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Found 2 results

  1. New Tab Maps (zipped map pack) are available at http://www.el-cel.com/info/files.php The maps are available in two resolutions: For newer computers please download Olivine Map Pack HiRes (Zip) For older computers please download Olivine Map Pack LowRes (Zip) The lower resolution maps should will resolve the problem of the white maps on older computers. These are current as of July 22, 2013 and include many corrections (listed below) Previews of individual maps are available on the EL-CEL site Game Components>Maps and through the following link: https://drive.google...dEk&usp=sharing The .dds maps also be downloaded individually on the EL-CEL site Game Components>Maps. Guild maps can be map upon request. 07-22-2013: Updated maps (also available individually on the EL-CEL site) include VOTD; VOTD Lower Mine; Arius Insides; EVTR; Melinis; Melinis Insides; Melinis Caves; Sedicolis; Idaloran; Thelinor; and Irinveron Caves, Tarsengaard (all); Bethel Cave; DP cave; Porland; misc1; mapundeworld; Seridia; MM insides; and RoT
  2. I would like to show a new Way Point System that is used to navigate easier on the map. How to use it: You open your map with tab, and hold down shift and click on the map. Every click adds a new waypoint and the dots (here circles in the picture) build a chain. The first WP will always be the target and the last WP you make on the map is the first WP that you will walk to. Once a WP is reached it will disappear and you will walk to the next one. You can not only see the WPs but also a line between them. In addition a new cursor like a reticle to make more precise clicks. ( Perhaps a circle around my position could indicate how far i can see on the map at night. )