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  1. Rent-A-Ant

    Read the First post in this thread............. P.S. We are having a lot of fun with our Ants. These are the best pets on Eternal Lands.
  2. Rent-A-Ant

    Do you get a bit brassed off at your Ant??? Does it refuse to use some doors and gates?? After much poking and proding and chastisements. Ant_Moebird and Ant_Bea finally learned their lessons. You only need to take them to the sweet spot, and make them use it and they will remember that the teleportal is there and use it when told to..... Now our Ants can come nearly anywhere we wish to take them. So if you need to take your Ant somewhere, LadyBea and Moebird may have the co-ords of how to do it.......
  3. Book Sale

    BOOK SALE Surplus books from LLL Guild. Selling at Bargain Prices PM either Moebird or LadyBea ingame to buy. Number available.. . . . .BOOK. . . . . . . . LLL’s SALE Price 11 Book of Troll Fighting 500 14 Book of Orc Fighting 200 7 Book of Bear Fighting 100 10 Book of Cyclops Fighting 1000 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 WhiteStone Ring Building 200 5 Unicorn Medallion Building 300 14 Isla Prima Ring Building 100 7 Portland Ring Building 150 8 Desert Pines Ring Building 150 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 26 Book of Gargoyles Summoning 100 14 Book of Puma Summoning 200 4 Book of Bear Summoning 500 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Book of Potion of Manufacturing 250 37 Book of Potion of Summoning 500 43 Book of Crafting Potion 300 28 Book of Magic Potion 750 3 Book of Potion of Physique 100 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14 Tit. Chainmail Torso Constr. 2000 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 blue Quartz Mining 50 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 21 Book of Steel Axe Constr. 4000 13 Titanium Short Construction 400 13 Book of Iron Axe Constr. 3500 5 Titanium Long Construction 1000 (edited again on 8 April 07)
  4. Book Sale

    Book list updated Be in quick for the bargains before they all go.
  5. Book Sale

    P.S. You can leave an order here, if neither LadyBea or Moebird are online. All books subject to availability at time we see this.
  6. Artwork Updates

    Awesome, simply fantabulous............. (now does that come in Green??????)
  7. bot owners...

    oops name i put in last post was my alt.... I should have said : Ingame Names are LadyBea and the other is Moebird. are the bot owners.
  8. bot owners...

    Hi, I would like to be added too as owner of the LLL trade bot Lord_Legend. And also add Moebird as owner of Lady_Legend - our other LLL trade bot. My in game names LadyBea and Buzzzzie.
  9. Freya bot problem

    The names Lord_Legend and Lady_Legend were chosen as they were reflecting who we are, and our guild name - Lords and Ladies of Legend. There is also another one - Lady_Legend2 - and when Lady_L has been offline and LL2 is on, then we also get the name confusion. If LL2 is ever turned into a bot, then a name change will have to occur as it is too close to the other one. Even now i'm not sure how having both online together works.
  10. No rostogol stone day

    I have MM perk and if I need to go to a dangerous or PK map then i go "naked" or pick my day to go (or time of day too) Despite what my a/d might be, I'm no fighter. It's not the monsters that frighten me, it's the players who want to kill a poor, innocent, defenceless me If you go to a PK map then you got to expect to be challenged, and then possibly die. So on a "no rosto" day you just stay out of there. And just in passing - Entropy, we had exactly a half day (EL That is) of No Rosto.
  11. The surprise from Radu

    Crafting School is on Glacmor
  12. Beware of baldi

    Thankyou for putting that up Deo. Just hope anyone who sees it will know now and be careful of the character named Baldie. LadyBea. Council member of Lords and Ladies of Legend.
  13. i need help and realy fast

    I have the latest drivers for the adapter. So looks like i will have to wait till i can afford a new card. :angry2: ******* not a happy camper ****** :angry2:
  14. i need help and realy fast

    I have similar problem but I get a little further before it crashes out on me. I get a black screen and the interface, and then up comes the close down notice. My Error file is as follows. ( but lots of each line) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Error log file - Main items in it. Log started at 2005-09-15 07:52:46 Error: Can't open file "./textures/fontv.bmp" No Anim: ./animations/player_slash1.caf No Anim: ./animations/canine_pain.caf Error: Can't open file "./textures/particle7.bmp" Error: Can't open file "quest.log" Error: Can't open file "./particles/moon_bubbles1.part" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As to what video card i'm using all i can find is video adapters. not the card itself. Display adapters on both computers (desktop about 2 years old, laptop 1 year old) SiS 650_651_M650_740 On Desktop is video card with 64MB shared memory, and not sure about laptop, but i get same problem on there too. Both are clean installs, with old game files all deleted. Hoping someone can help solve problems. (I'm missing playing)