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selling alot of stuff i dont need

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Just trying to make a little extra gc, my in-game name is Rider_of_Rohan



916 poppies(offer)

240 black roses(offer)

650 swamp candles(offer)

678 red roses(offer)

678 red snap dragons(offer)


330 gold ore(2.5 gc each)

156 iron ore(3gc each)


100 steel bars(45 gc each)


200 coal(2 gc each)


1 vial mold(4k)


4 leather torsos(offer)

1 leather pants(offer)

1 iron chain(offer)


60 srs(14 gc each)

7 true sight potions(offer)


4 white rabbit furs(offer)

58 red snake skins(offer)

191 deer antlers(offer)

17 snow lep furs(offer)

158 bones(.5 gc each)

31 rat tails(3 gc each)

9 brown snake skins(offer)

5 green snake skins(offer)

76 raw meat(5 gc each)

16 wolf fur(7 gc each)


10 leather(5 gc each)

55 bone powders(offer)


1 sword const.(100 gc)

1 bear fighting(offer)

1 steel axe const(offer)

1 potion of summoning(offer)

1 puma fighting(offer)

1 feasting potion book(offer



I know its low amount, but i use alot of it already. Leave a post here, pm me ingame, or leave a message on gossip.

if you post here please leave you ingame name too

P.S. Pleas only serious offers :laugh:

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Guest Beowulf

4 leather torsos(offer)

1 leather pants(offer)


I'll take these - 120gc each. Pm me ingame.

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My in-game name is DarkenedAuras (am getting ready to get on) and I'll buy the 650 swamp candles for 650gc if that's ok and I'll buy the bones if u still have them

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