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Steady supplier for coming next 4 weeks.

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I'd like to hire a steady materials supplier for the next four weeks, starting Monday May 14th.

Here's how it will work: you pick a day of the week, at which you will deliver all of the below listed the materials. You will get paid the prices listed below. After the 4 deliveries you will get paid an additional 40kgc (10k for each week), for being a steady supplier :P.


Please list your ingame name, guildtag and emu. If there's multiple people interested, I will select based on those criteria. If you do this as guild effort, please state so, as it will increase your chances :D


These are the materials to be delivered weekly and their prices:

  1. 20k Blue Quartz - 50k gc
  2. 50k Blue Star Flower - 25k gc
  3. 16k Silver - 32k gc
  4. 6k Coal - 12k gc
  5. 10k Sulfur - 20k gc
  6. 10k red roses - 6k gc
  7. 10k red snapdragons - 5kgc

Total: 150k.


Disclaimer: I'll not explain my choice, it's simply based on my expectations whether you can deliver and if tied I select on personal preference :D

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