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  1. Quests

    Lot of players don't explore, they just ask what the best place for certain tasks is. This can be clearly seen in some contests like hide and seek, which are mostly won by rather small set of explorers players. point was to cater to both groups Aislinn, and newbies coming to the game expecting some sort of quest indication like everywhere else. instead of wandering around an hour or two thinking "Wtf it has no quests!?!?" and then log off. just because a select few are dead set on making the game less attractive for most people. if it helps people look for quests on their own, with no help from 3rd party sites, and increases the amount of new players doing quests figuring out how to do things.. what harm is there in it? in the end it will be better for EL if more new players stay because they can find/start quests on their own. if you make finding quests too hard, voila, people go look for walkthroughs. there goes your arguement to make it more fun by having to look for the start. example: If you buy a puzzle, do they hide the pieces for you? ofc not, they give you everything you need to finish it. the fun is in piecing it together, not in scouring towns/cities/countryside to find a piece. same goes for a quest. and quite frankly it's widely accepted in any kind of game that quests start when they are handed to you, else you have no clue what you are looking for. quest to find a quest.. questception O.o Edit: Quoted Groomsh there because it points out even people against such marker ideas say just a few people look for them. so even the opposite side accepts that this whole hide and seek thing to make it more "fun" to find a quest backfires on itself. really? you guy's want to screw over most of the community, all new players and the questwriters just for a few players? teh fuck is wrong with you people?
  2. Quests

    well with the websites you do hand everything on a silver platter, to newbies and advanced players alike, and the only reason is cause it's impossible finding a quest. so people go there, find out where it starts and follow the steps while your there anyway. so from what i understand you guy's think quest sites are bad? and markers are bad? marker fights off the sites a bit though, so imo best decision would be going with the lesser of two evils. if atleast people found out easy which NPC has a quest they would more likely go through the quest text and read it, follow the steps from there. since you are not forced to go to such sites just to find it, you are not already looking at the whole step-by-step walkthrough which makes it more tempting to follow it. anyway maybe another idea? instead of a marker, would it be possible programming wise to have an NPC speak out in local when you pass by if he needs help/gives a quest? or if you use the eye button at an NPC with a quest it would say "you see a young/old gnome guy, he looks troubled. might want to talk to him?" just an example. would still be fun for hide-and-seekers to go looking for new NPC's, and easier for people who rather cut to the chase and check for quests. win-win right?
  3. Quests

    that's funny, i went there and did a couple quests one after the other with no problems. depends on the people i guess, some can read others can't. which is how i came up with Radu disliking the use of said sites. an NPC mentions hoping you didn't come there with the leopard/white rabbit furs already. anyway, does a questmaker spend his time writing a quest just for a few hardcore hide-and-seek players? or for everyone to enjoy the quest they spend so much time on. not just the questmaker, but Radu too, he puts it in game. he might aswell do something else if 10% is looking and the other 90% waits for a walkthrough. don't get me wrong, i'm all for a difficult quests, looking for difficult objectives and such, but it's more fun if you don't have to go looking for a needle in a haystack just to find the NPC that gives it. know what i mean? Difficult quests/objectives yes, nearly impossible to find quest-starter, no.
  4. Treasures and Treasure Finders

    Can you make them work like that though? i mean, if you can have a pear spawn automatically in a random harvestable, why is it not possible to have a hyperbag spawn in a random location?
  5. Quests

    A big hunt you say? new quests announced on forums and channel 6, lets say about 120 people are on there. now most of those people are too busy on a spawn, or harvesting/mixing, what remains thinks "I'll wait till someone finds it" and then the remaining few go hunt. i've yet to hear someone in guild (or friends in pm) say: "hey, i'm going to look for this quest" anyway the facts are there, radu wants more people doing quests, he hates it when they go to said websites to get all their info. most simple, logical solution would be just having a marker, quest text seperated. it's what will potentially get/keep new players and it won't reduce quality but in fact improve it. and besides some of the new players may be customers paying for server upkeep so we can play the game for free, so why not cater to their needs? not like something so simple is the end of the world. right now the only thing you do is: google.com -> search eternal lands quest" -> Choris EL site -> daily or normal? -> work down the list for your free exp. with said markers i could skip all those steps, when i happen to be mapwalking stumble upon a quest and be happy and see what it got for me ^ your point of making quests difficult to find on purpose, that its more fun this way is invalid. the whole site being there and used so much proves it. that's exactly what we want in EL right? i mean, Radu adds quests so people can sit at closest to sto harvs and the best training spots right? lol
  6. Quests

    I think you all misunderstand what a quest is, does the quest start by getting it from an NPC? and do the task for him? or is it a game of hide and seek? a quest is a task given to you by an NPC, the fun is doing the task, not to find the NPC itself that gives you the task. hence the low amount of people starting/finishing Tutorial quest the first quest in-game and people skip it because you guy's wanna play a game of hide and seek. saw a review of EL on youtube of 16 mins, a guy killing rabbits/rats then heading to WS and end the video, it would be much more impressive for potential new players if they atleast saw the quest, if he could find it. that would boost players and shop earnings so Radu can work more on improving the game. kinda selfish of you guys though, like Hussam said (which kinda works against you hussam) people work hard on those quests, just so you, a handfull of advanced people, can complete it. newer players dont get the chance/info handed to them like us to do quests.
  7. Quests

    and why is that? as it stands it's difficult to find quests and/or find out what to do. which is why Choris made his quest website. now we all know Radu dislikes the idea of people going to such website knowing where to go, what to bring etc (some NPC says something like "i hope you arent a lazy pig and had these furs with you already" along those lines) so best option would be Devs making it easier for users to find their way around quests, and actually have newbies know where quests are and what to do.
  8. in my opinion a good global system would have a wider range of rewards that suit harvesters, mixers and fighters alike. then with that instead of donating certain stuff have an option in the option window that turns on/off drop/harvest sharing. for example option on 50% of your drops go directly to the global quest (not including rare drops) and with harvestables while wearing exc cloak that extra 1 gather goes directly to npc aswell, maybe with mixing every other item created goes to npc? nobody has to go out of their way to donate, from an RP perspective it would make sense, npc needs money to support the project, harvestable resources needed for different sorts of potions/items etc. i dont farm instances yet, or go out of my way to harvest gypsum or w/e to help with the global for the current amount of rewards, not really worth it. don't even know where the npc is :x just my thoughts on how to get more people involved and better rewards. though it might be hard to code(?)
  9. I challenge anyone of you for EL dance off :)

    you first click a bunch of different destinations back and forth, then while its moving to the last one you press and hold the home button
  10. Banned?

    clearly you either aren't fit for the job, or are lacking in information. might want to re-read things? sure there are cases where mods are right, there are cases when mods are wrong. you just aren't willing to accept that or go out of the way to do anything about that. and Mihaim was a perfect example, i was literally there when he spawned an invasion without warning when he got pked, and when he teled people to the underworld waiting to catch his diss for "causing lag" and every higher-up neglected it. and those 2 examples i was witness of, no idea of the accusations of stat modifying etc. maybe mods do have to answer for any use of their power, but what use is it if the one they answer to (aislinn) takes up a stance of players are always wrong? remember maxine? and the false invasion location? she warned me not to give a false location again, i didn't but argued with her that it wasn't against the rules (even admitted it was false on ch6), and she had to show-off getting me killed by a guildie. you took a stance saying she was right and you'd do worse.. what? ban someone for lying too? theres tons of cases where you neglect the job you volunteered for. if you can't handle it maybe let someone else do it.
  11. Banned?

    Omg from your mouth to God's ears. You know, I've heard a couple people respond to me, saying I sound as though I think all mods are perfect. No, we are not perfect, me especially. Most of you know that. But we do all try awfully hard to make this a better place and enjoyable for everyone (trolls and above jerks, not so much, although the drunks I try to help). We are human and we do get annoyed or flustered or angry or what have you. It is not easy (see above post). And yes, sometimes it IS impossible to handle a situation without getting a bit heavy handed. It is easy for you all to judge, but remember, you don't see everything that goes on at once either. Most people understand that as well, rather than use it as a weapon to brandish around crying mod abuse. Just sayin. but then again when a player is wrong punishments get dished out, on the other hand like you said sometimes mods are wrong, but we never, ever see anything said about that. or corrected in some manner. in about 7 years the only mod that was clearly wrong and left the team is Rogue, out of free will and not cause the mod/dev team wanted him to go. so yeah, it's easy to cry mod abuse when fishy things are going on and nobody say's or does anything about it. good you at least understand not everyone is perfect, now you just need to enforce mod rules, and do something when they are in the wrong.
  12. new player

    No, this isn't supposed to be an easy game. if it's hard to click enemy's it's for the animal or monsters defensive purposes and so you actually have to work for your skills. for the camera i'd suggest going to options and find the option "isometric view" in gfx or other tab.
  13. Banned?

    sooooo.. can we come to a conclusion/middle-ground? both sides have something to work on. something like one side causes less trouble and the other eases up so people don't feel oppressed? just a suggestion, channel 6 can be hard to moderate since it's off-topic channel together with invasion topic. people get stuck in the routine of off-topic and then suddenly find themselves being threatened or muted w/o warning sometimes. or mayhaps make channel 6 solely for invasions and move off-topic to 8 and moderate it less? let's work together on a positive outcome instead of "you are wrong, i ban you" "you are wrong, i flame u" \o/
  14. Banned?

    exactly, and every new player is a potential "troll" so there really is never gonna be an end to people causing trouble. just ends up in the next major issue where multiple people get banned. I got no problem with Burn personally, never flamed him on channel 6 or bothered him in PM, just the way he chooses to handle things is wrong imo, mute/ban rather then warn, go crazy with the slightest off-topic. just saying he can ease up and i doubt people would have problems with him. be honest, how much of the mods randomly get picked on for no reason at all? (other then a frustrated player at the time of a ban/mute) oh and at the time of banning he made a nice blog post about how stupid the people are.
  15. Banned?

    You don't see what is wrong in this sentence? Seriously? Why should any moderator have to suffer through "where you constantly get attacked"? It's not your God given, free speech right to constantly attack moderators. you still don't seem to understand, he shouldn't, but thats the internet.. you have this place where everyone is anonymous and play, new players get in and out of the game. you can't just stop people from herassing. trolls come and go, banning 5-6 for this isn't gonna stop people from coming to the game getting frustrated with someone and talk shit. fact is, if you start a witch-hunt like this and end up banning people as collateral damage you just keep losing people for silly reasons like this.
  16. Banned?

    point remains, he doesn't have to grow a thick skin but if you have a weak mentality what point is there moderating where you constantly get attacked? not talking about this issue, but in general. people will always bitch/moan at mods. it just proves again mods are always right, some aren't capable but you guy's will never accept that. the players are the ones always wrong, but if a mod is wrong it gets overlooked.
  17. Banned?

    in my opinion given that mods have to deal with troublemakers daily they need a tough skin instead of letting everything get under your skin. this is just based on my exp from channel 6: Sometimes mods let some minor things go like off-topic, or just some making fun of someone. hell sometimes i've even seen mods make fun of Headless. but then Burn is always quick to warn/mute and/or boot, doesn't engage in conversation (in a peacekeeping position that requires dealing with people) and then writes a nasty blog post about players, how we all lie etc. point is this could easily be avoided if said mod(s) could relax a bit, dont let things get too personal. people will see your weakness and exploit it. just say hi back, that would've taken the fun out of it for people. if people know you are gonna ignore them and you dislike being talked to ofc they'll take a jab at you like that. sooo just lighten up, if you don't like dealing with people just stop being a moderator. no need to piss people off because they interfere with your gameplay. edit: from reading your blog you left another games mod team cause of trolls, why go back to dealing with trolls in another game? edit 2: (from blog) "So if a troll tells you they got banned for "saying hi to me" or other such stupidity, know the higher powers of the game have never banned for such a nonsensical reason." for example St_arcane said it 4-5 times during 2 weekends, and hasnt had any contact with burn whatsoever and got banned. 2nd, i said it once to see what the fuss was about and got muted together with 2 others just like that, no warning or anything. so you can stop your nonsense, trying to find excuses to justify it.
  18. CalsoniC

    the egg was kind of racially insensitive imo, gj moderators for deleting the talking egg. guess it was a slow day for them
  19. first game you ever played?

    first game i play kiss chase it was either pong or the army thing, but both on the atari thing ^^ didnt remember exactly at that time
  20. CalsoniC

    Ban all known associates aswell! i love being helpfull
  21. CalsoniC

    to be honest this is kind of sad. I dont give a rats ass about bagjumping, but if you do just go all the way and admit it. don't try and prove to people you are a "badass" by bagjumping and that you can't be trusted and then cry "oh but you can trust me in instance" seeing from this topic and channel 6 comments you guys really wanna play/look cool and be the outlaw type, but do so with style and go all the way and say "fuck it i dont need you guys for instance" and don't do them. fk, if you do go on instance still with people bagjump them too and laugh at them for being gullible.
  22. Invance Initiator

    and neither is having 1-2 other mods be able to do it. maybe even have an npc initiate it, someone goes there once every 12(whatever the cooldown is) and initiate it. Pro's: saves mod time, and people can do it whenever they want if they have the people. Cons: someone could initiate it for their range without having people, sabotaging the invance for at least those 12 hours (or w/e the cd is) either way any suggestion isn't the end of the world, so why so defensive?
  23. CalsoniC

    sounds so melodramatic
  24. first game you ever played?

    some atari pixel game, army guy going up all the time and you could get into a tank or something to progress? on Dos it was either Lion King, Alladin or Doom
  25. CalsoniC

    so once mufossa goes on a break or something then they'll be seeing an apology? doubt you'd run anything w/o him.