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Update 1.3.2

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1. A new map in the gold cave (Made by Ravenod)

2. 2 new armors (the augmented leather torso and pants)

3. Quite a few new items (all the 'new' armors and swords now have a rare version, and the new summoning books)

4. 3 new summonable monsters (Arctic Chimeran, Yeti and Giant).

5. The interguild command now requires a guildrank of 6, to prevent abuse.

6. Fixed a very rare bug where you could die twice if you were poisoned during the last hit. That bug has been there for almost 3 years now, and I just found out about it today.

7. Some client bugfixes.



a. The augumented leaher armor (pants and torso) is in the game but not manufacurable/'obtainable' yet. This will be addressed in the next few days, once everything works fine.

b. The new summoning forumulas:


Yeti: Requires 1 enriched water essence, 5 bone, 5 meat, 3 enriched life essences (lev 45)

Arctic Chimeran: Requires 1 enriched water essence, 5 bone, 5 meat, 6 enriched life essences (lev 50)

Giant: Requires 2 enriched magic essence, 5 bone, 5 meat, 5 enriched life essences (lev 55)


The new summonable animals have not been tested. Please report any bugs, and do not summon them in non PK maps, until we make sure they work as expected!

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