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  1. Three word story

    what a shame
  2. Three word story

    that was hosted
  3. Three word story

    A Silly one
  4. Three word story

    I wondered if
  5. Party For August People

    hapy birthday kommosta! Why I'm here, I also wanna say happy birthday to Faye and to Lemonstar, old guildies, whom, though may not return to the game, still keep up on forums....
  6. Three word story

    What a silly
  7. Three word story

    said- I can't.....
  8. realm vs realm?

    I think thats the worry though- I for one only go to pk maps when i an't be bothereed to type beam me, and doubt I'll every make my real PVP debut, despite what I say. I'd rather be able to go there safely, obviously at 10k a time thats unrealistic (20k if you count the return). I like the idea though
  9. realm vs realm?

    I love it, but i think telling non fighters to 'stick to the continent they're loyal too' is a bit restricting. Maybe implement passports or something for players (permission to visit said map for however long) without having to switch loyalties at such a cost?
  10. Party For August People

    August the third- 1988- I was 18 last week- YAY!
  11. Three word story

    which noone expected
  12. is this a newcomer to you?

    Who knows? Noones denying there are genuine newbies like this, who just want help, but personally, this is one I would be a tad suspicious about. Just an out of the blue contact, an all
  13. Different invasions

    Not rabbits then. What about beavers, or wood sprites? Then someone can;t create a character during an invasion and immediatly be auto leveled. They're have to play a bit first
  14. Different invasions

    "Morto's taint is sending the creatures of the land into a wild frenzy. The rabbits on Isla Prima are going mad. Destroy them" For the record, I remember seeing a random day where the roleplaying explanation was basicly "can;t be bothered to think of something atm- 2 busy and have work" Whereas I love roleplay, theres no reason to skip out on a good idea because the rp value isn;t there. It'd give the newer players a sense of involvment
  15. gold

    Ok, I skimmed past a page seeing as I was tired of reading the flames, but I SORT of agee with the fighters on this one Sure, if they care so much about cash take a break and do something else. Even, as someone suggested, go for he yeti's and their excess of gold peices. But as near as I can figure it, they shouldn't have to in their league. Think about it- the only thing stiopping pkers from profiting is a stone that was supposed to be damn rare, and now everyone has a ton of the things sitting in storage (generlisation, obviously) This would be a serious support to clean up rostogols, make them rarer, ect As for the HE/SR/ BR/ ECT, i do all those things ingame. Due to that I give away a lot in the way of free stuff to my friends who fight or simply train. So make some connections, and see about getting help for a while, until something improves