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  1. What are attribute caps?

    Each attribute caps at 48. If you increase your will to max, then you should get 208 mana. (48 will + 4 base vitality = ethereality [cross attribute] of 26 and 8 mana per ethereality = 208) if you max both will and vitality you will get a max mana of 384. You cant spend pick points on a stat over 48 the wraith wont let you. And you will always see a benefit as long as you can spend the pick points. Remember you have to increase the cross attribute not the main attribute to see any benefit. So always increase attributes in pairs. so for example to gain more mana, you need to either spend 2 pick points in either will or vitality... or 1 in each to increase your ethereality by 1
  2. I finally got there \o/ :)

    yay wtg Groomsh, now level 110
  3. Impact of MM Cost on Newbies

    Making Mm cloaks cheaper seems counter productive to me. If everywhere is accessable from the outset or very quickly then it makes exploration that little bit less exciting. Yes its hard to get to a level where you can buy a MM cloak. But the perk is cheap for those who dont want to go fighting and train a/d. and it is removable later on if you feel that you dont want/need it anymore. level 21 defence is quite easy to get to nowdays and that makes a lot of maps safe to visit. More spawns of lower level critters and the daily fighting quests along with the combat quest. have made it so much easier to train a/d quickly. You can probably get to defence 21 in a week maybe less now, soon after comes defence 26 and then your set for a long time. Additionally if you dont want to train a/d to get the levels required to explore unaided, the perk is a better option. As you cant harvest efficently in dangerous spots whilst wearing a MM cloak. That excavator cloak makes all the difference.
  4. Screen reso

    Editing screen resolution/full screen is tricky, it often crashes. best way is to change it via the el ini file. In windows. My documents: eternal lands: main: el config settings file. and edit the bit bellow #video_mode= <use the number 1-10 as you require> change #full_screen= 1 to turn full screen on save and your done (you have to have the game off to change these files
  5. The Happy little golden Cockatrice.

    Egg hunt Contest. So the happy little cockatrice has visited his forest again today and laid 9 magical eggs for you to find. 4 + 1 stones of green oh fore a rosto lessons are found in rare essence and 2 less than favorable items. Find a Egg in hyperspace, open it up and win the prize. Post the contents and the coords here as one of the prizes is just a key to another better prize. Good luck and happy hunting!
  6. 100k Silver Ore Auction

  7. 100k Silver Ore Auction

  8. 100k Silver Ore Auction

    Ill start with a 1.8gc each bid (180kgc total)
  9. Any old iron

    Howdy buckaroos. This old farmers hands are sore and his feet are cold from all that traipsing through the dirty smelly and lets face it downright dangerous mines. So i am looking to buy your iron ores and sulphurs. Up to 100k iron ore at 3.5gc each up to 50k sulphur at 2gc each. Ye can contact me in game, or write here if ya have any to sell. or even if your clever send me one of those new fangled gossip messages. Will also consider muling the stuff from a bag at a much reduced rate. I am sure we can come up with an action plan
  10. The pk triple

    Okay we will be hosting a series of PK events on sunday afternoon/evening GMT. There will be 3 events. Good luck everyone!
  11. The pk triple

    All the events are over. Hope you all had fun. Winners were Lightweight event: hobobob The kf gold run: boedha, smurf, Felkku, cherUT, Ata & Choris With extra prizes awarded to MattewF & bobjsc for outstanding valor in the face of adversity. Main event was won by Ata guild. With an overwhelming show of force.
  12. The pk triple

    The Main Event. I am holding a fort in Thelinor. To win a guild must maintain a constant trade with me for 5 full minutes. naturally only one person in the guild can trade with me at any one time. If the trade is broken by an attack Then a new trade must be established and again it must last for 5 mins. The guild that maintains the trade and thus holds the fort for the full amount of time wins. Trades will only be accepted after 2:20 ingame The 100kgc prize will be divided up however the guild that wins sees fit. Good luck all and may the strongest or the most cunning guild win & remember..... Only after 2:20 ingame time
  13. The pk triple

    Light Weight Event. The lightweight Pk event will take place at 0:35 game time (in 30 mins from this post) Rules are simple. 1 No one over 60/60 attack/defence may enter the event. (anyone over these levels will get removed violently from the area) 2 Takes place at Desert pines arena. (It is a no drop arena.) 3 All weapons/gear/magic is allowed. 4 Once the contest has been started no one else may join in *so ensure you arrive on time* Winning condition: Last man standing Wins If you are killed you may not go back and try again. If you leave the arena for any reason. You are defeated and may not go back in. Lets have a good clean fight and have fun A few notes: If you get poisoned stay in the arena stay in there to die, dont leave it. People above 60's a/d. That are considering it. DO NOT attempt to attack people during the event. If you do I will not recognise you as entering any other events I will be hosting in the future at all.
  14. Mage school Chaos

    Any comments about todays invasion is gratefully welcomed. Hope you all had fun clearing out the rooms, and hopefully you went in as groups so you could flee and tackle the critters together.
  15. Mage school Chaos

    Thats not a bad idea, nice for little hits and keeps most locations safe.
  16. PLESE UBAN :)

    You was already answered here http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=52729 It might be worth reading the bans rules, or getting some one who can trasnalte them read and explian them to you
  17. Wanted dead or alive.

    More infomation will be posted as it comes to light. Take care and good hunting! OOC: There will be a Multi Map INVASION on Friday the 16th April in the evening GMT (exact time unknown) There will also be a few events leading up to the invasion and during. Including a kill Zargon to win the bounty event at the end. Safe Maps Isla Prima, Nordcarn, Valley of the dwarves and Desert pines will be safe. Other maps may or may not be safe, so i suggest if you do go afk on that day you take appropriate precautions. Go inside safe buildings, or go into one of the designated safe maps.
  18. Wanted dead or alive.

    Yes thanks for mentioning that, will avoid Irin unless Thats the plan for a seek the moster style invasion. Ty for the input
  19. Wanted dead or alive.

    The mad fool Zargon was captured by Shayli who has won the reward posted, and he is currently languishing in jail indefinatly. Huzzahh Well done everyone, lets hope he doesnt break free and send his dire revenge against us
  20. Wanted dead or alive.

    We have recieved a message from Zargon. Our beneficiant leaders have responded appropriatly (unfortunatly for the sake of common decency we shant repeat their words). However we are expecting him to make good on his threats, we are mobilising our troops in Portland, Desert pines, Whitestone, Valley of the Dwarves, Nordcarn and isla prima. These places will remain safe from his invasion pets.
  21. Lower manu items sink

    Id suggest leather helms Leather boots Leather pants Auggie pants/torsos Not leather torsos as they are to easy to buy from npc. Iron swords Iron broad swords Iron helms Iron shields Iron chainmail Iron axe as a top end item maybe as well
  22. Wanted dead or alive.

    @johnthewarder We will see. but usually a map for under 40's, under 60's ,under 80's under 110's, under 130's, one map for High levels, and bethel for those who are insane or like to range. monsters are inline with those level caps. @Eagleprince. Will talk to piner see whats happeneing there, however we rarely use pk maps for invasions, (except the ocassional gribble somewhere).
  23. Best Male PKer

    It lenny. He must have the most player kills by now. and he is one handsome beast
  24. New screenshots needed

    a few from DPA arean tonight And a few from NRM this afternoon
  25. The Happy little golden Cockatrice.

    Forum pm's sent to the finders, please post here when you find the last bag. Good hunting and have fun