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  1. Buying stuff

    Hi I want buy 3 Instinct Removal Stones and 4 Vitality Removal Stones.. also buying ALOT matter essence, animal stuff and NMT cloak Pm me in game with offers: Villekk or my alt Bogacz ty
  2. =hc=

    want join? pm me Villekk in game or Jolt
  3. TypeR

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=41193 so my main char can be unlocked?
  4. TypeR

    kk, gl so funny - ban for nothing
  5. TypeR

    Hi. can i get unban on my char TypeR? i was blocked after some PMs to Creedka - nothing bad IMO (didnt know I can get ban for PMs, lol) - [PM to Cree: wasz czas jest tak cenny jak moja gabka ktora myje limuzyne] - your time is so valuable as my sponge which i use to wash my limousine also my alts are locked too: Biznesmen and Villek
  6. Natras BJ'er

    Good job Natras Gratz
  7. Stivy serping Yetis with his alt Skarak.

    badguy :/ brod tag
  8. Scammed in instance

    Good job Dleh
  9. Polska - Poland

  10. Selling 22k energy essence

    sufasaj selling 22k energy essence, pm him in game with offers :- ) SOLD
  11. Polska - Poland

    przeciez nie troluje tylko sie pyytam )
  12. Polska - Poland

    jak zyc panie premierze w POlsce?
  13. Siberian2

  14. Siberian2

    nah, maybe in OL yes but not in EL after ban i didn't play here, i didn't even try i have any chances for unban? i rlly miss EL and want play again, without childish trolling/spaming... just normal and peaceful like most players