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  1. Got banned for trading with my alt?

    Tnx entropy for pointing out your policy towards players like that. If you dont believe me. It is fine. Delete this message if you want and my character too. Do you really think i am afraid of your banning? pff Dont care anymore after what you have said and your attitude. Although I will miss friends over here, Just want to let you and Aislinn know: All customers (children) are ignorance. Dont point it out to them, because it will ruins any relationship and display your own mask of ignorance.
  2. You know yoy play EL too much when...

    - You are in zoo and see elephant. Hmm Another EL update? - You sleep 3 hours every 6 hours. - You say "going afk" before lunchbreak at work. - You buy raw meat at butcher and saying: How much gold coins? - You are in zoo again and want to kill the white tiger with a bone. - You hear church bell and say to everybody near you "HNH" - You look for a rostogol stone before visiting a dutch soccer match. - You are hungry on street and asking strangers "Got some spare fruit left?" - You drink bottle wine empty and asking why dont the bottle dissapear - You pointfinger every item in an new house.
  3. Infinate Slots in Storage?

    Yes i need too for summoning. With crafting you can make rings on demands. With summoning you cant do that, because: - summon stones must be made on place at harvest, gypsum is so heavy (10 emu). So you hardly ever make stones on demand. - Normal summoning you do in summon arena. Furs, bones and meat you have to gather them first before you go there. So after sumoning i can save 10 slots sometimes. - Most of the special essence, weapons and animal stuff i buy from bots or people. You cant harvest them easy like ore and flowers. And they are not always available on market.
  4. Infinate Slots in Storage?

    A high level summoner needs the following: 8x essence (life, death, matter, fire, enr life, enr death, enr magic, enr water ess,) 6x ore and minerals (gypsum, silver ore, gold, iron, mercury, quartz,..) 3x potions(summon, spirit, extra mana) 6x misc like serpentstone, enriched stones, bindingstone, COM, conjurer cape, threads 9x stones(armed orc, fluffy, sslesar, yeti, giants, artic chim, tiger, giant spider, bear, pfantom warrrior) 6x weapons (tit short, iron sword, broad sword, steel long, tit long, battle hammer(yes this also)) to train summon with hig level monster from time to time. 18x animal(bones, raw meat, bear fur, polar bear fur, rat tail, snake (3x), racoon, skunk, rabbit, white rabbit, puma, wolf, deer, deer anthler, white tiger fur, fox) 4x food and sunflower, tigerlily, cactus. 62 slots needed to become a good summoner( and didnt count other flowers to make those essence and those "worthless'' panter/tiger furs)
  5. Infinate Slots in Storage?

    Because u dont manufacture, craft (need about 100 slot), and summon (also about 100 slot if u gather all animal skin by ur self like I do)? A lot of people, that i know, trade and keep managing the storage. They dropped bags and leaving some animal stuff behind after killing animals, because they cant put in storage. At storage u will find abandoned bags with some flowers. Not cleaning those bags and managing storage needs more server time.
  6. What is your opinion about multiplaying?

    Remark: Dont forget those expansive books they have to read:) Very good idea. The family size will still shrinking in the future so it will be no problem:)
  7. Infinate Slots in Storage?

    How about to sell extra storage space from EL shop? People who are desperate in storage space can buy 200 slots extra for lets say 5 dollar per year? This money can be invested in hardware.
  8. What is your opinion about multiplaying?

    Sorry you accuse me for multi harvesting? Dont believe it. I believe in fair play. Ask anybody around who knows me ingame, how much time i spend with my main character. Because i was ill, I could spend 100 hour a week. And i did that the last half year. I never pvp (look my attack and defence quotient). Sometime i was so extremely efficient you dont want to know and you cant know. Maybe one tip for you, because u cant imagine it. While waiting for next spawn I harvest toadstool, eat it and make 250 he or 50 diss rings during training. Then on non hnh times i harvest flower to bring back to storage after training. If you have the guts next time i fight you in pk area naked and my hand tights and give you a good spank ("how can he do that?"). And why the hack does Bep have so high oa? hmmm I reset 2 years ago and every second i can generate exp. in any skill? How can a toadstool addict playing mulit? It is a waist of time to play multy if you want to level up any skills for your main char. That i found out 2 years ago. Think you are jealous. DONT be. No fun being ill.
  9. Got banned for trading with my alt?

    My daughter believes in the tooth fairy too. Doesn't make it so. Humm.. Isnt there an tooth fairy? darn... Rest my case.
  10. Got banned for trading with my alt?

    Because I sincerely thinking im not doing unfair things, trading to create more storage slots. I have done trading with another Person (not my alt), which I done before, to create more storage slots. Is that illegal too? Please dont tell me you have to read all the threads on forum to read your warnings? I dont see any warning from you on EL game-speaker. But just wanna tell you it save times for YOU IN THE FUTURE if you warn people, not for my benefit lol. For me is already too late. You see this takes time to read and to respond. Doesnt it? Hmm There are lot ignorance people in the world. They do exists. Why do you think war exists? Please remind you the people who are playing this game are ignorance enough to play EL. Why should they spend time in this game? It is an excuse to do the OTHER LIFE. Now I understand why Lochnesslobster have left this game. He was maybe ignorance too but at all honest. Sorry maybe this is going out of hand lol. Only a game. Tell me what is your penalty for me? I hope i dont sound like a jerk to want to proof my innocent. But just making clear
  11. What is your opinion about multiplaying?

    Multi playing or not mulitplaying..... Im against unfair play. It is like taking drugs for a sport competition. But im for multi with fair play. To control multi-play is hard and very time consuming for the adm. And sometime ''family'' members or friends on same adress just wants to interact. And that is a group event. So how to create multi play (multiple characters on 1 IP adress) but with fair play? The arguments against multi are: - Anti-social perk: create one character with and one character not. Delete that perk and problem solved. People get minus pickpoints when it is deleted. This will teach them to work harder on oa level lol. And the bot sellers who are selling anti-social items? Well they dont get much profit from it. Selling or buying for just 1 or 2 gc near the npc price. If not deleting that perk. Sure it is easier to take an alt and not asking friends/guildmembers to interact. But then it is more fun to let your friends help you out and you help them out some anothertimes. What is then the fun to play alone in EL ? No friends who are are not anti-social? hmmm you have serious troublesome personality. - Mulling: using character with big carry capacity to mull things. Not efficient. In order to get a character to get a bigger load, takes time. Time is lost which was better spend on the main character. So it seems unfair, but they cut there own fingers. Asking somebody to mull for you is much more fun. Believe me. - Multi harvesting: more characters harvesting. Increase more harvest events will prevent that, is my opion (sorry for the top harvesters and other MN haters ). Also time consuming to maintain. - Pk lookout: spot enemy when they are there. Dont know how to solve that. Never done it before. Suggestions? Or is this not a problem at all? You can always ask your favorite guildmember to run naked to PK area. - Expand 200 slots for storage items. It is unfair for those who are putting time and effort to clear up storage place. Sollution: create more storageslots. For the person who have put time and effort in multiple skills in one character it is hard to have only 200 slots. Also different person with 1 ip, wants to work together. And people can find another way. They can ask friends to interact. And how do u control that? In general: it is very time consuming and not efficient to maintain multiple characters. Time which was better to invest and impove the main character. I know this because i was banned because they discovered i was trading with my alt (my reason was: to create more storage slots). It is short minded to think multiplay have great advanges.
  12. Got banned for trading with my alt Waurest I think. I know that you cant use multi characters for mulling and harvesting at the same time or as a look-out or other unfair play. But trading I thought it was ok. Why else there so many people have multi characters. I have studied again the rules and find out that you have to click on the rules to get the details. I didnt notice that at all. And yes I do need new pair of glasses now i see that are the first lines you have to click on it. But was it there before a long time ago?. Why I trade with my alt? The reason is Bep needs more then 200 storage slots. Since Bep is an all-rounder and a merchant he truely need more then 200 storage slots. Allready dropped manufacture and potions skills because there is no storage place to put those new items. To be a good ringmaker you need about 100 slots. The ever growing new items, books and engineering skill dont make it easier. Had to sell for example those new removal stones quickly. But if you guys say you cant have more 200 slots because others dont have it also. Fine to me. I have to figure it out then. But I still think it is unfair for the allrounders amongst us. So you can kill my storagekeeper if you like, and I continue with hmmm me. Also want to ask you in the future when im playing again, does logging in simultanously in test server with different name have effect on forbidden multiplaying? Last 2 requests. Can you please give the people a warning first. It will save a lot of time for you and the people getting banned who are unaware. (just have reading some post here) Is it possible to change the forum post on http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=29370 a little bit. It was for me confusing. I sended my request to Roja lol. Which was ok. He didnt mind at all .. ahumm
  13. Guess the movie

    Guess this classic
  14. RC4

    Made some tiger stones, but didnt appear in statistics/counter/summon.
  15. Guess the movie

    The thing?