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  1. bot owners...

    Could Ednovel please be added to the bot owners list as he is assistant marketing manager for all 4 of our trade bots, Lady_Legend, Lord_Legend, Prince_Legend and Princess_Legend.
  2. Potential Outlaws.

    Now we all know that 'spawn serping' is a moral no-no. Now we are about to get a whole new breed of spawn serpers....... or is that bag jumpers???? With this new skill of Ranging, there comes the draw back of you wounding a monster and then someone - who can't normally kill them - coming in and finishing off the monster and therefore grabbing the bag of goodies..... Or, horror of horrors, getting on the bag of the monster you just killed and grabbing contents.... Do we list all those as outlaws?
  3. Potential Outlaws.

    Got you talking didn't it? And yes, I know that bags are fair game, and you do not "own" a spawn. Maybe I just posted this as a result of some idle chatter I was having with someone else....
  4. RC 1

    I'm playing around in Tarsengard and killed a boar and got the church bell sounds. Entered a building and it stopped. Then I found the harvesting effect and enabled it. Killed another boar and that sound did not come up Now killed a puma and the bell is back...... (For whom the bell tolls.......... springs to mind about that sound..) Game loads a lot faster. Frame rate still around 60.
  5. Quote of the week submissions

    In LLL there is a standing joke about an old player being killed by a sprite.... (been in EL many a year) Today in our voice chat system Shultz told us of something funny that he heard or seen.... and said this is worse than sprites...... poor guy, we are all still laughing
  6. Bot payments

    Not sure now where we stand on bots. I’m using the Start dates for when we started the hosting with Learner’s Service, and the blessing dates from Entropy's lists. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lady_Legend – owner Moebird Started November 2006. Extra blessing in July 2007. (Not sure right at this moment but the yearly fee for Lady might have been paid to Entropy in November 07. Will check with Moebird when she comes back online.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lord_Legend – owner LadyBea Started January 2007. Extra blessing April 2007. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our other 2 bots (Prince_Legend and Knight_Legend) are as listed in Ent's posting
  7. Blue Screen of Death.

    Ever since the original update I have at odd times got a blue screen. And my computer promptly reboots itself, and all without asking……. I do not know how or why, and I cannot seem to repeat it. It is just random. Thinking it might be video drivers, I updated to the latest NVIDIA drivers and with that installed, the game would not load. It hung on an item that was about 10% into loading. I promptly rolled back the driver to version I originally had. The details of what I get when the computer comes back up are as follows. I have the files that this box mentions as I went to the location and copied them to another folder. After I have let the error report go to Microsoft this is what pops up on a web page. My system spec……. Windows XP Home Edition, service Pack 2 Computer AMD Althlon™ 64 processor 3800+ 2.41GHz. 1.00 GB RAM Video Card NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS (Driver date = 9/02/2006. and version = Sound. Realtek AC’97 Audio (Driver Date: 19/04/2005 Driver version: ) Harddrive is 232GB with 181GB free. Broadband (ASDL) internet connection. Usually have Eudora mail program sitting on task bar, and Teamspeak2 Client running. This crash (blue screen) only happens when playing EL.
  8. Blue Screen of Death.

    Update on this subject.......... Now I'm not sure of what I did, or even if my playing around has fixed it, but here goes ....... First I updated the NVIDIA Drivers and promptly rolled them back as per the first posting...... Another thing I altered was in the el.ini file. for the sounds there was a number 8, that I changed to number 1 and saved it. And the only other thing that got changed is somewhere in the system properties or something (can't remember where I was told to go ) changed settings so that the computer would not auto reboot, it would just go to the blue screen and stay there so that could get some notes on why it was crashing. Touch wood.......... no more crashes in the last 8 days of playing my favourite game P.S. oops forgot about that one. (see following post by Ryala.) My thanks go to Ryala for her help. (Edited for spelling and the ooops)
  9. Partial Storages

    The idea you are thinking of is something like the set up of the Hazardous Storages are now? But still accessible from Main storages.
  10. Democracy in EL

    I came to Eternal Lands 3 years ago. In that time have been many changes, some I did not like (cooldown was one) but most of them I did. Over these years I've become addicted and have taken all new steps and changes in my stride, as have many others. This game is growing and expanding. If we do not allow change, by having the majority set too high, (e.g. 75%+) how in God's (Entropy) Name is the game going to grow and progress to more and better things? I'm one of those who likes things to stay the same. Maybe I'm a little set in my ways, and that may just be the product of age. So in my humble opinion, if we have to have votes on what path Entropy/Radu takes then let it be only 2/3 or just under at 60%. and leave the polls open over the weekends and maybe a day either side. My 2 cents worth. (Edited for grammar and spelling)
  11. New Screenshots for site

    When you eat hot spicy foods this is what happens.......... and the resulting effect was this...........
  12. New Screenshots for site

    My latest Friends..................... They decided to poof out a few minutes later......
  13. Thankyou for thegiggle of the day Radu. I love it http://www.wired.com/gadgets/miscellaneous...t/2006/11/72119
  14. Which part of the brain do you use more?

    When I was sent to the site by Moebird, the first thing I saw was the dancer turning clockwise. Then I read a bit of the text, and looking at the Dancer, I can get her to turn in either direction very easily and also in mid-twirl. Am I odd? I had not seen this posting first so did not know what i was supposed to be looking at.
  15. Weekend day for invasion

    I'm voting Saturday as it will let the players in New Zealand and Australia enjoy the fun. As was the case today, the Invasion was on my Monday morning and so you missed out on all the workers and students from this area of the Globe. Again my thanks to Radu/GICU and all the others who made this an enjoyable fun event.
  16. As a lot of Players in EL are members of a guild, I think it would be a good idea for the trade bots to know what guilds players are in. There are times when a whole guild can be blacklisted or put on an unfriendly list. At the moment it is not easy to find out a players guild unless he is standing in front of you.. Just my 2cents worth... Any advance on that?
  17. How tall are you?

    Wow I can actually look down on you I'm 4ft 11 and a half inches tall (151 cms)
  18. Bot name: Lady_Legend Owner: MoeBird Any other contacts: LadyBea, Verdune Purpose of this bot: Trade inv wanted loc help Located in Tarsengard Bot name: Lord_Legend Owner: LadyBea Any other contacts: Moebird, Verdune Purpose of this bot: Trade inv wanted loc help Located in Glacmor Bot name: KnightofLegend Owner: LLL Guild Contacts: LadyBea, Moebird, Xbox360 Purpose: Guard Bot Public Commands: None
  19. RC 2

    That is the installer. No idea why that crashes. If you mean the el.exe is that is installed by that, then try changing: #shadows_on= 1 to #shadows_on= 0 in el.ini, in that folder. Well I tried a few things. The error screenie is from trying to start the client so I could play. The installer worked well and put it all in the right place, in a folder I named "Eternal Lands Eye Candy" Even restored my computer to a few days ago..... finally went to bed to sleep on it. Having just got up I tried putting in the 'el.ini' file from a working version of EL (after backing up the one that comes with it.) and I am now on the Test server and I have game running and the eye candy. Later today I will compare both el.ini files and slowly get them both the same to see where the problem is. I'm no programmer and dont know the first thing about this. but this file works, but I would like to have the right one in there. (and turning shadows to 0 didnt' work )
  20. RC 2

    For some unknown reason I cannot start the latest client. ( el_140_RC2.exe ) at all on this computer. This is the fault I get . This computer is a year old. running Windows XP, AMD Atholon 64 processor 3800+. 2.41 GHz, 1.00 GB RAM video card is NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS. It will start on a lower powered Intel Pentium 2.2GHz with only 512MB RAM. Video card ATI Radeon 9550. I just know it is going to be something simple.
  21. Rent-A-Ant

    For getting messages when you are off line, the Bot Gossip will relay messages to you and you can send messages through Gossip to others that are not online.
  22. Rent-A-Ant

    The answers to those questions that I can see............... "1. is it legal to have ants sit on a bag?" "3. if #1 is legal, is there a command to make an ant drop a specified # of an item to refresh a bag?" I can't see anything wrong with a Ant protecting your bag if you need to hop over to storage. or just go somewhere for a few minutes.... The Ant cannot refresh bag as there is no way of making them drop something. It is up to you to get the bag refreshed within the 12 minute time limit. They do not and will not carry stuff for you. I'm sure if it is illegal for them to look after a bag for us, then we will get told. "2. what is the Trade command for? and how do you prevent muling if trade is enabled?" The trade command is used to stop others trading with your ant and loading them up with litterally junk. You can still trade with your own ant, and you need to to give them food to eat. They do not harvest their own food. They do not pick up bags. If you give them something then they stuck with it... I know my ant has been traded with a couple of times by accident and I'm sure she has some gold on her (was me that traded with her without checking I was trading with the right trade bot.) They are strictly for looks and fun. P.S. by the way as you have guessed I am not learner, just a very satisfied Ant owner
  23. Cookware

    That was in the back of my mind..........
  24. Cookware

    New recipe????? Take your evryday frying pan, in it mix 10 Tree mushrooms, 1 cooked meat, 10 eggs, (now where the * do I find those.....) mix all together. Cook over an open fire and then enjoy the contents. Food given 60, cooldown neglible...
  25. How old are you?

    Dare I admit to being 63??????