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Found 1 result

  1. Primary that idea was brought at chan 6, but some people asked me to start it on forum too, so here it is: Like title sais this is idea of invasion events that are with objective that team need to met in this invasion. Very similar thing Vanyel tryed to do in his topic http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=60298. If team complete task there will be reward, if not invasion will be cleared and shame on you blue message brought. Reward: I think most people go to invasion to have some profit, to have a chance to get an invasion drop items, gc, some extra exp, and even if not a story require to some sort of reward for fulfilling the objective. Reward should be a gc amount based on invasion range with amount that matters for people in that range and maybe a rare invasion items in amount 1 per team member like Item giver, exp giver or invasion token. Idea is to make people want go to that kind a event. Team leader: In this invasion there has to be leader, a one person that will lead others, plan actions, split tasks etc. Team leader has to be appointed by other members before invasion starts, and after invasion he will get all reward to redistribute it among his team members. Monsters: Exac monsters of course depend on invasion range but in general the amount will set greater challange then a strenght of monsters. In classical invasion most profit usually come from killing boss, but in this idea there is a reward that has to cover that, so bosses aren't nessesary, they can be there to give extra chalange to avoid them while protecting VIP or to kill it fast while healing VIP at same time. I will focus on 2 diferent kind of objective based on defend the VIP 1. Guarding a caravan. In this invasion team has to guide a VIP through invaded map (or maps). Monsters are all over the place so team leader (who is also guide of o VIP) has to chose a path to bring VIP from one place to another, other team members job is to defend both guide and VIP by killing monsters near them, heal when they are wounded, scouts area around etc. There is ofcourse a time limit to perform that task. What is needed: A VIP character, a AI controled bot with at least following instruction: - Appoint a leader (Mod only) Before invasion starts mod appoint 1 person to be VIP guide and leader of team. That person and only that person can give VIP instructions - Follow me - VIP is trying to be as close to guide as is posible, whenever guide move, VIP will move as well - Stop - VIP stops and won't move untill given Follow me command again 2. Defend the fort In this invasion VIP stands still in middle of some defended area (like fort, mountain pass, other side of bridge etc). Monsters are attacking team trying to get to VIP. If VIP is dead, team lose and all remaining monsters are cleared and shame on you blue msg posted. If Team kill all monsters before VIP dies there is a reward, same as in first example. As in first example team has to appoint a leader before invasion starts. He will plan defence, chose place for his warriors, decide when to go to kill marauders etc, and after invasion he will redistribute reward among his team members. Monster in this invasion are spawned far from fort, in and are ordered to go to designated palce. Monsters are spawned with smaller waves with delay in few locations so they can go by different path. That's create a siege event when team really defend fort agains assaults. What is needed: A AI controled character that will stay in chosen place, no commands needed. A different monsters behavior, instead moving random monsters have to go to place where a VIP is and try attack him. Asorted thoughts: Above i posted some tools (changes in game code) that are needed, I don't think that those changes are hard to implement. Many similar working code is arleady in game. Invasion with that changes will work and looks beter, but both of examples can be started even today with additional work from people in game. VIP there is just a general term in can be whatever fits for story, so it can be caravan with resources to city, it can be merchant that need guards, or Ambassador of a foreign country posibilities are endless. Thank you for reading, I know it was long. If you have any comments feel free to post them, especially if it is desire to participate n that kind of event. And if there are not clear things or more details needed, ask here or PM me in game.