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  1. Elysian Fields -EF-

    We are still recruiting -EF- \o/
  2. New Spell Ideas

    I like this idea and support it! Keep it coming alzar!
  3. Instinct Removal Stones

    Sorry don't have them
  4. cool review

    Whaha scarr xD
  5. After client update 1.9.3

    @bluap So you only have to click (for example) 1 to restore (if restore is the first spell on the spellbar) instead of pressing alt+1 ...saves time
  6. Elysian Fields -EF-

    Join the forces of Elysian Fields!
  7. Hey, I've done some observations and it seems that we're able to Mana Drain and Harm (haven't tried other spells) allied players. We can't MD and harm guildies. We can md summons. Now, why can we cast offensive spells to allied players? It doesn't make much sense to me. Someone suggested that MD'ing allies could aid in battle, but since we cant MD guildies that doesnt make much sense. So my suggestion is: Disable being able to cast offensive spells on allies. Any thoughts? Greets, StarDark
  8. Cannot Connect

    same, so is jvg
  9. Selling the following stones: 2x Physique Removal Stone (10kgc ea) SOLD 1x Coordination Removal Stone (12kgc ea) SOLD 1x Binding Stone (18kgc ea) SOLD PM me in-game StarDark
  10. In Memoriam

    My condolescenece to desdamona's family I never met her in EL, so I don't know much about her, but I do know its terrible to have cancer. Well I dunno what to say, but I hope she Rest in Peace. StarDark
  11. Thanks to....

    i'm best market spammer and i the one who make laugh most ppl coz of my pr0 jokes =*] *pimp* i got booted for market spamming some time ago i remember:D lol you noob i was earlier and better u learned also everything from me and me got kicked of spamming, thats even pr0'r
  12. Thanks to....

    w00wziez, that will be a long list for me o.0 but he tempest, u learned how to Market Spam from me
  13. me and happy g

    well, in fact its not ur fould (or even ur problem) that other ppls are posting quotes bout you, they should stop, i may continue talking xD (btw, i dont get most of the jokes, but im just a nubber)
  14. Desktop Pics!

    Me only got Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties screens at mi desktop atm Link to the screen
  15. Who is your arch enemy?

    ^^ here i come lemme see, hmm, zami didnt put me to an enemy, put i want to! grr i want to!!! ok, i wont and um, its always fun to make jokes bout markusweck and hades with Tempest and whats up with TK? he's cool kakuzu
  16. Quote of the week submissions

    in that convo u didnt talk much, but u'r spamming my msn screen
  17. Main languaje

    Ok I'm an American and I am NOT stupid...I could get into politics here, but thats off topic. Oh well, maybe its the politic, but if you see all those news posts about american's which dont happen in any other country lol, nah, i dont wanna start a flamewar, u should be OK because, if u live in USA u aint always stupid :s (or am i wrong? xD)
  18. Landmark Game

    The Big House
  19. Netherlands / Holland

    ik ook niet
  20. me and happy g

  21. The Cadaver Calculater

    Hahaha I think im gonna tell my Godfather to go that site to see how much our opponent's body r worth, mayb we just sell his body
  22. Day Jobs

    I'm working for the dutch maffia. My job is mainly executing ppl which dont want to give us the full money for the drugs. Sometimes I just need to shoot in the air, thats a lil bit boring, but some people seem to jump on it, erm, jump away from it. I can tell u its really cool job, but also very dangerous, but ye, it pays very well. (ps. dont tell the godfather i also steal money from death body's) Oh, and I also dont use the drugs for myself, if i see al those dummy stoned guys... pfft, better not. StarDark (my kill counter is 19 ^^ nearly 20)