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scarr banned

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I am Minion, recently inducted into =hc= as a level 19 leader.


Please do not remove this post (under rule 3. All other posts by uninvolved third parties will be removed.

) because I have been given permission, by Scarr, to act on his behalf on this matter, given the fact that he cannot reply on his own, due to banning from forums.


The banning is a result of Rule 26 (reproduced here for your reference):


26. Moderation is never a topic for public discussion.

Issues and questions regarding forum policies and procedures should be addressed to the game administrators(namely Roja or Entropy) or the specific moderator via private message or email. Issues and problems concerning other forum or game moderators should also be addressed privately with Entropy or Roja. All private messages will remain classified unless otherwise agreed upon. Public threads on these issues will be removed.


We would like the opportunity to correctly go about resolving this matter to everyones satisfaction. And we will prompty begin a dialog with the aforementioned administrators of this game, Eternal Lands. If there is anyone else that we need to contact, please do not hesitate to let us know.


We thank you for the opportunity to be heard.


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This may be relevent to all who are wondering....


taken from here


so its ilegal to acuse mods of cheating and get a ban?


Congratulation scarr. You got a 365 days forum suspention from forums and i'm considering locking your characters for good. Giving false examples and editing your post after talking to you didn't helped.

Edited by TheDoctor

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