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Found 1 result

  1. Pk tournement

    Ok so as we all know back in July Daniken hosted a PK contest and it was a massive success anyone who knows me knows i love PK, those who dont PK seem to enjoy watching it and those who do PK look for any opportunity So it is with great joy i announce a new tournament hosted by yours truly This tournament is going to be a knockout qualifier similar to the football world cup where all those signed up for the contest get put into a group and the groups fight and go into quarter finals semi finals and the finale to find out who is truly the best PKER in EL. There will be prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd place all of which are footed by me and believe me if you know me you know the prizes will be well worth the effort to win Mainly Pk seems to be only interested by people considered super high level so there will be a tier called WTF tier for people 160 a/d and above, there will be some people in 150s who are that powerful they are added into WTF tier by default due to their chars power as they would quite frankly beat anyone in the range without even trying. (People such as stann before he quit and DK) Aswell as WTF tier i will be making a tier from 120 a/d to 140 a./d and 140 to 160 a/d, these tiers may not happen if there is not enough demand The use of alts in different tiers IS permitted if you can pull it off by all means but do not enter 2 chars into one range There will be prizes handed out for the best performance of the night those who showed the most skills not neccerily the winner but those who showed the best sets of skills via a vote, a suprising technique an amazing plan or a funny way of killing someone etc There will be another prize for the most clever PKer who did something out of the ordinary. The idea behind this is to give Pking a bigger light and bring the community together to watch those who enjoy to do it The date is not set but it will be held around 7pm GMT on a sunday IF you wish to join pm ThecarnageX Guiness or Jamesb via mercator or pm and i will add you to the table A week before the contest all contestants will be revealed via this forum post and who is fighting who in each stage The whole thing will be recorded and uploaded to youtube for everyone to rewatch All prizes footed by me and try to win as trust me they are worth it Be sure to PM me and give it a go its only a game win or loose we all have fun! There are a number of rules to this tournament 1) It will be held in wsca 2) There is no use of Brod 3) Once a fight has began there will be no one entering the said arena until the two fighters have left 4) once a fighter has left the arena first the other person automatically has won and said fighter has been knocked out, (with the exception of accidentally walking out) 5) if you accidentally walk out the arena( as we all know it happens in wsca) you must re enter the arena immediatly and if you spend more than 3 seconds out the arena. PS: Dont let me win my own tournement, yes LIONS im looking at you ThecarnageX