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    Odanus in-game.
  1. bmoc55 : A scamming alt

    This is more confusing than algebra....
  2. Day stones

    Just wondering, are there any in the market? Apart from bots, shout out!
  3. Wildlife!

    Ok so I need alot of animal parts, I'll list them here, if anyone can sell them to me, then PM me on boards or /Odanus in-game 100 rat tails 150 brown rabbit fur/ beaver/ deer fur/ antlers/ fox fur/ red+green+brown snake skin. 400 raw meat + 2K bones 200 raccoon/ skunk/ puma/ feran horns/ bear fur/ black panther/ leopard/ snow leopard/ tiger/ white tiger/ polar bear! Many thanks ~~
  4. Coal

    I''m buying 5K coal, PM me on here or in-game, Odanus in-game.
  5. BUYING (Quest)

    10K Fruit 5K Blue Berries 10K Wheat 5K Honey Combs Pm me in-game, but it'll be easier to do so on forum Ty
  6. Selling Steel Greaves :)

  7. Summoning packs.

  8. Summoning packs.

    Temporarily removed.
  9. Selling :)

    SELLING 800 Life Essences, 700 Deer Fur, 100 Antlers, 25 Fox Fur, 96 Wolf Fur, 79 Brown Snake Skin, and 1400 bones. Also selling 375 Mercury PM me. Mario In-game
  10. Goooood day :)

    Just wondering, thinking of starting summoning, any good guides or tips out there?
  11. Help :)

    Where is the manuacturing quest on IP? And any good tips and tricks for getting the skill started? Many thanks.
  12. Sup

    Well im back after god knows when, and wondered how I could start off with a new char? The game has changed alot tbf, so wanna know whats the best way to start off the game, money and general skill wise. Many thanks.
  13. Welllll hiiiiii there :D

    Any hints and tips to level up sufficiently swift from 0-20 in manufacturing? Also a little profit on the side is satisfactory Many Thanks! xo`
  14. What to do....

    I was thinking of re-starting my life in EL, good times + was thinking of becoming a skilled potter. Any hints and tips to how to get started goooood? Thanks, Gryflet.