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  1. Add up your Attributes and Nexus to get a total. I am no where near the top but here goes. 106 for attributes and 20 for nexus makes a grand total of 126.
  2. Warning

    what is the name of this old character of yours that has been stolen?
  3. Homemade bread

    CHALLAH - SWEET AND EASY 2 pkg. yeast 1 3/4 c. water 2/3 c. oil 1 egg 1/2 c. sugar or honey 1/2 tsp. salt 3 c. flour (all-purpose) Mix together above ingredients. Then add 3 cups additional flour. Turn out on floured surface. Let rise for 1 hour or until double in bulk. Punch it down. For Kashrut only: Take "Challah", put in oven. Shape into 2 loaves or place in loaf pans. Let rise an hour. Brush with egg and water. Bake at 350 degrees for an hour. Cool on wire racks.
  4. adds more danger to the game. I love it!! these pirates should appear on any map (C1 or C2). Love the idea of only being able to hear them on local chat!!
  5. summoning in combat

    To keep EL a classless game I think it is only fair that any player should be able to engage in combat using any of the skills available in the game. (except harvesting, etc lol)
  6. Tailoring or Mage

    I love spending my gc on nice clothes but they have no real use ingame. What if wearing tailored clothes increases charm cross-attribute in the same way that action points are recharged. i.e. every hour that tailored clothes are worn counts towards increasing charm by a very small amount. It should take a long time for 1 piece of clothing to make a change in the charm cross-attribute. why charm? Because fine clothes make a person appear more charming. could change this suggestion to include some other cross-attribute.
  7. Ancient TItle

    lol. I do like the idea of titles for special recognition though. should be given out or have final approval by Radu. many players here have contributed much to the game and deserve a special title. In addition to some who have played since the beginning.
  8. More Gypsum Locations

    I love doing quests. great idea! some quests to open secret passageways.
  9. Eliminate storage chat window

    LOL I totally agree!!! @ Sir_Odie. great! heading to nearest storage NPC now to implement this. (edit #2: works great. love it) as for the bag issue - gatherer medallion solves this issue for me. as soon as I kill something it is automatically picked up for me.
  10. **** guild/event map

    I really like the idea of non-combatants being able to 'watch' the invasions from spectator stands.
  11. I think all the points are good except for "less interaction between player...". EL needs even more group events. More reasons to PM players who are not in the same guild. More reasons to talk to each other in chat channels. Maybe we can have a Global channel? Just my 2 cents. Good idea over all.
  12. Can I play using 2 game windows? How?

    thanks, Ikaris. I really like your idea of getting a used laptop. My very old mac would probably lag terribly with 2 windows open.
  13. Special weapons/armors sale

    Sorry Radu. I blurted more from surprise. I wasn't trying to troll. I have enjoyed playing this game for almost a year now for free. Since I am in kinda dire financial straits ATM I would not have anything to do all day if not for EL. Thank you.
  14. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 10000, 1200 Amber and I have 1200, 50 Refined Vegetal Mixture of which I already have 27, and finally, 7 Grapes of which I already have 7. thank you Raistlin for mixing the extracts for me.
  15. Problem 1: I experience serious lagging when traveling from the gypsum area to storage in Arius. I don't have this problem when changing between any other maps; only these two. Specifically the game lags when I enter and again when I exit the Hobgoblin cave. I usually get a "Resynch with Server..." message and sometimes I even grue out. This always happens. Makes hauling gypsum so much more annoying than it already is! Problem 2: While hauling gypsum to storage my Mule transformed back to an Elf for no apparent reason. I had to use another Mule Glyph to get back into Mule form. This happened as I was approaching the storage NPC. I had some fruit and about 15 Creature Food in my inventory; food level was at 40 and health was maximum. The only thing I can think of is that my Mule was very close to the NPC. I may have clicked on my Mule's head when trying to open the storage. The cursor may have been the 'pointer finger' or the 'walk'. Has anybody else had these problems? Does anybody have any ideas on why these things are occurring? Thanks, Rad.
  16. some problems while harvesting gypsum

    thanks everyone. I think I will tele over broken bridge.
  17. Global Quest FAQ

    I can donate 50 of each of the 4 extracts needed to make the Refined Vegetal Mixture. To whom shall I deliver the extracts?
  18. Making gold undropable

    Why do we need this change? Assuming EL failing to keep new players, will making gold undroppable keep new players from quitting? I doubt it. El is already the most passive game I have ever played, including SimCity. Reducing the challenges and difficulties will only make it more of a grind-fest. I cant imagine anyone quitting EL because it is too difficult. More likely people quit because at first glance there doesn't seem like there is anything worthwhile to do in the game.
  19. Harvest level and events

    Oh. the events are calculated per number of items harvested, not per minute (time). OK thanks Ghrae. Now it makes more sense.
  20. some problems while harvesting gypsum

    When using the secret shortcut I still have to go through the Hobgoblin cave. Is there another shortcut that will bypass the Hobgoblin cave?
  21. More Gypsum Locations

    I don't know what else gypsum is used for but I need 2 for each extract I make. After reading Radu's blog I better understand the delicate balances need to make a game playable and fun. So difficult gypsum maybe is need to make extracts difficult and this keeps the game challenging? I don't know...just an idea.
  22. Chances of getting rare stones

    In the first month of playing I got a rosto while harvesting silver in MM. I was too much of a newbie to know more than a rosto was something really good. An enterprising guildmate tried to buy it from me for a relatively low price. Luckily I was not a noob as well as a newb. I checked the prices with raisa first.
  23. Harvest level and events

    I don't feel that my higher harvesting level (76) is making harvesting red roses any easier. I have harvested about 93K of roses so far to make FEs. I get at least 1 event every minute, sometimes more than 1 event per minute! In fact I can harvest higher level plants (mullein, tree mushroom, wormwood) with far fewer events. I often harvest red roses and red snapdragons in VOTD. At the beginning of each hour I will harvest mullein. Only when harvesting the red roses do I experience so many events.
  24. Feasting or Spirit restoration?

    A bit off topic but I don't use SRs much anymore because they are so heavy (EMU). For healing I always carry BRs instead (1 EMU only) instead of using healing spells and replenishing mana with SRs.