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  1. Elysian Fields -EF-

    Great Guild
  2. Robin hood

    He would have to be called "Robbin' Hood" haha
  3. OSX update

    Thank you Sir_odie
  4. Issac Walton strikes again

    I was just thinking this the other night, how canny! I'd like to see fishing appear in the game. I imagine it would be a case of equipping a rod, standing close to water and clicking on the water. Some random chance of catching a fish would follow. Success would add a few points to the harvesting skill and fish could be cooked then eaten as food.
  5. Eternal Guild Challenge

    I like the op. I was wondering what there was for guilds to do as a team.
  6. England

    Friendly folk the Geordies. I'm in London but get up to New Castle on occasion .
  7. vio vs lom!

    by GMT do you mean BST? Sorry. Also where will this take place? Hope I get home from work in time to watch.
  8. 40-60 invance

    (sorry for necropost) I keep meaning to get involved when a 40-60 invance/invasion is announced but so far I have been inconvenienced by time. Hope to take part soon and before my levels prevent me.
  9. If you click on history it will show all the server messages and chat that has occurred since you logged on, I think. Also you can check the quest log to recap on quests (scroll icon at the bottom of the screen). Not sure about full screen but I think it involves pressing a key combination, it is detailed in the help window (accessed by clicking on the question mark icon at the bottom of the screen. Hope this helps
  10. Want to buy 5 will removal stones

    I have one for that price if you want it pm me in game (gawr) I am on tonight 7pm bst
  11. Haidir passes

    When I have continued failed attempts.
  12. 40-59 invance team building

    Ok, count me in ^^ (I just scrape in at 40.5)
  13. 40-59 invance team building

    Is the figure you quote (40-59) overall skill level? My timezone is GMT+1. Oh, and what is an Invance?
  14. Unicorn riding passes

    That is just plain degrading for such a noble creature.