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  1. Missile implementation on the client

    nonono. then you spoil the fun of a sniper with a really high perception and a good distance if they're close enough to see easily, then who's attacking you would work. otherwise a direction (in both cases, a perception (and maybe direction facing) check could be done to see if you'd be able to tell where it came from) Heh, that's why I phrased it as a question. Though it would be cool if perhaps your out of range of their site and all it says is "Your being attacked from the North-west" or something. Makes better use of the compass
  2. Missile implementation on the client

    The thing with having to click twice compared to as say a cooldown fire rate is the fact that on first hand experience I've had to spend 10 seconds chasing down a target to initiate combat. Sometimes those damned things just don't sit still. To balance it a little bit more you could have: Click once - check if in range (If not, display a Get closer message or whatever) Animation of drawing and nocking the area Recheck the distance (say the animation takes 1 second). That gives a second for the intended target to move off screen, or out of range. Then let a 7 second cooldown initiate. To determine whether they initiate or flee could be whether they ignore you or not. Non-aggressive creatures would just kind of walk around as usual. (Maybe have bears and stronger initiate?). And if it's for PK, the player themselves have to go for whatever they're going for. An arrow is just added damage (though maybe display a "Your getting attacked by ****" message?) Though what if an object like a hedge maze is in your way? It's not logical for you not to be able to shoot the arrow because it's a hedge maze, but I would think that would present some problems to the server, no?
  3. Discuss the different visibility system here

    As far as I can tell caves and underground areas (WS underground) are not really affected. I could see everything at the very edge of my screen. They may have disappeared one tile before the edge but that didn't affect anything really at all, and I'm not even sure of that.
  4. Ideas for the "charm" attribute replacement

    The magic nexus is currently used for Crafting because Crafting does require magic. Your imbuing items with magic. Hence the magic nexus. And I think nexuses are way too direct. If magic nexus was used to better magic. It's not that big of a deal for fighters to spend maybe 5 extra pp compared to 20 or 30. And also then all the top crafters can instantly become 1337 magic people. And yes, it's fine if high nexus levels give bonuses. But there should be more things that benefit magic. Because just about every attribute benefits fighting in one way or another.
  5. Discuss the different visibility system here

    Personally I think we need to see less with 4 perception and that all objects should be affected. To sum things up in a nutshell of most people's thoughts
  6. Discuss the different visibility system here

    You are absolutely correct. Right now, all the monsters have a default visibility. Soon, they will have a different visibility based on size and maybe color. Good, good. Though rabbits might want to be always visible or something. Newbies might get frustrated at night time.
  7. Discuss the different visibility system here

    I noticed that if I move away from a player they won't poof. But that same player moving away from me will poof. Even going the same distance of further. Also, at what time will be the darkest point in the game?
  8. Ideas for the "charm" attribute replacement

    How is Arcane, or Arcana the magic nexus? Sure in game mechanic terms they come from the same place. But Attributes and nexuses DO NOT do the same thing. Nexuses are used to better yourself in what you can create Attributes/Cross-Attributes are used to better yourself in how powerful/good your character is. Arcana just puts a line between "I'm a fighter with uber high magic because I use Restoration every 2 minutes" and "I'm actually really good at casting magic and launch a big ass fireball into your face for massive damage" Perception can be used for Bows&Arrows/other thrown objects and the night vision.
  9. Seridium Ore

    Alright first off, how much should this cost? I've been trying for 1k since matter conglo's are 800-900gc. Secondly I've got 20 for sale. (Yes, yes I know, it wasn't a bright move but I didn't realize that until I had 20).
  10. Seridium Ore

    Well I guess since the MoL's now use Seridium I'll bring this topic back up. My price is down to 900 each. Still have 20 of 'em. PM me in game (Aerowind).
  11. New "hats"

    Ent, I'm disappointed in you, not a Platinum plated shark tank? How could you? I thought EL had higher standards, geez.
  12. Testing the different visibility system

    So what will happen to the F9 personal fire thingy?
  13. Ideas for the "charm" attribute replacement

    I highly like the 'Arcana' idea. Especially with the addition to some higher level items and staffs/wands or something. It makes it so you don't have to slave away on the monsters to be a threat in PK. Especially with Archery coming up. Then guilds in PK could have more meaning. You could have some '1337' fighters out in front. Then some archers a bit further back and mages healing and throwing fireballs. It would give much more variety to PK. Without this with the addition of ranged spells and the like it just means that the high leveled fighters just get more powerful. If you look the highest fighters are the highest magic people. Arcana throws in the determining factor for the difference between a more true mage and a fighter.
  14. Med Of Life

    So was the break rate ever revealed or am I babbling idiot and completely missed it? Also, Ent, thank you. I like your blunt, vulgar responses. It brightens my day when Admins express themselves in such ways. (No that isn't sarcasm).
  15. How do i install a new Graphic/Video Card?

    Well, I guess you could try getting new drivers. Do you know how old the computer is? If it's older then like 6 years, I highly doubt, despite what you do, that EL will run. Or much will run for that matter. Otherwise your in a bit of a pinch.
  16. Graphics Card

    I'd say. Linux is a big booster though.
  17. Graphics Card

    I have a GeForce 4 MX 4000. My beautiful Linux OS makes sure I get 120 in non-crowded areas. and like 15-40 at VotD storage (depending on what I'm running in the background). Windows gave me from 5-45, no matter where I was. (Well no more then like 10 at a crowded area).

    Nop, haven't made any new guilds. Well I did have Hell's Minions but that was like 6 months ago. Came back, deleted it, then did a bit of guild hopping then joined (TC).
  19. Ohayocon

    Soo... anyone going? www.ohayocon.org (anime convention)
  20. Ohayocon

    Stereotype. Have you not heard of the movie "Revenge of the Geeks" Or is it nerds? Which brings us back to the point of which one's which? Anyways, this is about anime, so back to anime. Anime Central is coming up in May. www.acen.org It's in Chicago.
  21. My Physics Movie

    What does an Xbox getting smashed have to do with my Physics Movie? And your supposed to look past the blatant copyright infringement.
  22. Ohayocon

    I'm not getting mad, but people are trying to draw lines and people have their own different opinions of which one's which. Yeah, I guess we'll call me a neek and leave it at that.
  23. Religion

    I'm agnostic. I do believe in the idea of religion, and personally want to have a minor in theology. Though I want to do some studying of each of them. My first large study project I guess I would consider is my English paper. It's a research paper from the narrative perspective. So I decided to do it on Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth was a very interesting person, and a pretty wise and short-tempered, mean kid. I personally like the beliefs of Paganism but I'm not motivated enough to be religious enough to consider myself Paganism. And then if I'm in the mood I'll consider myself Pastafarian. And with everything that the people of vanganza.org have established it's not too far-fetched of an idea anymore. If your very optimistic that is. Taoism and Buddhism have also struck my fancy, but I don't like the customs. Judaism doesn't sound bad, but once again customs. The reason I stray away from Christianity is because there are too many scatter-brained people who "claim" to know the bible and "claim" they're Christian and they're always right, I'm always wrong, and the "You need to be converted" idealistic thoughts. The bible contradicts itself in many areas. Though, I might take up Christianity not too be saved, but because it's a pretty bad-ass religion. Jesus and well half of the bible is wicked hardcore. Most people read the things such as Genesis, and the important lesson teaching books, maybe Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John for Jesus's life and stuff. But have you taken a look at Revelations? Some of the works of Josephus? The Apocrypha? Banned from the Bible? Some pretty wicked things went on.
  24. Ohayocon

    Just because YOU personally like one but not the other doesn't mean that it's not a fine line. A lot of people aren't in both ends of the spectrum but they have a similar approach to society. You'll find a huge computer geek hanging out with a huge anime nerd. I think it's because of how society looks at them, and they can relate to things. Both usually use proper English and try to have an extended vocabulary. Geeks I envision as thick rimmed glasses with tape around the nose-piece area with suspenders and a tucked in collared shirt with a with a pocket and pocket protector seeking revenge. Then nerds, basically the same thing, usually with a larger horizon of what they like, but they're destined to rule the world.
  25. Drinkers and folklore club

    So since everyone flipped at the EL man's club. We'll go with Drinkers and folklore club. No not literally "Hey, I'm drunk irl let's go!" It's more so a roleplay thing. We'll chill in a tavern and just have fun with some good ol' roleplaying. This weekend sound good?