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  1. Your El Story Time

    Well the idea is its your Greatest el moment/event... hard to have more than one greatest moment, but yes you can enter more than one piece if you really cant decides on any one moment
  2. Punwickle and his amazingly Spectacular Cloak

    Good Job every one Well that end this years seasonal events. I hope you all had fun and if you have any comments, critisisms or anything else constructive please put them here. I would also like to thank everyone who helped, joined in and donated to the cause. And a big thank you to all of you for participating. And im sure old punwickle and his adventures will be back next year after he has a bit of a nap and a nettle tea
  3. Punwickle and his amazingly Spectacular Cloak

    Stay tuned as tommorow evening GMT, that creature will escape the prison and make poor old punwickle pay for all those years of imprisonment along with its horde of monsters... (Yes that means an Invasion) OOC: And well done everyone on giving that imp a run for his money
  4. Punwickle and his amazingly Spectacular Cloak

    25k some iron armour and a pair of nice meds
  5. Punwickle and his amazingly Spectacular Cloak

    Np And of course meant the temple of Mortos on the higher level to put it all in place
  6. Punwickle and his amazingly Spectacular Cloak

    That was an indicator as to the location, there is a certain NPC that fled the catacombs, and lost something there
  7. Punwickle and his amazingly Spectacular Cloak

    Well it seems that the last hyperbag was found (who ever found it it would be nice if you posted here for us to see), It was in naralik catacombs, near the emeralds btw
  8. Punwickle and his amazingly Spectacular Cloak

    Okay guys a hint Tink, tink tink, all gather for precious stones Joyous singing and stomping boots over head It wont be long, climb a ladder i'll soon be home Following the path that she fled. P.s: Sorry for the delay in the hint, but had guests round
  9. Punwickle and his amazingly Spectacular Cloak

    Ohhhh good job guys, just one left to find then
  10. Punwickle and his amazingly Spectacular Cloak

    Whilst having his cuppa tea old pucwickle did remember he made some hyper space treasure bags and may have put his cloak in them.... wish we had known this before he upset all those monsters. We found an old note in his diary from last year with some gold and special items in them. Unfortunatly he cant remember the coords to them... he did make a cryptic note to remind himself. which hasnt quite worked. If anyone can locate the bags they may keep the items with in....however if you find his special missing cloak he would like it back. bag #1 bag #2 bag #3 bag #4 If you locate a bag please mention it here, as one of them has a very special item with in. If the bags arnt found with in 12 hours a clue will be given. and then another 12 hours after that. Ohhh and Merry Christmas to all
  11. Punwickle and his amazingly Spectacular Cloak

    Angry Monsters Invasion. This part of the Punwickle saga involves an invasion that takes place in the very lairs of several monsters, who are rioting! Simple precautions for non combatants. If a map has no natural hostile creatures on it, it will remain the same. If your going afk its advisable to enter a house or beam me (just in case) All inside storages will be safe so you can continue making the best of the #day Well here lies the tragic end to punwickles search for colin, and the formation and quickly dismantled UMBRAGA Here is the first and probably only meeting of UMBRAGA (the union of monsters for basic rights against gnomes & adventurers)
  12. Punwickle and his amazingly Spectacular Cloak

    Well he waw very adamant it was pink, and due to a memory problem... that has nothing to do with all these pubs he is visiting. he simply forgot. in fact just this morning he asked me if it was pink
  13. Punwickle and his amazingly Spectacular Cloak

    Well the trivia contest is over maitreya: 3 and the winner of the bonus santa hat elveron 2 tpk36 2 xenamt 2 raytray 2 cool dude 1 brain 1 tigerclaw 1 nightraver 1 Hope you all had fun and remember its not the winning but how much you laugh
  14. Punwickle and his amazingly Spectacular Cloak

    And the quest begins with a pub crawl.... i mean starts with a trek to all the bars to see if the cloak was left there.
  15. banned or what ever for NOTHING

    you arnt banned and you can return in 5 mins. You were asked to staop asking, and i was even about to tell you waht you needed to fight next, but yes i can see how lots of nervous people start swearing at people..... When you come back behave properly, thank you
  16. Banned ;)

    Still do you actually know what you did that was wrong? How do we know that you wont do it again?
  17. Hide and Seek

    normal invasion monsters
  18. Halloween 09

    As it is the time for strange goings on and all manner of creepyness and horrorfilled fun this is the events for this years halloween Draia style Friday 30th: The big Witch hunt: Hunt the pkable wolfwitch Evening GMT Saturday 31st Halloween trivia contest: 15 trivia questions in ws palace Late morning GMT Trick or treat: Hunt the thyralax and win either a treat or a trick (good sports only need try!) Afternnon GMT Halloween bag hunt: several bags placed down in key locations find them from the pictures to win the contents Late evening GMT Sunday 1st november The walking dead invasion Multi map invasion Early evening GMT Story tellers awards award ceremony for the winner of the scary story contest Evening GMT Hope you all have fun and enjoy the events. Good luck and remember its not the winning but the fun along the way that counts. (its just more fun if you win ) edit: changed time of trivia due to long running time of the witch hunt
  19. Spooky goings on

    Spooky Goings On It is fast approaching that time of year, when the wolves howl the witches ride across the sky and the little demons come out to blackmail upstanding citizens. Yes it is Halloween. So for a bit of fun we thought it would be nice to have a bit of a writers contest. So here is how it goes. We challenge you to write a short el themed Halloween story, poem or song. You can post it in this thread, or pm me your entry and I will post it anonymously for you. (However your name will be used when the winners are announced should you win) There will be a panel of judges who will read and decide upon the winner based on what they consider to be the best entry. Whilst Spelling & punctuation will be considered don’t worry if it isn’t that good or you are a non native English speaker as long as the story/poem/piece its self is good you will stand a chance of winning (as if i could complain about poor spelling ) We will have a roleplay based campfire gathering over the Halloween weekend (on the Sunday night GMT) where we can have a bit of spooky fun and announce the winner of the contest. The Rules 1 Entry’s should be no longer than 1000 words (we aren’t after epics here peeps and they can be much shorter if desired ) 2 Lets keep them clean please 3 If you are going to use another players name in your entry please ensure you get their permission 1st 4 Have fun with them Important dates: Competition closes: Sun 25th October Campfire party: Sun 1st November Evening GMT: 21:00 Winners announced: Sun 1st November evening GMT 22:00 The judges will be announced here on the day the competition ends. (oct 25th) Now for the prize: the winner will get a Scythe and black robe set (thank you to our resident spooky yet hidden benefactor for the scythe) We will also choose up to 3 runners up who will win a robe set each. (thank you to a different and a little less scary benefactor for these) Any questions can be posted here, or again send me a forum pm and ill try and answer as best I can. All I can say now is have fun with it, good luck...and don’t hold me accountable if anyone was nightmares reading the resulting pieces
  20. Spooky goings on

    and the winners of the scary story contest are 1st place: Raistlin 2nd place: Nova 3rd place: wormwood however i would like to take a moment to just congratulate EVERYONE who submitted a piece. they were all fantastic and very entertaining. I know the judges had trouble picking winners from them all
  21. Halloween 09

    Congratulations to The brave warriors who searched vermor castle cherUT, Amakuni, boedha For rescuing the wizards in TG magic school randall, JaxomCA (twice), for getting the items to the wizards in the ancient magical locations dman for issuing the death blow to the fallen knight And to all the helpers over this weekend especially wolfwitch, usl, ghaele, molime & maxine (for helping out a noob in dire straights) a VERY special thank you to Roja, aislinn and acelon for judging the scary story contest. And to everyone who has participated in all of this Halloweens events. I hope you all have had as much fun participating as I have had organising them Ohhhh and still the announcement for the scary stroy competition to go. If anyone has any constructive comments on the invasion or any other event feel free to post them here.
  22. Halloween 09

    as the mages were given the items they needed
  23. Halloween 09

    The mages saved from the magic school have finished their research into the knight and need help to finish this threat Find each mage at a place of ancient magic ghaele needs the used armour usl needs the used sword wolfwitch needs the essence
  24. Halloween 09

    the wizards were saved