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  1. DP teleport bug (cactus near sto)

    i was also harvesting cactus in dp outside sto and teleported into the rock of the sto
  2. secrets

    how about creating new secrets, that would stay secret. Eg a secret lib that makes reading faster when there are less people inside, the more people, the slower everyone researches. If sombody found that, he would want to keep the secret to himself, and not post it on some forum for everyone to see.
  3. good idea is to be able to summon things that can heal you while fighting, can also cure posion
  4. Summonable Healers

    just an idea so that summons are not only to fight for u, but help you in other ways.
  5. Summonable Healers

    summon before you fight
  6. secrets

    i bet you wouldnt mind telling your friend or guildie about a secret, eg best place to harv iron. because there is nothing to lose. But what if there was benefits, like harving faster when u are alone. You would try to keep that secret harvesting spot to yourself if you havested slower when there is more people.
  7. Poll - New client update?

    is it the same as the unofficial update from sir_odie?
  8. It would be easier if it showed your coordinates when you die, so it would be easier to find DB, I sometimes forget to click compass
  9. I made a little dragon blue summon stone by luck. Want to sell SOLD
  10. Horse Ranch

    Wouldn't it be cool if there was a horse ranch where people could buy a horse and have it permanently. Maybe we could buy equipment such as a saddle. You could attack with a ranging weapon from the horse. It has a health bar and if it dies it will spawn at ranch with 50% chance of losing its equipment. It could start of slow and then you could upgrade it to be faster. There could be places at taverns or shops where you could tie it up . It would also be cool if we could enter horse shows and races. If you want to walk it will just go back to the ranch where you can fetch it again or use a whistle.
  11. my pk suggestion

    Sto inside arena?...cant be attacked for 30 secs...cant use sto for another 2 mins
  12. my pk suggestion

    setting : drop/No drop?
  13. Mapmaker problem?

    when I open the mapmaker program it just shows weird colors. another screenshot : another one:
  14. Mapmaker problem?

    tnx it works
  15. my pk suggestion

    cool...fighting people your own level...i love no drop
  16. Map Icons

    Hey i got bloodsucker maps and i like it but its just that its hard to find myself on the map (blue cross) and i would really like to change myself and map markers from a cross to a circle or anything a little smaller and clearer. I can edit DDS files with gimp but i cant find the file that has the map markers in it. Can anyone help me??
  17. Map Icons

    Thanks the update helps very much. The blue cross is much better. I also love the scroll bar on the console
  18. Encyclopedia Errata

    (idk if this is already said or fixed) but poison caltrops is 3 EMU and encyc says 10 EMU
  19. summoning in combat

    I change my mind...summoning is still cool as it is...i just wish it had its own window like magic...and and a quickbar icon
  20. Horse Ranch

    I can't buy from shop because i'm only 14. I must be 18
  21. Horse Ranch

    It could be very expensive or your character could be more vulnerable to attacks while on a horse. Maybe the more weight that is used up in your inventory, the more slower the horse rides. The horse could also have stats such as stamina. The horse wont move if it's stamina is a negative number.
  22. Christmas Contests!

    tnx for the contest