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  1. Back ....If you Rember me

    eekz0rz!!! it's Aston!!?!?!?!
  2. Other MMORPGs

    Maladine, w00t!! www.houseofpwn.net It's in the forums under the Maladine category.
  3. Blender Art...

    I'm sad now. I'm trying to learn blender but can't get anywhere near that good.
  4. Finally Alone

    Pfft!! Manson is where it's at!!
  5. House of Pwn

    We're growing!!! (slowly...) SO HELP US GROW!!! We're a gaming forums that now hosts an MMO (which is down atm) Sooo... errr... yeah, SEE YA THERE! Hmmm... might help if I gave you the link: www.houseofpwn.net EDIT: w00t SERVER IS BACK UP!!!
  6. Feeding yourself and funny gems.

    There are star sapphires and purple star sapphires (the purple star saphiries are solid purple not translucent purple like amethysts)
  7. I need an animation

    I need this an animated gif or a flash image Description: A house is sitting on the screen. A guy walks up to the house, and looks at the house, and then is like "???" then the house eats him. THE END!! Have it continually loop. No black and white, stick figure crap please.
  8. Weapon holding/drawing

    That's basically what I said in a more detailed form >_>
  9. Weapon holding/drawing

    Who says it has to be placed in a sheath? It could just be stored away in your belt, sheathless
  10. More health?

    I like the idea
  11. Cooldown log

    I was trying to summon a few monsters just to get my OA up and that's kind of when I discovered the cooldown. I find this very unrealistic, who says I can't chug 5 mana potions in approximately 6 seconds, the vials are tiny. It's very difficult to do rapid summoning, the food cooldown doesn't affect me to much, unless your trying to do uber alchemy
  12. Age survey!

    *cough* No I'm not *cough cough*
  13. I need an animation

    That's pretty funny kat Now seriously...?
  14. House of Pwn

    Yeee, now it's www.houseofpwn.net *is overjoyed for the new domain* now the extension war can stop because .net is network >_>
  15. Age survey!

    Pyderz, your 18? Pyderz... YOUR BACK!
  16. Linux help

    When I try to start up EL in Ubuntu Linux I get the following error in my terminal error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory HELP ME?!?!?! I want to use Linux more and progress away from Windows, and getting EL to work on Linux is one of the first steps
  17. House of Pwn

    Okay... anyways enough arguement about extensions, we're slowing down, so visit us!!
  18. More Linux Help

    Hmmmm.... well I get a Segmentation Fault when trying to run EL on Linux... this time I got my Graphics Drivers installed, but now I've got other problems.
  19. Age survey!

    I'm 15 and Tanyia how do you know how to make one of those equations...?
  20. Helpz0rz

    I need a new name for my gaming site... please post SERIOUS suggestions only Also I got a game idea if any programmers are up for the task, IM me if you think your good enough
  21. Helpz0rz

    We've gone with House of Pwn, if you didn't see the topic in other websites/links
  22. Instant Death. - Has to be painless

    Well wouldn't there be instant death..? like if you had a heart attack or something that instant w/e second when you flatline would be instant death wouldn't it? I don't think you can die for longer then a ploctosecond or w/e second, when you die, your dead you can't be living/dead at the same time. Your alive or your dead
  23. House of Pwn

    Hey... it was free so I don't mind at all, and nah .be is Dutch
  24. damagedtmx

    Well, what damagedtmx was lousey, one it's a bannable offence, He tricked a newbie my friend rawr thought he was going to train with him, and so he went to the arena, and he was killed usually no big deal, so my friend went back to get his stuff and he killed him again, he was like oops and he came back to get his stuff again and they killed him... AGAIN!!! so he let me get on his character and I tried to straighten things out, I went back and he killed rawr AGAIN!!! the he like "oops I meant to trade i am so sorry" so I asked him to beam and he said "But I'm full of HE's and stuff" those statements contradict themselves, my friend is a newbie yes (This char was given to him by one of my other friends who quit, so for those of you who are checking stats, yes it was given to him) So I got on my character to kill him and try and get my friend's stuff back. Yes he did kill me but that's because I didn't bring anything to heal me and he healed himself about 10-15 times. So please watch out for him. Though I still say he should be banned.
  25. Watch at your own risk!

    HOLY JESUS!!!!!!!!!! Shnizzle my pants, and then change em' lol not THAT scary but man... I was focusing on the road too... I was like where'd the car go? BAM!@