to the economy? Many of these spawns are too far away from storage to make it worth the trips to empty your inventory. But i DO like the idea.
  15. Limit the numbers of players joining the guild

    IRON is made up of players that are more mature, and come and go and return again when they have interest again. A limit like this make casual guilds like ours impossible.