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  1. Android client, 10th release

    Hi guys. Thank you very much for this. Absolutely loving it! But I have found a little issue. If you are aleready part oc 3 chanmels and you join a channel via #jc and then type using @ it posts on that channel but you cannot see it in your his.
  2. More Iron

    Pople may not like me for this, however if there are a lot of people mining in a location where there is a small ammount of ore, usually the ore deposit gets smaller and dissaears completley, with that said what about some mass amount of ore being found by someone else, in a new location. (hopefully just as close to storage
  3. We need Mammoths!

    How about it being a monster for special invasions or at the end of capped invasions. where you will need a few players working together to kill it, and baby mammoths for the lower players. P.S I would like to see these hairy monsters also.
  4. Ultimate Game Card

    how about having the cards available to buy on the shop sounds like a usless idea however, it is the idea that it is not for the person buying it, but to give to or sell to others. It can help also promote Eternal lands, if I recieved a card worth rl money I would play just to sped the card, and if I enjoy it I will keep playing.
  5. EL 1.9.2 RC1

    I am not sure if this does help, but when I change from an item to another, the skin from the previous item is shown on the newly put on item , it is only for a sec, but here is what I get when I change from my CoM to my RDHoLaM. It also does the same the other way around and with other items. just to clarify it does go back to the normal skin after a delay.
  6. post enriched essences

    good point, then 100 fe's, enrichment stone, 100 magic essences and 100 water essences the water essences are there to cool down the fire and heat of the magic
  7. Prologue currently we use enriched fire essences for iron armours onwards and titanium long swords onwards, problem due to the higher level items needing the enriched essences the price is now so high that the prices of the lower, items that require one have risen, and are hard to get a hold of for younger players, (I know people will now say that they should work for it) however these items are not so great and players may as well skip them and go to titanium set. EFE's are currently ~9k cuisses 9.5k greaves 10.5k plate 22k proposition have an item, like the EFE but better, which is made from the Enrichment stone and for example 1000 fe's, this will be more rare than the EFE, and will allow the EFE to be used for the lower level items without the higher level items taking them up. misk I know this idea would have to be developed and refined and opposed so do your best
  8. def100.JPG

  9. Legacy lurer

    A lure... I believe Legacy and an accomplice planned this. I am not saying it was DuBro but it seems to me it may well have been, please note that Legacy was not in a guild. first of all you can call me a n00b however, I am starting to get into the idea of pvp and pking, I know I am still quite a low level, however it is interesting me. this was today. 05 of December 2010 Log started at 2010-12-05 16:33:24 localtime (GMT Standard Time) Dubro asked me to pvp train, and I want to try it and this is what came of it. Local chat [16:56:39] DuBro: my friend will pvp with you ok? [16:56:46] DuBro: i g2g [16:56:57] Cilestiel: who? [16:57:00] DuBro: legacy [16:57:36] [PM from Legacy: hey wanna pvp] [16:57:37] DuBro: take ring talking to Legacy [16:57:42] [PM to Legacy: hi] [16:57:50] DuBro: dont tele yet :< [16:57:54] DuBro: u talk with legacy? [16:57:59] Cilestiel: I have [16:58:13] [PM to Gossip: stats legacy] [16:58:18] [PM from Legacy: wanna pvp in naralik arena im dubro's friend] [16:58:32] [PM to Legacy: yes he told me, I shall be right there] [16:58:56] [PM from Legacy: gimme time] [16:58:57] [PM to Legacy: in the catacombs right?] [16:59:00] You entered the Naralik Catacombs [16:59:03] [PM from Legacy: i need time ] [16:59:22] [PM to Legacy: that is ok tell me when you are readdy] [17:00:13] [PM from Legacy: what aroumr] [17:00:29] [PM to Legacy: I only have iron, but we are just pvp training right?] [17:00:37] [PM from Legacy: yeah use col?] [17:00:55] [PM to Legacy: I do not have one of them either ] [17:01:09] [PM from Legacy: ok wear iron and a good sword incase] [17:04:47] [PM to Legacy: I am readdy when you are )] [17:04:58] [PM from Legacy: im here] [17:05:20] [PM to Legacy: where in narlik is is? have you got the coords?] [17:05:30] [PM from Legacy: im in the arena] [17:05:33] Legacy: here [17:05:36] Cilestiel: [17:05:45] Cilestiel: I thought I had the wrong one [17:05:49] Legacy: lol [17:06:15] Legacy: come [17:06:25] Legacy: cilestiel [17:06:26] Cilestiel: one sec please [17:06:46] Legacy: rdy? [17:07:01] You see: Legacy [17:07:14] Legacy: nice [17:07:30] You failed to flee. [17:07:39] You recovered 73 material points [17:07:46] You failed to flee. [17:07:50] Excellent, you broke the iron helm! [17:07:50] Your Iron Helm has been destroyed [17:07:54] Cilestiel got mana burned by the Black Bear [17:07:55] You need 25 Ethereal Points and you have 1 Ethereal Points [17:07:56] Cilestiel got mana burned by the Black Bear [17:07:56] Ok, you are disengaged from combat, now run (err, walk away)!!! [17:08:12] [PM from Legacy: they wasnt me wdf] [17:08:20] [PM to Legacy: what was the bear for?] [17:08:32] [PM from Legacy: i dunno it wasnt me] [17:08:47] [PM from Legacy: the bears had to guild tag next to em] [17:08:53] [PM from Legacy: im in guild noes] [17:09:02] [PM from DuBro: u summoned bear on legacy!!@@ ???] [17:09:12] [PM from Legacy: wanna try somewhere quieter ] [17:09:24] [PM to Legacy: I would rather not train] [17:09:37] [PM from Legacy: i need the exp please :/] [17:10:00] [PM from DuBro: ?] [17:10:02] [PM to DuBro: no the bear attacked me, and legacy said it was guildless, I am in a guild. ] [17:10:14] [PM from DuBro: she is in guild too :<] [17:10:35] [PM from DuBro: ffs i think some1 was invis.] [17:10:38] [PM from Legacy: can we try again] [17:10:41] [PM to DuBro: I do not like this, I am sorry i am not going to train anywhere where it is a drop zone] [17:10:49] [PM from DuBro: try again :<] [17:10:51] [PM to Legacy: only somewhere where there is no drop] [17:10:57] [PM from DuBro: i can come and look if some1 there] [17:10:58] [PM from DuBro: if u want] [17:11:13] [PM to DuBro: no it is fine, I am not going to pvp now] [17:11:15] [PM from DuBro: fight me in kf?] [17:11:20] [PM from DuBro: its no drop] [17:11:23] [PM to Legacy: sorry I am not going to train now] [17:11:26] [PM from Legacy: there to busy] [17:11:39] [PM from Legacy: just 1 more ive recently reset i need the exp] [17:11:43] #Ig [Cilestiel->Friendly guild] hey is there any pvp. pkers on? [17:11:46] [PM from DuBro: ?] [17:12:06] [PM to DuBro: just wondering, you said about str8jacket is a scammer?] [17:12:11] [PM from DuBro: yea,why?] [17:13:03] [PM to DuBro: legacy is a friend of his by the look of it] [17:13:09] [PM from DuBro: why?] [17:13:25] #Ig [Friendly guild] Nah not atm only us friendly harvesters, why? [17:13:27] [PM from Legacy: ?] [17:13:41] [PM from DuBro: lets fight in kf?] [17:13:50] #Ig [Cilestiel->Friendly guild] I was wondering if any of you know about dubro or legacy? [17:13:59] [PM to DuBro: no thank you] [17:14:01] #Ig [from Friendly guild] Dubro is a scammer [17:14:04] #Ig [from Friendly guild] what do you want to know? [17:14:04] [PM from DuBro: why ?:<] [17:14:05] #Ig [from Friendly guild] dubro = dodgy [17:14:09] [PM from DuBro: u said u will in no drop zone] [17:14:12] #Ig [from Friendly guild] Dumbro is a scammer [17:14:16] [PM to Legacy: no thank you] [17:14:31] [PM from DuBro: ??] [17:14:33] #Ig [from Friendly guild] and legacy shares guild with Str8jacket (another scammer/lurer) [17:14:48] #Ig [from Friendly guild] Treat both as bad news [17:14:51] [PM from Legacy: ok np] [17:14:52] #Ig [Cilestiel->Friendly guild] then he works with legacy, they tried to get the drop on me with bears, [17:15:41] [PM from DuBro: so?] [17:15:54] [PM to DuBro: i am not training today ] From what I got of this was the fact that: DuBro pointed me to go into pvp with Legacy, Legacy then tried to get me to wear a CoL, but I did not have one, As I went into combat with Legacy someone must have been invisible in the arena and summoned a bear which attacked me, I quickly used a diss ring and ringed out of there, I was then blamed for the summoning to try and make it look like Legacy had nothing to do with it. Please correct me if this is not a lure, and this is to warn others of people who may well do this kind of thing.
  10. The Kilaran Field Clash 3

    I am of course happy to have spectators and urge the contestants not to attack/kill them so long as they're out of the way and not interfering, but i'm not willing to allow people to join a guild that's allied to both teams because if some spectators are getting in the way or somehow causing a problem, i'd prefer contestants be able to get them our of the way themselves. Korrode if you are going to be the guild master of the allied guild to both, and you see the spectators being idiots can you not kick them from the guild so they can be removed from KF by the players?
  11. broding

    ahhh, wait sorry my fault, I was thinking of a BoD (bone of death) sorry about the confusion
  12. broding

    I was reading a dispute post today about broding, and I do agree that broding in PK just to see if you can kill higher lvls for their items (silly ones without rostogol) or just to be able to kill people is not a good thing, however what do you think about broding when you are on a hydro run? is this deemed acceptable, because you are defending your stock of s2e's for your hydro run.
  13. Homepage : Shop

    would it be possible to buy special items (eg using pay pal, non transferable) Platinum coins seem kind of useless at the moment, how about having the platinum coins only to be bought with pay pal, as a kind of pay'd currency. Also have a button in game that has all the buy-able items in, eg capes, books, Enriched essies ect. You then use the platinum coins to pay for these items that can work like a npc shop that takes the platinum and adds the said item. If RADU wants to still give items to players he can give them the platinum coins. The coins could or could not be traceable, this is up to teh GODS, it may cause more people to get a lot of gold due to paying RL money for it.
  14. ALVE is born

    and its all good hopefully when ALVE gets more members we can see about some guild trading
  15. ALVE is born

    Terrible, just awful destroying my dreams before I even get started star