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  1. Ranking System

    Hmmm... good idea, not really strong atm, but yeah it'll be cool
  2. PK list

    Didn't want to get yelled out for making a new topic for a topic that already existed, so I'll just revive this one: Obviously everyone hated the original idea. Could there be a 'Guild PK List' Not to tell you when they're on, just to inform guild members of "a definite kill them" when they see them (if they see them)
  3. The Tankel conspiracy

    Yeah definetely need waiting there... very bad to go to Tankel with CoL...
  4. The Death Bag

    The mechanics were off a bit, but otherwise great poem
  5. The Tankel conspiracy

    I don't care how old you are, you don't lose a skill that dramatically so destroy iron armor, if anything you just add some metal and bang it around and it's good as new
  6. The Tankel conspiracy

    Well I was thinking on evolving it more and making it Roleplaying but I was in a hurry and being kind of lazy xD Though yeah RP sounds good. Hmmm... maybe that's why there's no massive armies going in at the invasions? Trik and Tankel are duking it out in a map unknown to us.
  7. Should there be two Ant colonies?

    And for those saying that they shouldn't be on the top lists and don't like getting PK'd by ants. That tells you something... GET BETTER!!!! (god people are stupid...)
  8. google maps with a twist...

    Thats just.... sick and wrong.
  9. Java game in the works

    xD Well thanks anyways Arnieman. Hopefully we can get some help *COUGH COUGH!!!!*
  10. The impossible

  11. quit el

    I have a feeling this is for Legend of Ares
  12. Java game in the works

    Well jjk... yeah except the Age of Empires part is more of an Age of Empires meets The Sims. So yeah that's what were working on. Though I did base this game mainly off of Suikoden if you've heard of it (and yes our game's name has a similarity if you look closely) Oh yes... so are you guys going to stop saying, This game will kick @$$ and help us? The game won't be good until we make it... which we have to do first.
  13. The impossible

    Yeah blood is correct. Here's two more Easy: What kind of ear can not hear A bit more difficult: I begin eternity, And end space, At the end of time, And in every place, Last in life, Second to death, Never alone, Found in your breath, Contained by earth, Water or flame, My grandeur so awesome, Wind dare not tame, Not in your mind, Am in your dreams, Vacant to Kings, Present to Queens.
  14. Java game in the works

    Team Name: What do you want for this? We're a team, that's making the game. Project Name: Did you read my first post? The project is called Nekodius Project Description: Description, well let's see... You'll be a person, and be able to time travel (at higher level type deal). There will be certain time periods, you'll start in Mid-evil which will server as the battlegrounds. You'll be able to command an army and build things, whether it be a castle (most likely a guild project) or a hut, or work with people and build a village... Genre / Type Somewhat of an RTS with RPG and action/adventure type deal (RTS is the building and commanding of armies) (RPG is the general game style) (and the action/adventure is the basic just you fighting) a.k.a. 1337 xD
  15. The impossible

    a bit off there Learner. (oops I noticed a typo... it's tell me the word* these words conjured)
  16. Java game in the works

    Hey jjk, get your bizatch @$$ over to #nekodius on irc.freenode.net (if you don't have IRC then get mIRC...) yeah we can use your help. Oh yeah and get other people you know that can help to help
  17. Facts About Chuck Norris

    Well these are a little late, there about the talk of my school along with 2 other types: Pirate Jokes and Dead Baby Jokes Why are pirates called pirates? Because they ARRR! (Now yes the dead baby jokes are cruel but are funny) http://www.dead-baby-jokes.com I warn you not to go to the above site if you have a really weak stomach or you don't have a sick sense of humor. here's a taste What's grosser than gross? A garbage can full of dead babies? What's grosser than that? There's a live one at the bottom. What's grosser than that? He has to eat his way out. What's grosser than that? He goes back for more. Okay, so yeah. funny stuff to my kind of people (we play D&D a lot)
  18. Should there be a Player Ranking for GC?

    This is an excellent idea. I can see it now Guild Member 1: Why'd you sell all your stuff Guild Member 2: To get gc Guild Member 1: why? Guild Member 2: to get a higher ranking Guild Member 3: WHAT?!?!?! Guild Member 1: yeah, wtf? Guild Member 2: I'm worth something now xD
  19. The impossible

    Here's a riddle: Abra-Kadabra, Ala-Kazam, Hocus, Pocus, Ada-boom-bam. Just take a second on each magic word and tell me the word these words conjured.
  20. C / C++

    Though if you take the advice of Java, then you could disregard C and C++ and come help on me game. Though my advice is a good book for programming as web things can get a little bit aggrivating switching from window to window rather than glancing up then glancing down.
  21. Linux Help

    I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/usr/local/games/el//actor_defs/ac tor_defs.xml" I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/usr/local/games/el//languages/en/ books/races/human.xml" I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/usr/local/games/el//books/races/human.xml" I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/usr/local/games/el//languages/en/books/races/dwarf.xml" I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/usr/local/games/el//books/races/dwarf.xml" I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/usr/local/games/el//languages/en/books/races/elf.xml" I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/usr/local/games/el//books/races/elf.xml" I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/usr/local/games/el//languages/en/books/races/gnome.xml" I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/usr/local/games/el//books/races/gnome.xml" I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/usr/local/games/el//languages/en/books/races/orchan.xml" I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/usr/local/games/el//books/races/orchan.xml" I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/usr/local/games/el//languages/en/books/races/draegoni.xml" I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/usr/local/games/el//books/races/draegoni.xml" Yeah, those are the things it failed to load, the game still runs, but when I Log in there are no models, but I do see chat, and particles and objects just fine
  22. What other MMORPGs do you play?

    Jeze, you can do whatever you want as long as I get some cookies *reaches in the cookie jar...* ACK! No more cookies >_> Well that answers it, get out more xD
  23. Web art

    I need a new look for my website www.houseofpwn.net but Slack is taking to slow so will someone help me make a new look? Animation might be able to be made by Faye if she's still up for it, but I need the graphics (no coding done on your part) Just browse and kind of create things that are sitting there already. Aim me for more details (aerowind5)
  24. Myspace Desperate for a friend

    Oh noes?!?! Here's mine..? Mine!!
  25. I'm stupid

    OH NOES?!?! vanyel!!!