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  1. Holy testicle tuesday! and i thought i was old for EL player standards these days :)


    Let's be honest, there are some majorly old players around. Some just appear now and then.



    "The Joker is the only way to get rare items." - I remember being told this once :D

  2. Man, next you'll be asking for horses and running >.>


    Well, it sure would be interesting to have fishing in game. It would give something to do during down time and for us who just sit around. Can't think of any reason why it would be a top priority though, or even in the list of top 5 things to accomplish.


    who's going to tell him? :)

    I think fishing could work sooner or later, It will be like harvesting I guess...


    And I thought Scaled armour was like chain armour but made in a different fashion...

  3. Ayumu points


    1 - I consider the same, depending on the prize i'm giving away and who it's aimed at.

    Example Leather Armour sets, aimed at newbies, make it somewhat challenging (Seridia)


    2 - Oh I remember thoses days. Iron Armour set, Enriched essence set, 20kgc. Some people spend time using rings or teleportations to get the prize quickly, sometimes bringing the wrong item, wasted more essence or rings. However, people would play for the thrill of it and winning was just a bonus. (Acelon, Bugabear, Molime, Magpielee(even though he usually wins) are a few I remember) (Sorry if anyone feels offended I did not include them)

    However, like Ayumu said, now if the prize isn't good enough, no one seems to care unless they got nearly no items anyway.


    3 - And yes, donations were great, bigger they were, the more chance of more poeple playing or offering a better challenge to those who want it. If the prize isn't worth the challenge, no one plays.


    4 - Hench I try to do surprised events ingame when I can.


    PS: sorry if I insulted anyone as well in some way

  4. I tried to host one a few days back

    (think it's a few weeks now lol)


    Channel 7 has a few people active on it

    and a moderator told me only well known hosters get an announcement


    I prefer hosting than playing

    However due to lack of resource collecting - It's hard :)

    And on that note - I'll like to thank everyone who has donated to me or helped me in order to host a few contests :)



  5. Here's a few

    Nature's Hell walker - Most deaths while killed by random events

    The ### Hoard - Person with the most ###

    Master trader - Most trades with gold coins for something of equal value (might not work)

    The Nurse/Doctor - Most successful remote heals used

    I Love Stone Pets - Person who uses the most summoning stones

  6. Hey guys

    I havent been here in a while, this is due to school work.

    Recently I got myself into a charity run thing to raise money for a local charity.


    i'm doing along with 60-100 other people.

    This event is the first of it's kind in Britian however has been down in Wales (I heard)


    In 24 hours we are all going to do a relay run for 500km to raise money for Chairty

    This Charity is called EACH (East Anglia's Children's Hospices)

    Their website can be found here:- http://www.each.org.uk/

    They're a charity who helps families who has someone within whom has a terminal illness or has a complex condition. They help the familes through tough physical and emotional times

    This is a local charity of Norfolk


    This event will take place on Friday 13th to Saturday 14th

    It would be great if anyone could donate some money to this cause and sponsor us at




    I'll be in the overnight shift and day shift - a total of 17 hours.

    Please sponsor us as every bit counts :D

    You can leave a name and comment but I think it will look werid as my teachers will read

    something saying

    donated £20

    comment: Good Luck Choey



    Lastly - Thanks for reading :D

  7. What about the Cockatrice? I know it's a mythical beast, but has it been sighted in any other game than EL?


    No idea if there are other games with cockatrice in, but I want a jabberwocky in EL (as a random strength/health and other attributes monster) just for invasions and maybe instances too.



    but it's a large fat chickenball :P

  8. I'm sure everyone's heard of the freak lightling and hail storm in Austrailia

    The cold front of England and Spain

    and maybe a new one arise in the US if not already


    What is everyone's opinion on this?


    Surely not Gobal Warming but all opinions are welcomed

    And if someone says something you think is 'stupid' Overlook it :whistle:

  9. I remember breaking around 100 pickaxes in a month

    That was before skeptic and all that was out :P


    I actually want to know how many i broke them month

    I think it's actually less than 80 lol

    September/October/November 2006 I think it was

    Could have been 2005

  10. havent they always had HOME TELE? (tele to umbridge castle) its one of the first spells to learn iirc.



    First teleport spell I remember of was to Varrock and you had to be level 30 mage

    Things has changed a lot of them game since 2000 :lurker:


    You use to be able to give out free stuff

    10kgc you can change your appearence

    Half the skills on there now you werent able to do - Hunting, Slayer, Construction


    I got a black mark (yellow card in a football game) becuase load of people were complaining about mods and I said you try do thier job :P


    What I remember from RS

    Also remembering changing my avatar gender and someone asked me to be thier GF - they gave me 100kgc and i blocked them 2 minutes later. scam report deals a 1 minute screenshot timeframe afai remember



    I wonder if there's people who say WoW copied RS - just better graphics :)