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  1. rebuild of Lords and Ladies of Legend

    wow C D very long time no see......... And good on you Wuffzel. I'm glad to see we are still in business.. Will try to catch up to be back with my right tags
  2. Bot payments

    Not sure if this is the right place to post it, but it still has to do with bot payments. Princess_Legend is now owned by Lokey and her fee to Radu is due middle March 2010 Lord_Legend is also now owned by Lokey and his fee to Radu is due January 2010
  3. Bot that expired and that will expire this month.

    PayPal payment has been made for Princess_Legend. (13th April 2009 NZ Time)
  4. Bot marketplaces

    About this bot question of paying for hosting etc. I'm on limited income in real life. i have a set amount that is budgeted for game play. The reason I'm paying for hosting (and Moebird is as well) is that we dont know the first thing about keeping a bot running and we need someone who can keep the codes etc up to date. With the paid service we get everything 'automatically' updated. Any bugs are ironed out as soon as they are discovered. I'm OK with small market places. LLL guild try to keep an assorted stock on our bots in our mini shopping center/market in Tarsengard. The reason our little market got started is because of that Lenny who was stifling trading in the night hours of EL.
  5. Hoarding poll

    I'm a hoarder by nature, but here I'm trying to be some sort of all rounder. I cannot get enough of some of the items I need. and trying to buy them ingame can be a hassle. At the moment my total gold in EL is just over 100k but about a week ago I only had 3k. Being on a very limited income in real life also precludes my spending in the EL shop.
  6. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    Well my name (LadyBea) and it's slight variations, (underscore etc) is who I am - a Lady and my name in real life 'Bea' As to my alternate, her name is Buzzzzie and that came about cause the people I was playing with at the time said I was always running round like a buzzie bee. When I went to try to make the name, "Buzzie" was already taken, so tried to get "Buzzzie", but when the character got made and I saw her name for the first time, I realized my fingers has slipped and I had 4 z's in name, and it has stuck as my alt's name ever since.
  7. New Horses

    So how do our pets keep up with us?
  8. New Horses

    How about this then? 7 LLLs The group had 2 others from *UK* as well so there were 9 in total on IP at the one time.
  9. New Horses

    A formidable line up of LLL members.................. LLL's Cavalry
  10. 3rd Party Team Speak

    Last night during invasion people wondered about how I was talking to Moebird (including Radu) I'm resurrecting this topic as this is what I found when I did a search (like we supposed to do) Not sure if allowed to but here is the url for the program. Teamspeak
  11. New and updated trade bot list

    New Location for Lord_Legend located in Tarsengard at 46,261 (LLL Shoping Center)
  12. Invasions and special days

    Thank you Entropy. I was starting to wonder myself if I had been dreaming when you said 3 hours. This is what I was getting at, to have the time at a time for the participants as well. OK if it is split up, then everyone gets it. At the moment of writing there is another invasion going on, but it is one of the gods wreaking havoc.
  13. Invasions and special days

    Is it me? If I have this wrong then shoot me down in flames One thing I noticed (and a couple of others have commented to me as well) is the last general invasion had a reward of a day of Joule. The timing of the invasion for me was evening, just before I went to bed. And the time the day was given as reward was early morning, just after I got up. To me it seemed a bit unfair. One set of players did all the work at clearing out the invasion monsters, and another group got the reward. I would like to see the main group of players that took part in the invasion get the reward at the same or similar time of the day in their time zone. E.G. 24 hours or 48 hours later not 12 or 36 hours.
  14. Yes, I’m in, I agree to participate. In Game Name: LadyBea (Elf female) Forum Name: LadyBea Real Life: very definitely female. (and aim on staying that way)
  15. Breaking rule

    As far as I know trading with your bot is the only way to keep it stocked up. If it is breaking rule 5, then I for one would be in a helluva lot of trouble as I trade with our 4 guild ( *_Legend) bots. Now this is just my opinion............ Not to be taken as gospel.