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  1. Halloween 10

    Okay we have the winners for the art contest *insert a drum roll* 1st place is Lehatwood 2nd place is Wolfwitch 3rd place is Tigerclaw Congratulations to those who won.... I would like to say that i enjoyed all of the pieces they were all excellent... except pips...which was just too scary thats what endless hours of harvesting does to you peeps so watch out for the tell tale signs
  2. Thinking about giving EL a shot

    tbh it is really hard to say if any one game would be right for you or not. You can have fun in el if you spend a few hours a week or spend every waking moment here. The community is close knit and quite easy to make long lasting friends with (or long lasting enemies if you decide to walk that path) Naturally you progress slowly if you play a little. However unless your interested in powerlevelling and being the best it doesnt matter one bit. It's a game and the idea is you have fun. I think El gives you enough choices to play it however you want. You can go from a mixer to a fighter in the blink of an eye. The fact you can do a lot of things with only a little spent time can be a good thing to someone who only has a small amount of time to play and you can read books etc to build your knowledge whilst away from the screen (as long as you remember to pop back to feed your character every now and then) is a big bonus. Personally id say down load the game, play through the tutorial. Worst case scenario you get a few hours entertainment out of it. Or perhaps like so many of us you play a bit and come to love the game and decide to stick around a bit. Hope to see you wandering our fair lands soon.
  3. Halloween 10

    Okay the story (and picture contest) is now closed. no more entries will be considered. Due to unforseen circumstances i wont be able to hold the after event party. But will get back to you as soon as the judges results are in. Sorry for the inconveniance. And we will arrange a suitible place to award the prizes
  4. Halloween 10

    Okay the picture (and story contest) is now closed. no more entries will be considered. Due to unforseen circumstances i wont be able to hold the after event party. But will get back to you as soon as the judges results are in. Sorry for the inconveniance, we will arrange a suitible time and place to hand out the prizes. And thank you every one who entered the work in both contests is amazing quality and i know picking winners wont be easy
  5. Halloween Thugs!

    Attention all Thugs, Assasins & murderers... yes pk'ers im talking to you! There will be a pk contest tommorow (Saturday 30th october) at approximatly 7 pm BST It will be a mass battle in kilaran fields. Last guild standing wins! It will be bloody, it will be gruesome. arrows will fly, swords will hack and magic will rain down upon the defenceless. Rules. The rules are very simple. There will be a marshal(me) with in Kilaran fields. The winning guild is the guild that can maintain a constant trade with me for 2 full mins. The guild that manages it will be declared the winner. All weapons, tricks and tactics can be employed (as long as they do not violate the game rules) Prizes. The guild that succeeds will win 100kgc (1 100kgc prize to be split amongst the guild members as the guild sees fit) Additional prizes (10-20kgc value each) will be awarded to Most brutal: The player that gets the most unique pk messages from start to finish of the event. Most brave: The bravest (determined by me) Summoner Award/Ranger Award/Mage award: the best archer/summoner/mage that i see (Determined by style, effectivness and deaths.) NOTE: If i see everyone join the same guild again like last time I will consider the event void and will keep the prizes for another non pk event.
  6. Halloween Thugs!

    Yeah i like that idea and will do something possibly in the near future for that (have a few contest ideas running around my noggin) But for this one i want to give a few other guilds a chance not just the big guys ... after all a very cunning team could beat the big guys to the post. With sound tactics over brute force.
  7. 50 Hydro bars

    Thyralax's metal emporiumâ„¢ has managed to get its hands on 50 Hydro bars. They are being auctioned off. Starting price: 600kgc bids increases of 5kgc bin: 650k gc auction will run until Friday 28th october. 17:00 BST (24 hours from this post) Will also consider other items in payment/part payment steel bars @ 60gc each steel 2 edge swords @ 1,100gc each iron ore @ 4gc each Sold for the BIN price from a private buyer
  8. Halloween 10

    Wow nice work peeps deffinatly scary stuff
  9. first game you ever played?

    First game i played was sapce invaders. The first game i played at home was chiller on my trusty Toshiba MSX i loved that game, till the tape got chewed up in the tape deck. Then it would be a bruce lee fighting game (dont recall the name) on the spectrum 48k until the tape got chewed up. Then Eye of the beholder II on my amiga 500... disks w00t no more tape chewing! And on my first pc it was again eye of the beholder but this time the first one i loved those games.
  10. Building up from Reset

    As a dabbler in resets id suggest a few points into vit sooner rather than later. That extra mana makes a lot of difference and will of course drop the damage you take a little. Keeping you at the spawn that little bit longer to earn the desired exp you want. just my 10 gc worth
  11. Halloween 10

    Pip that would be terrifying Indeed it has and will end on oct 31st. Not only screenshots we would also like to see art work you have drawn for your characters.
  12. The Armada

    OOC: This will be a wave style invasion. On Sunday 19th September at around 7pm GMT it will last a few hours. Only Morcraven Marsh and possibly Naralik, Kilaran fields, Ruins of Tirnym, Grubani & Tahraji desert will be invaded. I suggest NO one afks anywhere on MM during the invasion as all caves & buildings could be invaded. Starting at caps of 50 attack/defence and increasing as more invaders land. People over the a/d caps ARE allowed to be with in the confines of the forts to act as archers. HOWEVER anyone over capping outside the forts will be dealt with in a most stern manner!
  13. The Armada

    A reminder that there is an invasion in 4 hours time Only Morcraven Marsh and possibly Naralik, Kilaran fields, Ruins of Tirnym, Grubani & Tahraji desert will be invaded. However be warned caves and buildings in Morcraven marsh will also be susceptible to attack!
  14. The Armada

    Unfortunately we can not gather any more intelligence from the Watch point as communications were cut of there by the storm. Hopefully we will receive some good news when the storms pass and we can re-establish comunications.
  15. Client crash

    according to the omega drivers site there are newer drivers available than that. Or you could try the standard ati drivers.
  16. Small survey about EL and EL shop

    too old Uk Work A long and loving relationship with all computer games since my 48k rubber keyed monstosity... ohh i miss that iconic squeeling sound as it loaded. 1. The most important reason you play EL? It's fun. 2. Is there any other reasons you play? Friends, helps keep me sane. 3. How did you find the game? Word of mouth from a friend. 4. Everyday mostly 5. Does trying runescape for a min then giving up becasue it bored me. Or playing dnd online for 2 mins and unistalling it as soon as they broke the original games rules so badly count? other than those 2 dismal attempts at a mmorpg no i havnt 6. I have got a few things from the shop (a few items, some character changes etc etc) I like it as a good way to help finance what is a great free game with out actually donating money. Give a little get a little.
  17. Graphics problem

    Ahh theres the problem its an intel chipset Seriously tho It looks like there maybe a newer driver on the intel website for that graphics card. Which may or may not help. Might be worth backing his current drivers up and giving them a try. Make sure he can roll them back if it goes pear shaped tho.
  18. Graphics problem

    Hmmm he could try uninstall and re isntall. Some specs for his system would help as well
  19. Graphics problem

    Usually this is solved by disabling shadows in options Updating graphics card drivers can help as well sometimes.
  20. Game Error

    Indeed Try unisntalling the game, red downloading and re installing it. Also try updating your graphics card drivers If neither of these work post back here with your system specs (operating system, graphics card, processer etc) and we will try and help a bit further.
  21. Eternal-Lands first look

    Precisely. He may be a cocksucker, but that does not automatically proves him wrong in the content of his findings, doesn't it? Even if the guy called you whatever, he still may have hidden some truth behind rough and immature words. Do you think, it's not at least worth to dig a bit in them? Well ent tried this to get some insight from him, and ended up hitting a wall of idiocy. Why waste effort trying to explore his findings if all you get in reply is even more stupidity? Explore the possibilities sure but after a while you have to just take a step back and say enough is enough and move onto the next persons constructive suggestions/ideas or carry on working on your own.
  22. changing poisond caltrops color

    afaik changing any meshes to change the colour of them would be against the rules. also I think the idea is that they are hard to see. If you have trouble seeing them imagine the issues enemies will have when they dont know they are there mwhahahaha
  23. Beware Terrance PKG

    Okay point made, beware the bag jumper/scammer, and as the usual follow up posts have started. Thread closed.
  24. War of the heroes invasion

    Okay here are the results from tonights pk contest. 9) bLaZe1 killed: HylianMobster Marvel suddensam OldSchOol Thyralax le_suicide Tico aravinth Lexi +1 fire_ant but it doesnt count...still wasa good clean kill 4) Manic killed: PYEwacket Dilly EaglePrince le_suicide 4) DarkPresent killed: FeLkkU aravinth Lexi Gerogerigegegeg 3) ScurlocK killed: DeathTrap Lexi KrakeN 3) RagZ killed: le_suicide Bones bLaZe1 2) Tico killed: Amastor SimAnt 2) newhope killed: Bunnie DeathTrap 2) _KiLLeR_GuY_ killed: aravinth DeathTrap 2) Druss killed: OldSchOol justmental 2) CherUT killed: RhinoAA Manic 2) aravinth killed: Terrance le_suicide 1) Rassius killed: Lexi 1) Hecklar killed: Divine 1) Divine killed: Lexi 1) DeathTrap killed: le_suicide 1) ATA killed: bLaZe1 1) Antio killed: EaglePrince As a result Blaze1 for being the most bloodthirsty won theCrown of life. Huzzah and gratz! Thank you to Usl for the scoring Now for your comments. Did you have fun? Would you like to see more events like this? Do you have any contrusctive comments on improvement?
  25. War of the heroes invasion

    ouch Umm i think you may have missed the point to the cotest. Killing the monsters didnt earn any prizes it was killing other players that did. It didnt matter who you killed you could have just as easily visited dp arena and killed a lot of equaly levelled characters and had exactly the same chance to earn the prize. Nearly all of the invasions I host start at lower caps than 60's, with more than a few being aimed at under 20's. yes some are also aimed at higher levels only. Maybe i should do a few aimed at only lower levels ill consider it but last time i tried it ended an utter disaster with no one turning up. There are LOTS of contest that lower level players can participate in and mods seem to run more newbie contests than any other. So please before you get yourself worked up and start insinuating that capitalism is the root of all our endevours. That you stop and research your complaint.. Your sincerally, Thyralax capitalistic mastermind