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  1. very old players

    I don't exist.
  2. Magic Suggestions

    It is about time that EL finally takes a step towards some sort of a class system, or at least a streamlined specialization system, don't you think? I approve of this idea. Let's stop kidding ourselves. EL has a class, and that is a clusterfuck of allarounding. Keeping the current trend of being able to be a jack-of-trades in battle can remain an option, with a penalty being that higher level spells and equipment devoted to one who specializes be restricted to those who choose to specialize. Those who choose to specialize are already incurring a penalty by having their options in play-style limited, along with not being prepared for any situation at a moments notice.
  3. NFL League

    The Browns can do it this year, guys! .....What? Why are you looking at me like that?
  4. EL Urban Legends

    People have forgotten ChickenGeorge and his antics? Rumor has it that once a blue moon, you can find an ELM member not on Isla Prima.
  5. Best Male PKer

    TirasHazor, hands down.
  6. The Heath Care Bill

    You know what would have been great? http://www.opm.gov/insure/health/ Oh wait, the common citizen cannot get in on this program Too bad, some of their plans even cover dental. But never fear, U.S Universal Healthcare is on it's way! I'm sure it will be great having watered down coverage! Oh, too bad we don't have near enough doctors to cover the massive amount of people that will need treatment. Oh! Can't we just create a program that will create incentives for people to go through the schooling to become doctors? Sure, why not. School related programs is TOTALLY America's strong suit. In the mean time, where will we get enough doctors to possibly cover our basis? Well, sure there is a little subsection in the bill that puts a cap on how much doctors can make a year, but doctors in the United States will still make more money than European doctors. Oh! Europe! I think the U.S has just found a supply of doctors. Comments aside, I will be interested to see how the attached Student Loan Revision will play out. Directly borrowing from the government could be good or bad.
  7. The Heath Care Bill

    I think the figure was something like 95% of Americans recieved tax cuts. I'd wager you weren't part of the 5% that didn't. Get back to me when your taxes go up. With what money? Your right about the spending, how it puts back into the economy (Reagan presidency). But for people to spend freely, major tax cuts would be in order... nobody (smart) is going to spend without being able to pay their taxes. With money that we borrow. Yeesh. You do realize we are over 11 million in debt, with no end of spending and borrowing in sight? Who cares? We can keep borrowing. The US has never defaulted on its debt, and probably never will. Why would people/nations keep lending if they didn't think we would pay it back? #edit: forgot a word. Ever heard of a country called France? Also, the US, like many countries, uses the bond system of borrowing. Countries like China buy bonds, which in turn gives the US money at the price of China owning a piece of the US. Now usually, bonds are bought and then sold and resold quickly - sort of like day trading. The difference here is that when another country buys a bond to loan another country money, they tend to hold on to that bond. Interest stockpiles over time. This can be bad, especially when another country has quite a bit of bonds in their possession. A country should never depend upon selling bonds to another country. A country with a high amount of bonds owned of another country will have quite a bit of power over how the market in said country functions. In short, you can't live off of loans forever. This should be common sense.
  8. Chain Armors

    Chainmail was designed in mind to protect against slashing weapons...
  9. More members for eternal lands

    Over the years, I've gotten numerous people to try EL. Plenty stuck around for a while. Plenty also tried the game for about a week and quit. In the end, all of them quit after a period. While many had stated positive things about Eternal-Lands, there were more negative opinions shared about their experience of Eternal-Lands. In terms of the positives: 1. The artwork is pretty nice. 2. The chat system in EL is easy is well-made and easy to use. The negative aspects: 1. The community seems dead/apprehensive Eternal-Lands rarely has a large influx of new players dropping in next to the wraith together, thus many of these newbies do not see many players upon beginning the game. They continue to walk around Isla Prima, rarely bumping into anyone conversing in local chat. The beam is also relatively void of any local chatting. Occasionally, a person from channel 20 will stir up a short conversation about something, but that is about it. Players typically do not hear much local chat until they venture to other map areas, such as storage's and high-populated spawns. I am not sure about the average player, but these people found this extremely off-putting and I can see why. While Isla Prima does not have to be full of constant spam, some dialog would be nice to make the game seem more active. These players also found some of the channels to be somewhat apprehensive of their presence - Channel 1 and Channel 3 in particular. While both channels have specific rules in place to combat the threat of spam for obvious reasons, along with specific rules (No quest help in channel 1, Limit on time before repost of buy/sell declaration in channel 3, No chatting of terms of deal between parties in channel 3), many of these players felt as if they were being verbally crucified, or talked down to in a condescending manner to put it bluntly, for violating these chat rules they claimed to have no idea about. These players tend to end up Channel 20, confused as to why they were sent there. (Off topic, but many players who have actually visited channel 20 tend to have a positive view of the channel. Chat is kept relatively civil, though fun is had by everyone at times. All types of help is given from quest help, to technical help. Even homework help is given. Quite a bit of players refer to Channel 20 as the "Technical Support Channel" for this very reason.) A revision of how channels are ran could possibly benefit the experience of all players. 2. The game is just not fun. <--The short version of many opinions given. A. The combat system is odd. People can argue about this until the end of time, but the truth is that combat is the cornerstone of Eternal-Lands. Every skill revolves around it in one way or another. Players I have talked to have found combat in Eternal-Lands to be odd in how it works. The first instinct of any new player is to use a weapon in combat upon obtaining one. The issue is that using a weapon results in less experience. In my personal experience, along with those who I have spoken to, new players tend to find this off-putting and sometimes frustrating. Some have the view that it takes quite a bit of time to get their first weapon and set of armor, and find it odd that it makes the leveling process more difficult. This feeds into the next idea: B. Losing my newly obtained weapon and armor in a matter of minutes is frustrating! This has been stated many times on the forum. A quick forum search of anything related to this will bring up quite a bit of threads on this issue. Many of these players shared the view that the cost of death is hard-hitting. Making money, especially at low levels in Eternal-Lands, is somewhat overwhelming. New players are essentially told to complete the tutorial quest, or to grind for hours to obtain enough gold coins to buy the equipment they want/need. Either way, quite a bit of time is spent by these players doing whatever they can to obtain these items, only to make a small mistake of venturing onto a map at the wrong time or fighting a creature when they thought they had enough material points, only to find out that they did not have enough. This typically leads to player frustration, which makes them feel as if they have wasted time. C. I hate that I have to grind. Ok, not much can be done about this. Grinding is in every game in one form or another. As a developer, you can only hope that your audience enjoys grinding, or that you can cleverly disguise it in some way to the point where they do not realize they are grinding. This is something that Eternal-Lands is definitely taking steps towards fixing. Base Conclusion In the end, these people stated that Eternal-Lands became stale, or was just too much work to play. The consensus was that the game can be fun at times, but the fun is relatively short lived compared to the amount of work needed to be put in before the fun happens. These opinions were taken from a wide range of people. Many considered themselves 'casual gamers' (Though if you stick Tetris or Brain Age in front of them, they will play the entire day, but I digress) while others were students and professors at my university. Those at my university are involved in many fields of game development (Art/Modeling, Programming, Game Design). Other people had not ever really played a video game, or considered playing one. What is interesting is that they all shared the same opinion. Take it how you will. The Newbie Island Idea Eternal-Lands used to have a Newbie Island. It was taken out of the game for various reasons. Occasionally, this idea comes up again and is shot down. Maybe this time will be different.
  10. New Channel (Guild Channel)

    I think you will find that Channel 20 is still used.
  11. More members for eternal lands

    I don't know. You posted here, just as I have. Guess that makes 3 now.
  12. Who's your Valentine

    Doctor_Who <3
  13. wrong name for mixing window

    Why is there even a discussion? In case you can't read. Manufacture is the correct terminology anyways. TL;DR kids.
  14. P2P for everyone!

    Nah. This would just cause people to bitch and leave quicker. Plus, implementation of this idea seems as if it wouldn't be worth the trouble in the end, as shop prices would require some retooling. This would only lead to more complaining.
  15. Traffic in NC Near Storage

    NO! The rock cannot be taken away from Nordcarn. It has both historical and cultural importance! We must not tamper with the environment. Seridians cause enough damage to the environment already.
  16. Server crash

    Hm. Can't connect either. Oh well.
  17. Bag Jumping

    Great, a post count topic! How lovely.
  18. America has the most Bad Ass Leaders

    Top 5 most BA While this article is written in a comedic style, it *is* actually truthful Every so often in America, we seem to have a need to elect someone who is absolutely apeshit. While this may seem alarming, these leaders have amazing track records and manage to do a great amount of good for the country. That being said, I do have some disagreements with how low Andrew Jackson was ranked. It is my belief that he should be much higher. In fact, he should be #2 on that list. There is no way that no other president could stack to the behemoth of pure manliness that was Teddy Roosevelt, but Jackson would definitely kill Washington and Quincy Adams in a battle Royal before being mauled by Teddy. While my black and Native American side wishes to ressurect Jackson just to slap him down to almighty hell for being a racist prick, my manly American, teenage side wishes to shake his hand for being so hardcore. There are some details not listed in this article that may give you more of an insight in to just how bad ass these presidents were. When he was elected, Jackson allowed the general public to hold a rager in the whitehouse, and was given a 100 lb round of cheese. He ordered the whitehouse staff to leave it on the floor of the whitehouse foyer. This didn't matter as only he could move it. Eventually, it started to mold and the stench of 100 lbs of moldy mold permeated the White house untill he left office. There is evidently still a stain where the cheese had sat. He also kept a pet parrot that wasn't allowed on the floor of congress because it swore too much. He also had a special day of the month in which he hacked up the phlegm caused by having somewhere around 19 bullets in his body. While Roosevelt was hanging out in the back countries of the Dakotas, (Sources say that he went to build a ranch, simply because he was bored) he went to a bar known as 'The Devil's Asscrack' in South Dakota and ordered a coffee. Four or five cowboys, who had been frequenting The Devil's Asscrack for a few years or so, made fun of his beverage choice. Teddy asked them if they wanted to 'take it outside.' They did. The next day, these cowboys could be found working on Roosevelt's new ranch, wincing from the thunderous hailstorm of blows and moustache thrashings received the morning before. There was a river in south america formally known as, "The River of Doubt," duie to the fact that no one had ever traversed it successfully. By successfully, I mean without getting smashed into small, bloody pieces before being consumed by piranhas. It is now called the Roosevelt River. Guess why. So what do you think of these leaders? The only foreign leader that could possibly stack up against these five would be Italian President Berlusconi. I mean, managing to pass a law preventing people from prosecuting you from doing illegal activity? Clever. Sure he's a douche bag, but a quick thinking one.
  19. Boycott Learner

    Pick axes aren't rare items. They also don't save your inventory when you die. Oh, they aren't available from shop last time I checked either. How about players start using all of the other fancy weapons and armors EL has to offer. Instead of being so dependent on a special item meant to be rare, why not try to find fun elsewhere? Sora, you're crazy! We need to stay competitive! PK will die and so will demand for items!!~!11 Let it hit rock bottom.
  20. Boycott Learner

    ELM supports Learner.
  21. Trading strike

    Is this leading to...A march on the White Stone palace perhaps?
  22. Trading strike

    THERE IS NO REAL BLACK MARKET IN EL! Anyone who thinks there is really needs to check the definition of Black Market and research in to what makes a Black Market a Black Market. Rare EL items such as binding stones and Rostogol stones cannot be made. They must be found in game through events or bought from the EL Shop. There is a controlled quantity entering in game. When these limited items have been bought out or used in game, more need to be acquired. You know where a large portion of these items come from? They have to be bought from the EL Shop. Yes, let's stop this fake 'Black Market.' Cutting off a source of funding for the game is a great idea. Also, BKC is right. New players should not have high end items. These items shouldn't be easily accessible.
  23. landmines

    Clearly, you weren't informed about the super secret leaked update
  24. landmines

    Also, the name Eternal-Lands *MUST* be changed as people who live in lands that are not eternal could become offended. Also, Entropy needs to change his name, as not everyone believes in the concept of entropy. By doing this, we can hope to live in a more stable, happier community where everyone no longer thinks. ~Your friends from the Everyone Has Feelings Commission
  25. SleepyJo guild |W|