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  1. New Horses

  2. Idea to Reduce Server Load...

    Oh ok, while eating it might make a difference, I thought you were talking about taking 5 bones out of storage
  3. Idea to Reduce Server Load...

    How would it decrease server load? There is not much difference between sending the number 1 and the number 5 for a computer.
  4. I think it will make leveling even more slow, people will need to mix more stuff at higher levels to gain the same exp. Anyway, this has been suggested many times before
  5. I don't see the point of this idea. People will maybe click it one time and other times it will only be clicked by accidence and will become annoying for sure. And making an option for it is even more bad, there are already too much options for little things in this game.
  6. I think it should stay and archers should be able to shoot at players who are already fighting.
  7. Instances, first public test

    Looking at the weight of food it would be heavier to carry food inside than bringing finished goods inside (well for most items).
  8. Instances, first public test

    True, but someone needs to remember to refresh. But you have a point
  9. Instances, first public test

    It would be easy to abuse though. If someone goes in as a mule (got a lot of stuff with him) and logs off he doesn't need to run for monsters and other players can just IM him to relog when it is safe to give some items when the party is running low on items.
  10. Instances, first public test

    Then it would be easy to "cheat". Go in with lots of 100/100 a/d people and 1 with 140/140 a/d and the monsters will be killed easily by the strongest person.
  11. Feasting Potion vs. Bones

    I think it won't be bad to give bones to cyclops. People always have asked for higher drops at them and I think it's the most easy way to fix 2 problems without putting more gc in the economy. The bone price will rise anyway in the future.
  12. I need a siggy

  13. possible Firefox and EL conflict

    I've also had this problem in the past. EL went up to use 100% of my CPU when FF was open in the background. I don't have the problem anymore though.
  14. Active Channel

    Gerbil means the active channel doesn't get highlighted when you click "View all".
  15. Emote codes for the client

    Please don't use the # since it's annoying to type it ingame with an azerty keyboard I also like the .emote idea
  16. -Skeptic-

    Yea it's because of the diamond. They suck to harvest :]
  17. Resource shortages idea

    "Speculation" isn't possible if the resource is chosen randomly. It would just be luck if you got a bunch of resources of it in storage and probably first days no one will sell. Just imagine the resource is silver ore, that will mean almost no HE and a lot of other items. The market will get stuck very fast, fighters won't be able to fight and a lot of people will get bored.
  18. commanding magic

    2 secs cooldown on spells anyway (or 1 when not in battle).
  19. Optional change to Pathfinding

    It's a great idea, but those walking paths would get blocked very fast because EL characters walk very strange when they are walking close to eachother. In no time your character will be blocked constantly by other people using those roads too.
  20. Picture of the new Mule

    Just staying mule for a lot of hours, I thought it was 8 or 9 hours for first level.
  21. Worst Thing That Has Happened To You

    I remember having stuff to summon 5 yeti when they just were summonable and failed 4. Although my summon level was high enough
  22. pro xp

    He probably played 24 hours 2 mins 20 secs and so became 2 mins 20 seconds?
  23. Changes to client

    I still think in the big view the 'drop all' button should go higher and a little smaller so the other 2 new buttons can go underneath it. In the small window the 'drop all' button could be made squarish so all buttons can go next to eachother (maybe just put 1 char in it, like D, S, G with a hover message).
  24. No drops KF

    I agree, and if it is made no drop it would be fairly easy to train there without risk.
  25. Changes to client

    Why don't you put the buttons underneath "Drop all"?