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  1. CalsoniC

    big problem, now you are facing the wrath of the community, no day will ever be the same now. might aswell #kill_me yes know what? i'll take it one step further, i'll ban you from bot and make angry faces at you every time I see you in local!!!! :angry: 4 of em to show i'm serious
  2. My Saturday - 28/7/12

    ugh, really? a cast on 1 leg? is this 1983 or something? like really? dont make me cry girl, make them legs match and break the other too, its 2012 everything has to match!!
  3. CalsoniC

    #destroy guild pls, change name and pay to be removed from buddylist. go undercover and dont let anyone know its you playing or you'll be banned from bots again!! D:
  4. Phoenix

    Good idea, would be nice to see it summonable, a high end tanking monster other then tank rabbits or phantom warriors, maybe a worthy tank to tank dragons?
  5. suggestion for special day

    day of knowledge is already in game, no books needed for anything.
  6. a section for restrictions only

    just remembering isn't enough, you can remember but will mods believe you? recently i had an issue with logging on my brother, which i've done for years.. i remember 1 multi issue which we got banned for and gave a NMT to get unbanned. no restrictions given at the time. so 4-5 years later you get pm'ed saying you shouldn't be on the char, after a few years of playing on it and a major search starts to find proof of restrictions in bans section, nothing was found but my brother had another multi incident where he was unknowingly used as middleman. now i know he doesnt multiplay on purpose, and he was just told to keep some stuff to give it to someone else, so he got banned for something stupid and then banned 4-5 years later for restrictions, moral of the story: just scrap the rule, its confusing, wastes everyones time and nobody knows why we have rule 5 anyway, can anyone name a major disaster resulting from people multiplaying?
  7. Static

    happened to da_tank, but he bagjumped alot afaik, dunno if there is a set amount of bags that need to be jumped before it is considered sabotaging though, depends on the mods.
  8. to hard

    the other things you mentioned ain't that bad, crit fails are hardly a problem since most people mass produce so a few fails doesnt matter. besides, those things become a hindrance when you get higher level, by that time the newbie is hooked to the game and won't care that much.
  9. to hard

    what makes you say that? implying there are alot of annoying things in game? :\
  10. Static

    Yes, because this is the first time this has ever happened. different people mostly, the ones it happens to atleast learn from it ^^
  11. to hard

    could lower the exp for those, rather have less exp for them and have more newbies staying then good exp and newbies leaving cause they get frustrated. and no1 cares about wood sprites or brownies defense, they are meant to be killed
  12. hi can i please know something about my bann

    are you retarded? others already said it doesn't help your case if you spam, that was meant for posts in 1 topic but i am pretty sure mods don't like to see topic creation spam either. mods can be reasonable at times and if you just work it out with Aislinn in PM you might have (had?) a chance, but you prefer to burn bridges all over town. PM her once, get a reply back and then reply back to her, that is how a conversation works btw. more civil, better chances of getting your point across and have things go positively for you.
  13. to hard

    doesn't it do that automaticly? :\ never had to use the alt key to attack anything even if it's small, anyways if its an issue newer players face might aswell adress it, helps keep newer players in game and maybe even get more newer players to join in. we have keyboard shortcuts for casting spells, what harm would an auto attack button do that works in lets say a 3-4 tile radius?
  14. my day shopping

    Colorado cinema shooting, 14 dead 50 wounded. where are your guns to protect you?
  15. da_tank aka cooldudes12

    as far as i know there are no invance rules for 40-60 and 60-80, but then again if a more advanced player takes advantage of that to cause harm on purpose that's wrong in my opinion. maybe talk to a moderator and see if they can get him to stop? Edit: nvm 40-60 and 60-80 have invance rules too except for the AP requirement. http://www.eternal-l...=0 that's breaking rule 1 and 2b
  16. Static

    maybe now people will think about having a rosto in inv first before going into invance, or any other dangerous place
  17. No idea if Radu added Scholars and peace day too when he disabled extra xp from Sun Tzu during invance, but might aswell add those 2 days to the list of things that dont interfere with Invances/instances. as far as i know Scholars gives you up to 30% extra xp in each skill? just makes it easier for mods to give invances around day changes
  18. scammer kilo55

    interesting, you and arzan account for more then half of EL? truth is nobody cares about a 10-12k bagjump and most would think Gc is Gc no matter who it came from. You can ban him from a bot though, but there will always be alot of people selling to outlaws, so you're just missing out on gc
  19. just wondering here, does that count for the mod who tried starting a flamewar too?
  20. New Spell Ideas

    for #4 the Sigils could be: Fus Ro Dah xD
  21. First off, Orange price is just like any other price.. based on supply/demand and what people are willing to pay, just like dragon plates etc but nobody complains or lowers those either. i like the first post idea though, maybe fighters can help out with getting "points" based on hp, they do 35 dmg, 35 points extra for global quest. or maybe have an option available where 1/3 1/2 or whatever of your drops go to the global quest
  22. my day shopping

    1: i think you miss the point completely, it's not about a concealing permit, concealing permits dont kill anyone. it's the gun that does duh. it's simple getting a gun, anyone can get one. you don't have to have a conceal permit to carry it into a school and kill someone, or walk into someones house while they watch TV and shoot them. like i said, it's simple logic you dont carry and point your gun all the time so how does making it easy for every unstable (not just talking about mentally ill) person to get a gun more safe in the world? people are gonna be victims of crimes no matter what, giving everyone a gun to defend just creates more chaos with a false sense of safety. so to make it clear, it's not about a silly permit, maybe people with one don't commit crimes as often, but they do anyways and it's irrelevant. shredded to bits, ignorant and ill educated, classic case of pot kettle black. 2: tunnelvision is bad yo, army doesn't just use tanks i guess you failed to notice that i meant if the armed forces decided to subjugate you, there is little you can do. glad to educate you here but besides tanks the army has warships, bombers, fighter jets, helicopters and missiles. Example: Hurricane Katrina gun confiscation. they confiscate guns so people wouldn't go around shooting and looting which in a way proves that guns in civilians hands are bad. back to the point though, during Katrina the army went door by door to confiscate guns, people handed them over like sheep - Katrina gun confiscation vid so that shreds your second point too. nobody will stand up to the military, they have bigger and better weapons then you do, it's their profession to kill and subjugate others, they have been trained to follow orders without question, not much you can do against that, thats why they send the military to Iraq etc, not rednecks with a hard-on for guns. conclusion: guns are bad, not saying no1 should own one but atleast make it more strict, ofc it's fun to go to a range or somewhere to shoot targets, but it wouldn't hurt anyone to make sure the right people are able to get one with the right motives.
  23. my day shopping

    your way off the mark. your moral conclussion is to be a victum of crime. the world is a scary and dangerous place. a firearm is a weapon of force to be used in the personal defence. in countries such as the UK where firearms are on a general basis banned, a citizien can only defend themselves with physical force. here in america, a 80 year old woman can keep herself safe with a small .38 but in other restrictive countries. same 80 year old woman can only use melee weapons such as a blunt object that is handy. 2 young men can disarm and do great bodily harm to such a person cuz the old woman cant meet them on even ground. statics prove that gun free zones are more subject to violent crimes. you never hear of a shooting spree at a shooting range, gun show or police station. good people follow the law while bad people ignore or break the law. so if you disallow the carry of guns, guess who has them and those that dont. my conceal permit is certified proof that i have not commited any crimes or suffer from mental defect. on the other side though, psychopats get a gun and shoot up schools, an attacker will always have the advantage of surprise. you can own a gun, but are you gonna point it at everyone all the time? Edit: simple logic though, an unarmed person is way less likely to inflict any kind of harm on someone. why? balls, not much people would risk getting into a fist fight and perhaps lose, easier to point and shoot. another Edit: those town idiots went with their time, mindless cavemen cling to an ancient amendment that is out of date/time and not even relevant no more. what are you gonna do with your glock if the government decided to roll a tank over your house and tell you what to watch? back then if you had a gun you could fight invading forces on equal level, not anymore
  24. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k emeralds 30k gcs ign: Frantic ty
  25. God Please Save PK - Fighters

    that's why you got TS and ally commands