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  1. ip ban

    back in the game now thank you very much
  2. ip ban

    oops sorry my bad will pm now sorry
  3. ip ban

    pls. unban poppop from the ip ban thanks in avanice
  4. All in a Dawn's Work

    more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes , yes 8)
  5. Little Dekke!

    as a dad of 1 , and a poppop to 5 gratz . and have fun oops and a big gratz !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. helpping a guild mate

    help please trying to find out how to make sure he/ and her can play with the same rootter and not get ban i have no idea
  7. Best Death Message

    playername found ot what oops means
  8. Forum Skin

    i like it