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  1. Mosque at ground zero, NYC ?

    fellow american morons people, fear no more counteraction is on its way \o/ click
  2. Ubuntu Magic leveling up crash

    edit: nevermind. cvs build from today fixed the problem
  3. turn on animation program cause invisible actors

    actually logout with uvp1 and invisible actors and re login fixed the problem. for the new drivers i promise to install them as soon as nvidia release more recent ones ^^
  4. i build a client from todays cvs on a ubuntu jaunty box. if i turn on the animation program aka switch from uvp 0 to uvp 1 all actors disappear. Video card: GeForce 8600 GT/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW! Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 3.0.0 NVIDIA 180.37 error_log.txt sometimes shows a line like this. just not every relogin [14:56:58] load_vertex_programs(): EXTENDED EXCEPTION(5:opengl_error): invalid value in load_vertex_programs at actor_init.cpp (line 542)
  5. as topic say start price 50k gc so if you want have less pain when visiting an outhouse of your choice better place a bid here auction ends whne i like the price or i get a cant resist ingame offer. i reserve the right to not sell if i dont like the price or the buyer
  6. The Chim Project

    amen to that \o/
  7. The Chim Project

    once again if you move up from omg nice xp from fero/fluff to dcw/fcw/mcw you lose hourly xp aswell as you get better drops/gc. so its up to your freedom of choice if you stick at low attribs and go to pension on fluff/fero cave or distribute pp and be stronger in pk for the sake of some xp like ambrosius said already. on the other hand it seem to be a red line going from anything higher then fero give less xp then the next weaker monster. but be happy we all suffered the same over the years. so you guys dont get less xp but just the xp we got. and if this wouldnt be wanted by the developers (someone once told me its kinda softcap) it would have changed at least 2 yrs ago already. and really the best part was when tommyknocker was hinted as soon mcw spawn time become decreased it become interesting for the irl ebul rich yeti trainers again, he try to bring the removal of ts pot effect into the game (which was ofcourse hardcore used by fluff/fero ppl). so all in all it still sounds like meh we need to make us an environment to cheap & easy train next mob. i still say all chims give the very same xp/hour as they gave to every person before caps even if you have to use some basic swords on them now. and using basic swords for the mid lvl monsters also make pretty sense at least it adds a little bit of realism. since i fail to see it realistic to "box" a strong mob. and since you guys get the same xp while using an iron sword or steel long, its pretty ok for me ^^ now i go back and wonder how we just could make it to high lvls with those so omg unbalanced mobs
  8. The Chim Project

    i voted no for both. try to explanation: in the last few years everybody got like 250k/hour at p/c 44/60 with ~105/110 a/d from a single dcw in bethel (if you ever got one of the 3! available spawns, some old players may remember this times well). once you hit p/c 48/76 and ~115/120 a/d you moved on to mcw which gave you ~300k/hour then. i have to skip fcw because i was never able to train them coz i was already on mcw when they were introduced to the game. now the whine & moan fraction is done with hogging fluff/fero and asks to change stats of chims to get the same xp with only 48/48 p/c ? get real guys. to my luck i was in the middle of a reset when the attribs cap where introduced into the game and i have to admit radu did a hell of a good job balancing the chims to the new attribs caps. i can say that because i got better xp from dcw/mcw then i had before caps on even higher a/d. so i cant see a real reason for fiddling with the stats at all. and if you need fiddling then let radu do the job since he seem to be blessed with the ability to balance various mobs in a fair way. and for a bit thread highjacking: i would give away gc and or tokens to have a real mcw double spawn added in grubani maybe in combination with some more fcw (totally not selfish since i dont train both of them for ages). just my 2 cent. but just overread it since im clueless anyway ^^
  9. Cape of no more warlock?

    for those crious about the cape, calliope tradebot wears it a while already ^^
  10. recording

    xvidcap is a waste of time since it cant record from "accelerated" widows. better try recordmy desktop. clicky it has also frontends for gnome/kde
  11. Is there a from scratch linux compilation guide?

    debian stable is called etch a while
  12. Possible problem with use_shadow_mapping

    for me it works again since the eyecandy stuff was added. tested on port 2001
  13. Possible problem with use_shadow_mapping

    i can reproduce this also on a debian system. the problem seem to start in cvs after march 2nd. thats the last version from which i can build a non segfaulting client.
  14. Vista

    las ms os i used was dos 6.22 \o/
  15. No torsos etc. in cvs client

    use -DUSE_DEFAULT_ACTOR and -DSFX when you build from cvs