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  1. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Whatever you did fixed the map legends for me, it's working with these new maps. Thanks.
  2. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Great news, thanks for all the hard work, Burn. The maps look great. There's a couple of minor things I've noticed in my client. For some reason the legend on the left doesn't load. It just shows as a white rectangle. The file seems ok, I can load it in an image viewer, but it doesn't show in the client. Also, I'm not seeing any names on the C2 continent map. I'm running on Linux if that helps. Might just be something dumb I've done, since I've not seen anyone else mention it.
  3. 1.9.4 Maps - Common Questions and Issues

    Just to add to what Burn said about holes, if you had previously installed the maps directly into the 'maps' directory in the old client, don't make the mistake I did and think you can just copy your 'maps' directory from the old client, it will break things. That directory contains the map graphics and the map data too, so you'll overwrite the updated data files with old ones and you'll end up with holes everywhere. Easily fixed, just reinstall the client again or grab the 'maps' directory out of the all-datafiles zip file that Burn linked to, then follow the wiki instructions for installing maps that Burn pointed to in his post.
  4. Sound trouble on a Fedora Linux system after the client update

    I had problems with this yesterday, fixed it by downloading the source with git and rebuilding. It gave this error on startup in the chat log: alcOpenDevice(): Error initializing sound: ALC_INVALID_DEVICE also this message showed in the terminal if I ran it from the command-line (repeated twice) open /dev/[sound/]dsp: No such file or directory I assumed it was due to me using Slackware, which doesn't have pulse at all, but looks like I assumed wrong. Other than that, it all worked beautifully. A huge thanks to the team for all your hard work
  5. antisocial perk

    I see what you mean, good point. You can tell it's been a while since I was new, good to have your perspective on it. Maybe it should just give 10 PP to new players straight away. It's not like it'd take a new player long to make 10 PP themselves by levelling anyway, so the point about them maybe spending unwisely probably isn't valid, and if they do spend it badly they can always reset. Just throwing ideas around, I'm not really expecting it to change but free PP would be nice
  6. antisocial perk

    It should be the opposite, what's being suggested is that people with anti will lose no PP and get the restrictions of anti removed, whereas the people without anti will get 10 free PP. That way, everyone's happy. Also, it'd have to give 10 PP to new characters, which is why the suggestion is to stage the free PP, as new players wouldn't have the experience of the game to know what to spend 10 extra points wisely. I know I made mistakes with PP early on and it'd have been worse if I'd had 10 more to spend at the start. I quite like the idea, but then again I'll admit to not taking anti. Not a big deal really, but 10 PP would make quite a difference to me at my level. I don't have enough free hours to spend time building an alt, otherwise I'd just do that instead. The only people who might be slightly annoyed by this are those who built an alt and spent time levelling to gain EMU just so that they could get round anti, since the time they've put into that alt would be wasted.
  7. My idea is similar to Saxum's one. Give all non-anti players 10 PP, give new players 10 extra PP, then just remove the anti perk from everyone who has it. That brings everyone to the same level. As far as I can see, noone loses anything. An additional idea - for new players, maybe spread the 10 free PP over (for example) 50 OA levels, 2 PP every 10 OA, that way they'll have learned what to best spend the points on by the time they get them. Early mistakes can be costly in removal stones, best to not compound that problem. In the interest of full disclosure and conflict of interest, I must mention that I don't have anti or an alt yet, and would love 10 free PP
  8. daritha 10 tit swords loop

    Just to add to this, I think I may have hit this bug recently too, although I'm pretty sure it wasn't on titanium swords, I've not had them in quite a while. Daritha told me I'd not turned in the previous daily. I was pretty sure I had, but I just did it again anyway. It only happened that once then worked fine the next day. I dismissed it as old age and memory failure at the time, but looks like it could have been the same bug. Sorry this is a bit vague, but it was probably a week or two back and I didn't really pay much attention to it.