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  1. I got the I Can't Dance perk so I could afford I Eat Dead People for my mixing needs. I plan on mostly mixing and monster killing, no PVP at all aside from occasional a/d training with a partner. I will be taking Scotty Died in the future, so I invested in 1 magic nexus so I can make teleport rings to get around to make up for SD. I will be using Alchemy as my primary source of income and specializing in skills that require Artificial Nexus such as Alchemy and perhaps Engineering if I ever feel like One hunting. I feel I may want to participate in invasions later on and I have also heard that multi-training is a great source of experience. So, should I get it removed as soon as I possibly can, remove it later, or just keep the perk and avoid multi like the plague? I'm pretty low level. (Mid 30 OA) Should I consider resetting? I Eat Dead People is just too useful to not take and I feel Scotty Died would be perfect to balance out the PP loss from taking it. The only concern with resetting is needing the money to buy the perks.
  2. I just got a bit of an idea in class today so I thought I'd make it heard. Why not add a book or other item to the game that allows a player to begin a lecture so everyone close to them gets benefits in a certain skill for a few in-game minutes? Like say someone begins a lecture on manufacturing. For every 5 levels in Manufacturing everyone around close to the teacher gets 1% bonus experience for any items made and a reduced failure rate. Tell me your thoughts on this idea!
  3. Did you always want to be an all arounder?

    I've only recently started this game and I'm absolutely sure I want to be self sufficient. It's just the sense of not having to spend money on anything and making everything yourself that makes things exciting. (Woo! Post necro!)
  4. R18+ rating for video games for Australia

    I hate that the public generally views people who play games in their free time as stereotypical gamers. Y'know, they automatically assume that person has no social life and is a miserable loser. There are a few sad sobs out there who are but it's unfair for the majority of us who just play them as a hobby. Work, School, Etc. all take priority over it.
  5. Definitely a noble cause. Not sure I would trust it with my email and password though.