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Kalenthro the Troll Slayer

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Kalenthro the Troll Slayer

by monkeyki


The dust had not even settled from the retreat of the Ywarstav army - what limited retreat that was allowed by the tide-turning Orcs - when the first words of Kalenthro touched the ears of the elders and he began his deserved journey into the history books and legends. Tragdek, commander of the Omlinor archers, was the first to bring the news to the elders of this courageous warrior's feats, merely relaying to them what was told to him by the soldiers who fought near Kalenthro. When Tragdek finished his tale, his eyes wet with emotion, he presented to the council Kalenthro's weapons and laid them on the table where, only moments before, battle decisions were made.


Battle cries of the patriotic rippled across the land like a tidal wave, lapping over the screams of the dying. The Great Battle of Grubani had raged now for hours and the outcome looked bleak for Krantar Br'guaan's armies and morale was low in his absence. An army needs the presence of a strong leader for motivation and reassurance and while Krantar, with the aid of Jer-nak, were embarking on a secret and dangerous quest for the good of the battle, the armies knew not of this and were dismayed.


It was at this desperate hour that a goliath of a man lumbered through the dust and blood. He bore no armor and his only weapon was a pair of midnight-black gloves adorned with polished and sharpened diamonds affixed to the knuckles. The soldiers said that the battle slowed at that moment and seemed to remain so for the duration. The unknown warrior drew back his hand and let it fall upon the nearest Troll. With this single blow the Troll buckled and crumpled to the ground in a heap. At the sight of this the soldiers found renewed vigor. The once hopeless battle seemed again possible to win and their swords struck their mark with intense strength and accuracy.


Almost single-handedly Kalenthro beat back the attacking Trolls who now were the ones looking for direction and purpose as another and another of their foul brethren fell to Kalenthro's blows. One soldier relayed to Tragdek that he would swear to the council upon penalty of death that the Trolls were frightened - actually shaking from it and very nearly reeking of it. Indeed, this was an accusation. Rumors had crossed the lands over time that Trolls were the most fearsome and fearless creatures to ever be.


Blood flowed from the diamond tips of Kalenthro's gloves as he struck unrelenting blow after vicious blow. If it had not been for an errant arrow, he may very well have caused the first ever recorded Troll retreat. Alas, this was not meant to be. Tragdek's archers, those that survived the collapse of the gates, fought valiantly but quickly became confused as enemy mixed with ally in hand-to-hand combat. The archers loosed their arrows and merely prayed that they would find a heart of the hated enemy. Kalenthro was not the only ally to the armies of Omlinor to fall at the hands of the ones they served but he quickly became the most notable.


If not for the courage instilled into the soldiers that watched him fight, the story of Kalenthro might never have been told. The Trolls regained their fearlessness as they watched Kalenthro's giant body fall to the ground, a single arrow pierced through his heart, and mustered themselves to renew the attack. Knowing that his heroic deeds would go untold if they perished, the remaining soldiers encircled Kalenthro's body and steeled their hearts and minds against the inevitable assault. The assault never came and the soldiers fell to their knees in exhaustion as the cries of "The Orcs are coming, The Orcs are coming" carried over the sounds of battle. Knowing that their tired and depleted forces stood no chance against the fresh onslaught of the Orcs, the Trolls turned and fled. Thus the legend of Kalenthro was preserved.


Kalenthro's story was revealed over the next months as his body was prepared for a hero's burial. Just a peasant man who worked the diamond mines outside of White Stone City. He never asked for payment except for the ten diamonds that adorned his black gloves. Delving deeper into his past, the council found that Kalenthro's parents had suffered a horrific death at the hands of Trolls which led to his passionate hatred of the creatures. All in the land celebrated Kalenthro's accomplishments and turned out in droves at his funeral. When news was spread that Kalenthro's tomb had been looted just as many were appalled. The gloves that Tragdek had laid before council after recounting the soldier's tale, the gloves the council had returned to their rightful owner at his funeral, had been stolen. Just as many myths and legends have risen as to the whereabouts of Kalenthro's gloves as have been told and retold about the Gods and the beginning of time and all wait for their discovery and return to Kalenthro's tomb.

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