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Lethal 666 - Liar

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Here I am minding my own business in silver mine, commenting on how nice it is to sometimes be able to leave a bag open with out getting it jumped, when I get a PM from someone I was just chatting to.


[14:25:06] [PM from Lethal: oh god]

[14:25:14] [PM from Lethal: i missed clik heal and went outside]

[14:25:32] [PM from Lethal: u put my dam col in my bag?]

[14:25:40] [PM to Lethal: opps I'll get it for you]


So I hop of my own bag to grab it for him so It will be all nice and safe (while thinking to myself how silly it is to leave a COL in a bag)

And what to I find, yup you guessed it no COL.


[14:26:09] [PM to Lethal: no col in bag?]

[14:26:27] [PM from Lethal: no its in there]

[14:27:00] [PM to Lethal: it really isn't]

[14:27:17] [PM from Lethal: are u kiddin me]

[14:27:19] [PM from Lethal: your in iron]

[14:27:29] [PM to Lethal: def not there]

[14:27:41] [PM to Lethal: yup in IRON]

[14:27:53] [PM from Lethal: ur such a liar]

[14:28:01] [PM from Lethal: why u bj me]

[14:28:06] [PM from Lethal: ur in a honorbale guild]

[14:28:20] #Ig [Lethal:666] your guildie bj me my dam col

[14:28:25] [PM to Lethal: yes we are, which is why I have not lied]

[14:30:16] #Ig [Xeone->666] 1 more accusation and I will IG block you. I did not take your COL and you know it. End off discussion

[14:30:19] #Ig [Lethal:666] please talk to xeone he obvouisly bj me and hes lying which should be unaceptable

[14:30:36] [PM from Lethal: i had a nmt in a bag and i gave back]

[14:30:38] [PM from Lethal: your a dick]

[14:31:20] [PM from Lethal: fuck u bithc]

[14:31:22] [PM from Lethal: go suck a dick]

[14:31:28] [PM from Lethal: i can't beleive u bj me]

[14:31:35] [PM from Lethal: we were talkin about trust with bags]

[14:31:38] [PM from Lethal: and u bullshit it]

[14:31:49] lethal was added to your ignore list!

[14:32:19] K, done! You blocked #ig messages from guild 666

[14:33:22] #Ig [Fischer->666] better to check with us b4 u accuse a fellow chieftian of bj u. ig blocked ')


He Then walks back into cave with his COL still on his head....

And now tries a different tactic


[14:37:15] #GM from Fischer: lol, letahal just pm'd me that xe jumped his silver ore, chrysth, and toadstools :P

[14:37:34] #GM from Xeone: sadly I did not, It went Poof


So why am I posting this when I lost nothing myself?

Well next time he accuses someone of bag jumping him maybe this will give his next target something to back up their denial


Xeone [iRON]

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Guest promlethal

yea i was wrong xeon didn't bagjump me i was jumping to conclusions, no one took my bag i found it all in one piece. I spazzed out on xeone said stuff i shouldn't have my bad ignore me if u want w/e..

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