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  1. Find the new NPC contest

    Woot congratulations And i am so glad someone found it, it was driving me nuts
  2. Todays Invasion

    Hope you enjoyed the invasion. and got some good xp/drops from it. Any constructive comments are welcomed and appreciated. Thank you all very much for participating.
  3. Find the new NPC contest

    Id go for aleister (not sure if he is new tho) and for the fact Bruce Dikinson recently made a film about Mr Crowley. The film was Chemical wedding iirc
  4. Todays Invasion

    Sweet Jebus thats some nice xp
  5. Todays Invasion

    Eeeek, they wernt meant to be that close to the ladder as it goes, Noted for next time ty
  6. Guild Tournament.

    Hail and Salutations guild members of Draia! I am considering hosting a Guild Tournament. The tournament will be simple. Each Guild will pay a 5,000gc entrance fee. Payment will be taken prior to the start of the tournament. The entrance fees will go into a pot and be given to the winners of the tournament (possibly divided unequally to 1st 2nd and 3rd place) depending on how many compete. each guild will nominate 5 guild members to participate prior to starting the event. (we are looking for YOUR guild members and not people you are recruiting just for the competiion if such an event happens, you will be disqualified from the event they participate in) each team will consist of 1 Mage 1 archer 1 warrior 1 summoner 1 spare (the spare can be used to fill in for any of the other guildmembers. but can do so only once) The tournament will consist of 5 events In each event a guild can win 1 or 0 points Scoring Event 1 The guild with the last standing Mage scores 1 point Event 2 The guild with the last standing Summoner scores 1 point Event 3 The guild with the last standing Archer scores 1 point Event 4 The guild with the last standing Warrior scores 1 point Event 5 The guild that deals the most damage to the critter score 1 point Any guild that kills the critter with in a set time scores +1 bonus point Event 1) Mage Duel Each teams mages will battle it out to find the best. Event 2) Summoners Duel Each team summoners will battle it out with summoned creatures to find the best summoner Event 3) Archers Duel Each teams Archer will battle it out till there is a winner. Event 4) Warriors duel Each teams warrior will battle it out till there is a winner. Event 5) Monster bash All 4 team members battle a large powerful creature together. Equipment In each event only basic equipment will be used which will be determinded when the final date of the tournament is set, along with the rules. Rules for each event will be posted once we see how many if any guilds are willing to enter. If lots of guilds choose to participate then it will take place over several days, and be done in a series of heats. Before setting aside a lot of time to set it up id like to know a few things... Is anyone interested in this Event? Would you put your guild up for it. Would you pay the 5kgc entrance fee? let me know what you think of this idea?
  7. it is Ents fault

    Hehehe maiden have always been good. The first ever tape i bought was maidens peace of mind, and it got played over and over much to the annoyance of friends/family and neighbours Personal favorites are: (in no particular order) Rime of the ancient mariner (just epic) Flight of icarus The trooper Can i play with maddness Seventh son of a seventh son Hallowed be thy name Bring your daughter to the slaughter has a special place with me (becasue i heard it once on radio one (when it had topped the charts, i believe it only got played the once. On a car journey to see family with my parents and my dad flipped hearing it lol) I really must get all of the cd's again.
  8. Guild Tournament.

    nope one different person per event
  9. Guild Tournament.

    Why do you need more than one warrior? the idea is you choose a single champion for your guild to fight, same as all others. We are looking at very simple equipment for this, there will be no need for magic arrows/bolts bronze swords etc...we are looking at skill not uber gear...the only exception will be the summoners as far as i can see. who will prbably spend some extra gc...but that happens all the time Nothing to do with magic level. you specify who you want your mage to be. wether its a character with 6 magic levels or a full blown combat monster or a full 'mage' with high magic and massive rat. It is the person you specify as your guilds magic wielding champion. edit: Edited a serious typo
  10. Drums of war

    We have recieved several reports of strange dreams befalling many seers and soothsayers over the last few nights. But today 12 have reported the same thing and each have recalled it perfectly the same. Each has reported today that upon awakening they can hear a dull distant thudding like a beating drum across the winds not enough to work out a location of the source but it is there. *We are expecting some sort of invasion with in the next 12 hours As a result we are preparing to face it at our best. Those of you who are highly skilled with weapons will lead the warriors of Draia into glorious battle when or if it comes. Those that are not as skilled will be directed as skirmishers to take out foes that are apt for you. Those who are just learning the art of battle will be sent to deal with any appropriate threat and help defend the home steads. (**) Archers and mages fill in the lines where you can and be prepared to fight or flee as the need may arrise. Those of you who are not skilled in battle please take shelter we are attempting to errect magical wards around Isla prima, valley of the dwarves and Nordcarn with the aid of Adrian & Noria and so you should be safe there. if you are stranded elsewhere we suggest you either take up arms or seek refuge in a building (***). We will keep you updated on any new infomation we recieve here. If and when the attack starts we will keep you up todate on the specific emergency Invasion broadcast channels. Good luck everyone And we pray to the gods that we are preparing for nothing more than a few angry goblins! Notes: * Invasion will take place at around 8pm GMT about 6 hours from this first post, ** There will be level restricted maps so please only go to those suitible for your levels, the idea is for EVERYONE to be able to enjoy the invasion *** I would advise going afk in Nordcarn/Valley of the dwarves/isla prima. we dont know what other maps will be invaded but they WILL be safe or afk in buildings like houses. taverns, inside storages. Yes There will be an invasion, yes it is a global invasion, please be careful as you could die. Approximate time of invasion 8pm GMT Today (thats in about 6 hours time from this post)
  11. Drums of war

    10,000 monsters descended upon the land 10 score warriors stood against hordes many did fall, as blood spilt into the sand in the end all were slain upon the heros swords Congratulations one and all, you Repelled the hordes magnificently. Once again the warriors of Draia prove they are more than a match for any invader. Still the mystery remains who sent this army of monsters upon us, where did they come from and will they try again?
  12. Drums of war

    The seers are being deafened by the beating drums... we can not use them to forsee where the Invaders will strike. But it seems Unolas has given us his blessing for this day. Which bodes well for our brave sorcerers and battle mages. Reports from the dutiful priests Reports from the generals Communication sent to artillery commanders Stand strong, heads held high brave ones, together we will prevail!
  13. PK Contest

    PK CONTEST This is a king of the hill style contest. I will be in a pk map at 5:30 game time (in about 1 hours time from this post give or take) the exact location will be given in game 5 at the start of the contest. You have until the new day to be the last man standing. The idea is simple. You all come along and battle it out on the turn of the new day the last man standing next to me (or the last guild standing around me) wins 50k gc. Nice and simple no... ohhh of course you should be killing each other to make sure you are the last people standing around me (i WILL NOT be fighting) I want a nice bloody fight that means...summons, archery, magic, swords everything and anything LEGAL you can do to slay your opponets and win the prize! If there is no battles then the prize is forfit and wont be given out. DISCLAIMER: It is PK, you probably will die, you probably will lose items through drops or breaks, you will likely get killed. Thats life. at least you can say you had fun...i hope This is a PK contest, as a result i dont expect to hear anyone complaining OMFG he used a branch, i lost because i had to blink, or any other excuses.
  14. PK Contest

    btw i will probably do a few more of these, and pick a different pk location each time. To keep it nice and varied
  15. Your El Story Time

    Woot happy times, eternal lands is fast approaching the ye olde age of 7. In celebration of this great time we want to hear about your best/most memorable times travelling Draia. So, we are opening a story contest. We want you to write a story/poem/anything about your most memorable times in el, it could be a recounting of your first day, or maybe your first Kill, or any other great achievement maybe even a piece about how you met your guild. the world is your oyster. As long as you follow the following rules. 1) Dont use this as an excuse to flame/badmouth/insult other players. Any such entry will be deleted and you will be banned from the competition. 2) Maximum of AROUND 2500 words (this isnt a stead fast rule you can go a few over if needed but we arnt looking for recountings of war and peace here peeps ) 3) Lets keep it clean and suitible for everyone to read 4) No use of chat logs or chat log quotes, this is a story etc about your best/most memorable el event. 5) have fun with it! The contest will end on 14th feb 2010 so that gives you a few weeks to get your story done. We will judge the best 3 stories once the event is closed and the winners will recieve a small prize. Any questions can be posted here, or send me a forum pm and ill try and answer as best I can. Well here we go Good luck everyone and i am dying to hear about your best Eternal lands times.
  16. Woot its a birthday!

    Woot yes its el's birthday today...the fine age of 7 and in celebration we are holding a series of events. Minor Events * Several Hide and seeks (through out the day) * a few pm me contests (through out the day) * Several micro invasion, it seems even the critters and monsters of Draia are getting into the spirit of the day (through out the day for several different level ranges in small isolated places : INVASION) Main Events * The golem has put on his party hat and is looking for dance partners to help him celebrate * A traditional treasure hunt (early evening GMT) * and rumours abound that a few groucho type monsters are planning on gatecrashing the fun later this evening so we had best try and stop them from spoiling the fun (late evening GMT INVASION)
  17. Your El Story Time

    and The winners are..... :Inserts a drum roll: Winners were. Nova... Who wins a MM removal stone Tigerclaw.. Who wins a robe set Zenial... Who wins a robe set. Thank you to everyone who participated in this event. And a special thank you to the Judges Hope you all had fun with it.
  18. Your El Story Time

    Contest is now closed. The judges will try decide out of all of your entries are the best and come up with a trio of winners. However id like to say All were fantastic pieces of work again, and we will deffinatly be doing more similar contests in the future
  19. Woot its a birthday!

    Well that is the end of the EL birthday celebrations from me. I hope you have all had a great time, i know i have. So to wrap up i just want to thank Entropy, roja, learner and all of the devs for making and keeping such a great game going. Aislinn and all of the mods for helping keep it such a great game. Usl and wizzy for thier events today and helping out with everything. Daiske1 for his pr0 prizes. And eveyone else for participating in the events Finally the last thing to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETERNAL LANDS, hopefully you will see many many more
  20. Woot its a birthday!

    Woot wtg both of you
  21. Woot its a birthday!

    Treasure Hunt. Im hiding Somewhere. I will answer 10 yes or no questions on ch 7 as to my location. (so use those questions well) After the first person has found me I will tell a clue to a single Item im looking for on channel 7. When im given that item I will tell of another. There will be 12 such items i need. When i have all 12 items the person who has scored the most points wins the first prize, second most points the second place prize, etc. In the event of a tie on points a bonus item will be asked for to break it. Points are scored as follows. 1st person to find me gets 1 point The first person to trade me the item im looking for gets 1 point (x12 times) Prizes 1st Prize: Steel set (plate, greaves, cuisses, shield) 2nd prize: 1 Binding stone 3rd prize: 1 Enriched fire essence. Good luck everyone.
  22. Woot its a birthday!

    Bag Hunt I have placed 2 hyperspace bags down. There is one on each continent each holds a cloak and 25kgc To start with you get a single clue to each bag c1 clue: In the woods, 12* 1** C2 clue: by the river, 11* **7 Good hunting, ill add more clues after a while until they are found...post here when you find the bags Second clue added, to each of the numbers
  23. Woot its a birthday!

    The Golem's hunt While the mages in Tarsengaard were busy with their various ceremonies and parties, our old friend the Golem has escaped their surveillance once more! The more the mages experiment with him, the smarter he gets. This time, he is trying to hide from his masters, and we know that he is capable of travelling all over Draia seeking for hideouts... will you be the one capable of finding (and killing) him? Luckily enough, he is still telepathically connected to Grandmaster Jerun, and the winds are whispering of his whereabouts... but only in mysterious ways. Will the hints be enough? Your task: find the Golem and kill him; you will receive Grandmaster Jerun's hints. Contest will start at 1:30 on the 10th day in the month of Zartia, the year 0022, Age of the Eternals, (that is, around 2:45pm CET, today) and last till the end of the day. At that point, whoever has scored the most kills will win the prizes. Prize set: 1 Rapier, 1 Steel Helm, 1 Steel Greaves, 1 Steel Chain Mail, 1 Body Piercing Cloak. The Golem is (still) very weak and easy to kill for everybody - but the hideouts can be in dangerous places, so be warned. Contest is open to all players, regardless of levels.
  24. Your El Story Time

    Ummm, well lets get this one finished with first lol Great entries btw guys, love reading about your adventures good or bad here.
  25. Some seasonal events involving our good old friend Mr Punwickle. As always i'm quite sure chaos will ensue as we chase across the globe in a 8 day series of mini quests to help the poor fellow out. More information will be posted about each event before they start and the story of old Punwickle's quest will be forged along with your help! Here follows Punwickle’s Quest for his Amazingly Spectacularly Mundane Cloak. But being a confused and lets admit it eccentric old gnome he is defiantly going to need the help of his friends. Newbie Hide and Seek Sunday 20th December later afternoon GMT Old Punwickle is wandering c1 trying to remember where he may have left his cloak, so he is visiting all of the bars and Storages, if a newbie finds and trades him they will win a prize (no skill over 30) more experianced players can find thier old friend they just wont recieve a prize Trivia Contest Monday 21st December, Evening, GMT Disheartened by his loss old punwickle is holding a trivia contest in an effort to find some one smart enough to help him find his missing cloak. (open to all) 2nd newbie hide and seek Tuesday 22nd late morning GMT Following clues gathered from the trivia contest old punwickle is again scouring c1 for his missing cloak this time travelling to general stores and storages. if a newbie finds and trades him they will win a prize (no skill over 30) more experianced players can find thier old friend they just wont recieve a prize Punwickle's race to Victor Wed 23rd early evening GMT Following a tip off he has recieved old punwickle is racing to see his old friend Victor, in his haste he hasnt done his back pack up and is leaving a trail of pressents for people to pick up. (open to all) Angry Monster INVASION Thursday 24th early evening - late evening GMT Old punwickle is led to believe that a monster has his cloak so he is scouring monster lairs, unfortunatly they dislike his rumaging through thier lairs and feeling rather sorry and hurt are gathering in thier lairs/maps and cheering them selves up by eating a few hapless hunters. DISCLAIMER: This is a monster invasion so make sure you check your #il and if you go afk find a safe house, ceretain caves WILL NOT be safe (open to all) Bag hunt Thursday 24th through to saturday the 26th starts late evening Punwickle has remembered he put some bags through out the land, maybe his cloak is in one of them, but he cant remember where he put them all, he does have a poem. limerick, riddle he made to remember where each is however. (open to all) Cheer up old Punwickle Saturday 26th late evening GMT The normally ever cheerful punwickle is totally depressed by now, missing his favorite travelling cloak. any one who finds punwickle and tells him a CLEAN joke to cheer him up will win a prize. (open to all) Find the Imp Sunday 27th early evening GMT Chase and hunt the speedy little thief, and shake him down for the cloak. Old Enemies INVASION Monday 28th late evening GMT Postponed one day from sunday to monday. A large invasion over several maps, with places for low, mid, high and very high level fighters With a pair of hide and seeks mixed into some of the maps. Please stick to creatures appropriate for your levels, ample warning will be given in the punwickle thread, via blue message and in channel 6, as to where you can and cant fight Please note this is an INVASION. so please make sure you afk in a safe place (as always isla prima will be completly safe as will Nordcarn)