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  1. Minigames.

    The whole point to the games, is that it gives you something to do. And fyi, most of the time you're interacting with npcs anyway. Bots are the same thing as npcs, because they aren't being played by people. Another thing is, It's not fun in YOUR opinion, because that's all it is, an opinion. It wouldn't be the same as gambling, because you could add a map where you play the minigame, where there was a storage and you could play the game with items from your storage. Simple fix. And I have done the dalies and similar things, which is why I was making this suggestion in the first place. It gets boring, every game you have ever played has the same crap. And after awhile...You get tired of doing it. Simply like this. Earn gold - Get items - kill things - do quests... What do you do after you get the items and kill the things? -Earn more gold - get more items - kill more things - do more quests... Suddenly it seems really repetitive. And that's ALL there is to do. You do the same things over and over, because there isn't anything else to do. The whole point to minigames, is that once you DO get the money from the game, you need somewhere to SPEND it. Otherwise it is kind of pointless. If there where multiple minigames to take part in, you would have a lot bigger range of activities to do, and it would keep you busy a lot longer. You could also add rewards to the minigames such as earning tokens, which you could then spend at the shop. Which would make it so you would have to beat the game a certain amount of times if you wanted to get an item. Such as items that increased your chances on getting rare drops, or items that made it so that you had a higher chance to make special items. Etc. There are countless possibilities. Minigames make the game more interesting, because they're exactly as they sound, MINI-GAMES. Which means you suddenly aren't just playing the same game with the same things, you have more things to do. And as for the lottery...Nobody does it anymore, I'm not sure if you have ever looked at it, but barely anybody ever buys tickets. I have a lot more to say, but I'll keep it like that.
  2. Minigames.

    I think that there should be some new mini-games included in the game. I see a lot of people who get bored once they have nothing to do. The point of most video games is to play the game to either of the following: Storyline. Currency/Items. Once you have beaten the story line, or you have all of the items you want, there isn't really that much to do. Which is why people need some place to spend their money. Such as a place to gamble, or a game that costs 500gc to play. Etc Here are my suggestions. 1. Gambling game -Cost 5gc-2.5kgc(min and max ) You give the npc a certain amount (from 5gc-2.5kgc) of money and if you win he doubles it, triples it etc, to a total of 4x the amount. If you get the numbers exactly right you win the jackpot. How to play. You pick a number between 1-250, if you are within 25 numbers of the number that gets chosen you win Double your money. If you are within 10 of the number that is chosen you win triple. If you are within 3 of the number chosen you win 4x. And if you get the number exactly right you win the jackpot of 25kgc. The odds of getting the jackpot are 1 in 250 and in order to win the jackpot you have to bet 2.5k so players who win won't be able to bet 5gc and win 25k. You would have to get lucky. 2. Mixing game. This is A game I thought up of awhile ago, which would encourage people to Harvest etc. Goal Combine the correct ingredients in the correct order to create the item. You have 5 second to combine the ingredients, before you have to start over. How to play. The npc tells you what items to combine, once you combine them, you will be given new items to combine, you only have 5 seconds to combine them from the first combine, every combine the time allowed to combine the items gets shorter, and shorter. Example: "Combine iron ore and sulfur" You have combined them successfully. 5 seconds are up. +5gc, 25 harvesting and alchemy exp. "Combine copper and blue quartz" You have combined them successfully +10gc, 50 harvesting and alchemy exp. 4.8 seconds are up. "Combine tiger lilies and sunflowers" You have combined them successfully. +25gc, 100 harvesting and alchemy exp. 4.6 seconds are up. "combine red roses and silver ore" You have combined them successfully. +80gc, 250 harvesting and alchemy exp. You would continue until it got down to 2 seconds. The max bonus exp and gc you could get would be +500 gc, +1,000 exp. The success rate of each combine would depend on What level harvesting you need per item and what your alchemy level was. The game would cost 2kgc to enter. Claiming your prize. You would have to stop and claim your prize to win anything at all. So for example, if you successfully combined 5 things and failed the 6th without claiming, you wouldn't get any gc or gold, if you got 10 times and claimed you reward, you would get the total sum of all of the successful combines. Just some ideas. -Tence
  3. Signatures.

    I was thinking about maybe downloading Photoshop again, and making some EL related signatures. Here is what I have so far. Any thoughts? These are just a few examples, I have an entire folder dedicated to them. This way from back about a year ago.
  4. Feasting or Spirit restoration?

    Which would be a better way to make money. Considering I use feasting as food. I was thinking about going with spirit restoration.
  5. Halloween!

    Congratulations everyone. I hope everyone is having a good Halloween week . Sorry if I'm late had to get my account verified .