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  1. Auction - Red Dragon Armor

    Bidding starts at 310k. Increments of 5k, please. Buy it now - 360k. Set includes: Red Dragon Torso Red Dragon Cuisses Red Dragon Greaves Red Dragon Helmet To bid anonymously either pm me in game (LightKeeper) or on the boards. (You will be more likely to reach me on the boards.) Bidding ends when I say. Thank you.
  2. Auction - Red Dragon Armor

    Yes, Hannibal. That changed because no one was bidding. Your offer is no longer valid due to the price change. I wasn't aware how severely underpriced the original number was...I'm not going to sell you a set for 70k less than it is worth. I'm sorry for the confusion and any disappointment I caused you. It is embarrassing to have to change the price mid way through, but, hey, that's what I have to do. You have permission to either leave this thread alone or make another bid. I'm fairly certain that it is still very reasonably priced. The previous bidder bought a set ingame, so the auction is once again starting at 310k...buy now 360.
  3. Auction - Red Dragon Armor

    Anonymous bid of 310k.
  4. Auction - Red Dragon Armor

    Just edited price. Sorry, hannibal. I wasn't aware a helm wasn't included in a set. I haven't played in so long...all the prices have changed. Sorry for the change.
  5. Macintosh OS X client 1.6.0 bugs thread

    I have had this same problem. Having water shader set to 1 and clouds turned off, my screen would either black out or have a blue/green tint, depending on the camera angle. I set water shader to zero and turned the shadows back on, and the problem is gone. Shadows, however, give my mac a rough time.
  6. cannot log in

    Ok, thank you. I understood it after I posted...unfortunatley I type faster than I think.
  7. cannot log in

    Can you please clarify this, Aislinn? Does this mean that several people cannot harvest and store in one hyperspace bag? This is what I understood their purpose to be. Thankyou, LK
  8. cannot log in

    Aislinn, I am a member of Vero and have known both Doc, Gizz, and Killy for several years now. I can assure you that they are solid players who would never willingly/knowingly break the rules. I won't argue the exact issue, since I am not entirely aware what the case is, but I can certainly bear witness of their character. I hope you will consider their previous record and the words of their friends. If the matter can be justified by paying back all that has been wrongfully traded I would be happy to oblige. Please consider this case carefully, as their absence would be a great blow to this game. Thankyou, LK
  9. Vitality Removal Stone

    I'm auctioning off 1 Vitality Removal Stone. Let the bidding start at 100k. PM me in game.
  10. A critic to the today's EL server update

    The word you are looking for, my friend, is critique. Oblivious to any economy-collapsing, pick point multiplying consequences, I like the update!
  11. City building

    It depends on how you want the cities to be constructed. The second option seems like it would provide for many more cities due to the small groups that create them, whereas the first sounds like the cities would be more like real cities than exclusive guilds. However the guild system has certainly worked well, so I might have to side with the second. In my understanding, it seems like a space and memory issue...then again, I'm no programmer. Are you still planning on making these cities on another "sci-fi-ish planet" or will they be in conjunction with the two continents? Also, how accesible will they be to non-residents? My two cents...hope it helps. -LK
  12. New logo, poll #2

    It's beautiful, Roja. I voted for the one without the triangle.
  13. The Eastern Trade Company

    Hello, all! I started up a new guild and am trying to get it off the ground. Guild Name - The Eastern Trade Company Short Name - ETC Guild Info - We are a peaceful guild focused primarily on manufacturing, alchemy, and crafting. I hope to eventually have weekly guild projects to help our members level in the above mentioned skills. Rules Pk'ing - We are mainly a peaceful guild, however a little pk'ing will not be punished. Excessive and ruthless pk'ing, however, will not be accepted. No bagjumpers or scammers, as always. You must be at least 17 to join. Must have at least two levels over 30. Have a good, helpful attitude. Hopefully it'll work out well. Make a post here or PM me in game if you are interested.
  14. The Eastern Trade Company

    Yes, hence their collapse . . . Anyone else have any commentary that they wish to add?
  15. The Eastern Trade Company

    Thanks you two, and no, lol, I'm not chinese. The name was inspired by these here folks - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_East_India_Company
  16. Pogo62

    Yes, this is a no good guy. I was selling an expensive item on the market channel, and he pm'd me with his alt, ayreus2. After talking to me like he was going to buy it, he said he didn't have the money, but he would find me someone to sell it to and go 50/50 with me. He then began to start to advertise for my item on the market channel . . . Yes, ayreus...50/50 for something you never owned...this guy is obviously a genius and quite the entreprenuer. Scammer alert.
  17. Selling - Book of Fire Sword

    For the Book of Fire Sword , let the bidding start at 45k. I'll give it two days. And then to clear out my books . . . give me a PM in game. (same name) Book of Cyclops Fighting Two Edged Steel Sword Construction VOTD Ring Building (2) Book of Crafting Potion (3) Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction (2) Titanium Long Construction Book of Steel Axe Construction Portland Ring Building Narkalik Ring Building Thankyou - LK
  18. Selling - Book of Fire Sword

    Well, in confusion with the price, I decided to go ahead and sell the book when I found a buyer. This book is SOLD.
  19. Selling - Book of Fire Sword

    JoshyBoy - I was told 50-55k in the market channel...several different times. I'll let this sit for two days, and if the price is sky high, it'll come down. Chewie - Just PM me in game sometime...not worth much, maybe 100gc? -LK
  20. Summoning Stones

    Ent, please reconsider . . . I love the idea of these stones and think they would add a whole new level to summoning. Something that is defenitely needed. Please, don't let a few complaints ruin a great idea. -LK
  21. Draw your EL character contest!

    Well, I'm sorry to have to post a work in progress, but someone found out about this two days ago. http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/8420/li...rdrawingek8.jpg Done in pencil Beautiful pics, everyone!
  22. Day of Joule

    Fire essences cannot be used for the day. - a mini cooldown Or . . . energy essences cannot be used or are not needed . . .
  23. Day of Joule

    "Joule studied the nature of heat, and discovered its relationship to mechanical work." I think that sentence has to be the key. Heat being fire essences, and mechanical work being manufacturing. So, my guess would be that on this day either no fire essence are required, or significantly less at least . . . This has been said before, but I agree.
  24. What is your political compass score?

    Economic Left/Right: -1.50 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.00
  25. New Armor Idea

    This is an idea expansion of the thread "equipment designing". One of the funnest aspects of any game is the custumization of your character. Sadly, this is often limited by the lack of variety in armor and weapons. The blacksmith shops are mainly empty (except for the ability to purchase a few items). I propose that a program, similiar to the character creation program, be made that lets you make your own custom armor. This could be placed in the smithy shops. You could choose different options for the different parts of the armor. The different parts would have different stats (such as Def +25 etc.). As the stats go up so does the cost. This could add a great deal of variety to the game. It does however pose a problem to manufacturing armor. Just an idea I thought I'd throw out.