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  1. Global Quest FAQ

    TY malameo for the 100 amber. Have extracts I can donate for some MoP. I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 0, 1200 Amber and I have 100, 50 Mixture of Power of which I already have 0, and finally, 7 Grapes of which I already have 0.
  2. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 gypsum of which I have 0, 1200 amber and I have 0, 50 Mixture of Power of which I already have 0, and finally, 7 grapes of which I already have 0. Couldn't get him to say it til joo told me to talk to Jerun first. XD
  3. I would get into PK if I could fight people my own level in a no drop area, without being killed by somebody with 160 a/d I have no hope in hell of beating. And aside from trying to kill krazy in the past 2 days I'm not somebody that has ever got into PK in Eternal Lands. Sometimes we need new challenges.
  4. Global Quest FAQ

    Recycle day made me run out of flowers, but I can donate some gypsum. PM me when you log in.
  5. New invance rules discussion

    I am a ranger in 100-120 invance. Armour: In 80-100 steel set was fine, but in 100-120 it's advisable to wear something better. I myself wear ice dragon as the tougher monsters hit quite hard. I would suggest a minimum of steel set as a rule for those invances. Bows: I use my elven on the wall and my recurve on the ground. The reason is in the field I get attacked frequently by cockatrices and chimerans, and risk breaking it before I can unequip it. I also carry my cutlass so I can kill any low level monsters that attack me while I'm shooting. I'm not sure how useful the crossbow is as I don't use it. PK arrows/bolts should be required at all times, except for 120+ invance blue dragon as it has the point defense as mentioned. Gate guards: The gatekeeper risks being moved from their spot if they get attacked and make a kill, thus allowing anything else nearby to enter the fort. Therefore we try to leave 1 or 2 people to guard them and kill/hold anything that gets near. It is fairest to rotate those people so the same people aren't just standing at the gate. When we have JRats his tank rabbits can hold anything long enough for a ranger to kill it. When fighters go out and clear the town it can take them some time to get back to help the gate. We can sweep the whole gate area and think it's clear, and next thing you know 2 nasps or trices are attacking. Those are my thoughts for now.
  6. Expiring bots

    Paid renewal for Emerald. Your transaction ID for this payment is: 81V751946P806133S.
  7. Global Quest FAQ

    The gypsum is done! Thanks to Faxie, Irongrip, Bragi, Fizban, Moon_Dust and Nessa for hauling to hyutan. Donated some amber. I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 gypsum of which I have 10000, 1200 amber and I have 526, 50 mixture of power of which I already have 16, and finally, 25 orange of which I already have 23.
  8. Global Quest FAQ

    Have harvested and hauled loads of gypsum with groomsh, Sakaala and Moon_Dust. Now just need to get it to hyutan.
  9. Day Stones - Announcement

    Here, I uploaded the pic to imageshack so all can see it. http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/5933/elscreen041.png
  10. Grueing a lot this time of night

    It's happening again now if you need to know the times it happens at.
  11. Grueing a lot this time of night

    I am not sure what is going on, but this past week I will start grueing repeatedly around this hour of night and a bit later. Beforehand I won't even be lagging, just harvesting or whatever and suddenly I'm disconnected. Then I get back on and can't even move before I've grued again, and again, and again. Normally I have no problems with connection to the game whatsoever. Any ideas? -Caleneth.
  12. getting stuck mapwalking in MM

    Happens to me quite often as well.
  13. Ode to the Badaran

    A poem I wrote for fun about hunting the Badaran. I think this is the right place to put it? A monster from the forests roams Where wheat farmers make their homes From the deserts in the east Hunters seek the mighty beast From verdant green Emerald Valley Up the river rows a galley From boats moored at the dock Adventurers begin to flock Decked out in their fighting gear They let out an almighty cheer From Crimshin forest in the south The beast opened its mighty mouth A fearsome roar bellowed out The army put aside their doubt The time for battle was at hand To end the menace to this land Every soldier drew their sword Adorned with talismans to ward Against his fearsome tooth and claw They ran forth to uphold the law Armed with rags and dragon scale Essence of earth and many a nail The great Legion issued forth They drove the beast into the north Where the bones of heroes lie He fell with an almighty cry They feasted well and toasted victory Hail to the heroes of this story!
  14. bots with no gc

    I would have emerald buy more stuff but as she is not blessed that would not be practical. I always make sure she has enough gc for the bones she is set to buy.
  15. Haidir passes

    Only time I used a pass was to get out of the Tahraji Desert mission.