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  1. How tall are you?

    5ft 6-9in not entierly sure lol weight roughly 11stones whatever that is in kg/pounds
  2. Which was your biggest project ever?

    Gathering god knows how much stuff for steel and tit sets to trade markusweck (before his crazy actions) 30k coal and 20k FEs and was going to be 100k iron ore. that was for steel set
  3. Time Stampped Chat

    It's already got time... well mine does anyhow
  4. You know yoy play EL too much when...

    when you forget how to run
  5. radon pouches idea

    as a harvester who gets hit by bad events more than good ones... i like it wouldnt mind getting a random essence if i hit a radon pouch
  6. Artwork Updates

    wow... I cant wait for when you can buy them from NPCs ingame... if that ever happens... only boots and new pants to go
  7. Do you like Diamonds?

    holy sh*t that pig has alot of diamonds o.o' dare to ask... why?!!?
  8. It's getting cold these days

    going off topic the topic title gave me an idea of a new day 'It's Getting cold these days...' The god are angry and decide to bring a freeze to Draia every map (but IP) has 2 cold damage. If only we can have 2 IP maps... and then the server is updated every 6 months for the winter/summer seasons..
  9. EMP weapon

    I like this idea as it's a new tactic but i think it's too cheap and like most people... I defin would not like to spend 300k on a nmt only to have it destoried in mere seconds by something worth 300gc lol i like the wa shallara put it... but i swear i read we were going to have suicide bombers in teh really terms with the really bombs lol <-- not a pker DMP? 'destorying magic' pulse? Edit: Also adding the terms which Thyralax may help
  10. Pair of Teleport Spells

    i'll make some contest really boring and not much of an race...
  11. The Cadaver Calculater

    Less than thirty people in the world have been diagnosed with that Allergy. Just curious, does your saliva etc not irritate your skin? Errrr. the impression I got from the specialist was that it wasn't quite that rare, my condition is called aquegenic urticaria - if that's what you're thinking of. No, my saliva doesnt irritate my skin although I don't drool but my sweat does... Is why I keep telling folks I am allergic to work! if ur alergic to water, how can u live? Oo' i dont know cause more then 70% of your body is made from water Is only an allergy on the skin surface..... oh i c... bit personal question but how do you wash
  12. Quote of the week submissions

    enlarge it on photoshop/gimp?
  13. Do you know your blades?

    You scored: 21 / 25 Total points: 210 The average score for this quiz: 9 / 25 guessed 1 times too many... on some
  14. Tweak True Sight potions

    hmm... problem tho i think is if u lose P/C you'll also lose your emu... by 100 i think.. this can be solved by if u got -# emu you cant move... i guess
  15. Wands

    We're not getting wands, Roja already said so somewhere... And we do have Harry_Potter, and HarryPotter, and some Weasleys and HermioneGranger and probably countless other variations lmao... will they get deleted for copyright or something? i know in some games they do lol... surely some mage clothes like pointed hat will be added... (dont think roja said they wont be permited)
  16. Wands

    If we do gets wands in game i wonder how long till we find someone called harry_potter ingame... lol
  17. Multiplayer cheating

    Marr is right... many games make it so you cant have 2 clients open on 1 PC. Flyff, endless online, rappelz... the list goes on but people have found hacks/cracks/ways to disable the reason it does what it does. EG. Flyff: if you open 1 updater client, it wont allow you to open another. But once that has finshed you can open another client... do it do slow and you cant open it to the login i found that out a year ago messing around... the other eg is endless online, someone already said there's a crack to bypass the system imo there's no way to stop multi playing other than banning... once cuaght the cocky person is doomed. If truely a family then picture of 2-# PCs and the family opening a EL client should surfice imo
  18. Movie Preview from Transformers

    i remember that trailer. It looked like a fun party lol... i remember that trailer more than the film
  19. Eternal Lands Bank

    if intrest say + 0.01% per day... lol... (6 hours) so in a rl week thats roughly a month ingame right? so thats 0.3% a week and if people want loans say 80% intrest a month
  20. Favorite skill.

    shame it isnt multi choose lol dont have a fav lol
  21. joker

    grrrr a joker in a storage? who ever put one there is a nutter or that is someone else's hypebag lol
  22. joker

    i think theres more than 130 spawns i know about 90
  23. Ant Eater

    wouldnt learner's ants just attack them anyway? lol i'd like to see hedgehogs and porcupines as well
  24. Quote of the week submissions

    Man I just gotta find him again, this guy is better than el-cel \o/ lol is he talking to himself or does he not understand the concept of pming?
  25. Esperanto medallion

    draegox got the idea lol @Anshar when you die you lose 50% of items... while wearing the med the chance of item lost is 100% the whole content of storage is just too over done hey, that'd make people not want to wear the med while training