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  1. PK stones

    Nice idea but if these saves items and the price of this was lower than Rost we'll have very bad economic problems. just a side problem i noticed.

    something like this happened on runescape just saying lol
  3. Black Dragon Armour Quest

    Riddle 4 This room is small - the room we were in was small unlike the next for it is large but sure - the next area was smaller hench why the last one said eight may wear it but one of eight may wear it This riddle pretty much had no correlation to the item apart from 'wear it' and 'large' Riddle 5 as Zedar said ingame, the two riddles are linked I know the last was leather - item 1 = Leather This one is like the first but this item isnt feather - it isnt going to be light close to the same but heavier 200 no more - 200 in my mind was price maybe they should have been the last riddle lol
  4. Black Dragon Armour Quest

    Well well The Black Dragon Armour has a new owner We like to thank Moebird for donating such a prize again And Dao for donating the Steel set Congratulations to Melchloren winning the BDA and XenaMT for winning second place - Steel Set for those who were curious what the riddles were and answers here they are Riddle 1 These are closer than you think Sold for less a pence but easy to get As bright as the oceon blue and as long as the trees dew Blue Lupine Riddle 2 Death by bones, hands and sword this is what's left what people are fed Raw meat Riddle 3 What is made by moon And used in Honey Every Tavern has this for two two a love, and two for life Mead Riddle 4 This room is small unlike the next for it is large but sure but one of eight may wear it Leather Armour/Helm Riddle 5 I know the last was leather This one is like the first but this item isnt feather close to the same but heavier 200 no more Iron chain/helm Riddle 6 An Eye for an Eye A Sword for a Sword Something this small Can open many door Needle Riddle 7 Fluffy's food Man's food Made by Earth Harvested by all Copper much more Vial Mold - Carrot Riddle 8 Enriched with power brings us death and life, Waves of destruction brings us this, Heart of Mortos this thing hates, Made by no other love not of Zarin, Enriched Water Essence Congratulations to LevinMage FatboyJaxx Nivek10 mefisto pking verdune robindell surojit korrode moebird Eiltje Raytray SouL justmental L33t XenaMT Blox DonC Marc Smurf wiserd for making it to round 2 and to Melchloren Marc justmental L33t XenaMT Fatboyjaxx robindell pking for making it to round 3 I hope you all all had fun and thanks to all who helped and played
  5. Hard changes? Just an idea...

    err are you saying that the words highlighted in bold = like 3 points of that cross-att whereas the others = 1/2?
  6. Happy 5 Year Anniversary, EL!

    Happy 5th Birthday Draia it's nice to see how the game has progressed and grown with each new member May the celebration tomorrow be immense!
  7. Bagjumper?

    a new skill called slap! slap your enemy using this skill requires 20 eth and deals 1 damage that's one way to slap someone
  8. How chinese treat animals

    but bacon tastes sooooooo good and Fur looks so good on me!! (i have never warn a fur coat) (i dont own any fur clothing lol) animal cruelty is everywhere... In labs they say that the rats dont feel pain but then people have felt pain in their sleep so how does that work? I'm chinese and i dont treat animals like that, My gran owns a farm in Hong Kong and she doesnt treat animals like that, i find the topic title abit rasict x_x' The point is that animal cruelty is everywhere... maybe your nextdoor neigebour owned a dog or cat and kicked it out becuase they couldnt feed it anymore, not saying they have but...
  9. Happy_G the actor

    eh go ahead
  10. Happy_G the actor

    so it's a site to get actors for into a contest to get into films even if they cant act?
  11. Guess the movie

    Yea, i think it's wrong xD
  12. Man (player) eating leopard

    If this idea goes well maybe there'll be a man-eating-snow-leopard maybe just on imbro near the hydro would special day's effect the leopard? eg. sun tzu, peace day etc....
  13. Cape of no more warlock?

    only teh god
  14. Cape of No More Warlock

    Good luck with auction - i just want to get congratz to whoever holds it 3rd/4th i'll trade a nmt for it 6k coal 1k rubies and 1k emmies got no money xD
  15. Buying emu

    maybe there could be a place to buy the power of load from maybe the harvesting god with both max phys and coord the max emu is 960 or somthing close to around that number. I'll have to cost alot and only allowed to those people with max p/c otherwise there'll be people with only 10 p/c and have over 500 emu opinions?
  16. That's Draians for ya someone give the dragons a name
  17. Merry Xmas everybody

    Merry Christmas hope everyone had a good year and a better one in 2008 and for those on EL today - may the 4 days be good and hope the astros are kind if your not skeptic
  18. Mortos Race

    Can i be removed from the list? something came up for that day thanks EDIT: not sure if i can make the new date either =/
  19. Which part of the brain do you use more?

    damn that freaked me out, i was looking at it, clockwise. voted, read a few comments looked back then anticlockwise read the left side and it went clockwise again...
  20. Platinium Coins

    Small idea people will hate... Irillion will only take Plat coins as currency
  21. Elemental Rage spells

    Heat = fire ess, this could be added in addition to fire strike/bolt etc... it'll be like harm but on different scale. follows off with cold, which can be ice also could use Death why cant Air just be wind damage Temporary + Fire = Heat Temporary + Decrease + Fire = Cold Create + Air + X + Energy = X bolt? X = any element, without X = Wind bolt? Natural Fury = Change Earth Death Energy? some small sigil ideas
  22. Kill the post above

    some repairs should do... like a new pair of motors
  23. Mortos Race

    I'll join not sure what my CL is tho. I think i'm in the 'Wanna-be-a-pr0-one-day' devision
  24. Guess the movie

    I think he guessed your picture was from 'Not another Teen movie' so assuming he was right he posted another picture...
  25. Determining Safe Areas

    sorta wasted your time chyzopraz tho then again the ruin temple in votd will be made pk-able