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  1. logic test

    riddle 2 was in a DS game
  2. logic test

    that was fun i was stuck on some because of spelling problems... lol.... ok maybe 1...
  3. Hyperquest

    well make the riddles/hints harder
  4. Mines, and a new perk

    maybe add a second perk upgrade to it so when you plant one it blows suicide bomber be harsh if everyone starts planting them near storages... Maybe make 1 or 2 immune?
  5. my health sigil is gone!

    screenshot both shop windows and your spell list only way to prove you did without a higher member going through all the logs and banning you for wasting time
  6. General store

    I would like that, but it makes it a lot easier to get food ^^ maybe too easy? well the prices could be like 60% more expensive cus of importing cost
  7. General store

    maybe have another slot in general stores Buy Sell Goodbye Buy Potions Essences General Potions mana pots health pots BRs SRs FPs Essences Health essences Magic Essences General .... Whats the difference between a mana pot and a SRs? nothing apart from cooldown time and what it gives...
  8. leather gloves in tools

    well they're also armour in life you dont use leather gloves as a tool do you? You use your hands as a tool and leather gloves just protect them dont get me wrong, i know why you want it in tools but it's not essential
  9. tankel

    This is already been suggested afaik Even a ghost of Tankel maybe http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16738
  10. Trying to fix an event for magic users

    Zirakgunda - right in the center aye - one spot in summoning temple, 1 in magic another spot on the rollercoster the cage in zirak and ida?
  11. Help me move!

    Where i live in england been getting some freak weather lately... Rain then thunder and hail along with sunshine heatwaves then freezing winds it's weird not to put you off England though
  12. The Greatest EL Player

    Um, isn't that the exact reason of the thread? Or is there some combat formula used for determining 'best player of all time'? he just dont like it someone said someone was a better mod than he is and Best Guildleader, Best newcomer Trainer. Magpielee for his pro-ness in magic Lord_Vermor - the race which got me hooked onto EL in the first place And i know who LV is now so dont anyone yell at about about it Of course the Devs are great players as well otherwise we would still be in pixel land
  13. More joy \o/.

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/uploads...99_33_17062.jpg seems like fun xD
  14. Pets implementation

    I myself like that option but it reminds me alot of the 'His Dark Materials' book series Deamons Also like the idea of need every 20 a/d for pet to reach 1-10, maybe have 10 different forms for the pet to transform into? As for the level up thing To level, requires 90% food full as it were, A pet leveling stone which only works after the requirement is there but will disappear whatever happens - try level it before it reaches the requirement To get A/D exp as it were is 10x more than us?
  15. Unexplained forty four million gc

    I think he's referring to 'I think there might be a huge bug in my client becuase i found two'
  16. favorite ingame channel

    Channel 6 which was Sky One but now it isnt stupid Virgin Guild channel is also good
  17. ranging archery events

    there's an Archery Pk spot in Zirakinbar south of the crypt... has anyone tested there yet?
  18. Spelling lesson for the day

    There alot of chinese stories/poet no one's ever heard of... And a list of chinese poets? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Chinese_language_poets http://www.chinapage.com/poet.html worst argument ever lol Myself - I lost several marks in a science test for putting Sulfer instead of Sulpher... or was it the other way round? And Color and Colour next thing going to happen is an art fight or how many movie scripts such and such did or didnt...
  19. Will u do this

    it always depends on what sort of event it is... Invasion - there is no 'prize' like others but exp... where as some are just on ch6 for prizes and only prizes. I do it for fun whatever but prizes are always a bonus
  20. One most worthy people!

    I'm abit confused why 'Gossip' Is One Most worthy People! since she is a bot created by Scafativ... it should be him lol x_x'
  21. Why do you take part in events

    heh sorry
  22. Why do you take part in events

    Fun all the way on both sides - particapating and hosting but sometimes particapating in order to get prizes for hosting one later. Usually with a big prize - get loads of players and only like 5 of them do it for fun... but you get enjoyment from doing it both ways hench i did them alot in ch6
  23. The 7 Wonders of Draia

    For bolded, go read storylines for explanations the rest... uhhhh... those would make sweet stories! Someone write stories! Testing people never works if someone finds it in less than an hour
  24. The 7 Wonders of Draia

    Tarsengaard Magic School isnt really a wonder, it's a building built by mages to train the worthy of magic in... as it were... The hand in Irsis is a true wonder And why is the forest of fall always seem dead... Why is the isle of the forgottern 'reappering' Is Santa's Grotto really that forgottern? The fire flower in TD is a good one and Yes, why is there only one volcano? Unless Seridia was once part of Irilion and something major seperated it and making the few islands... The Trinwood undergroud, how did that appear? The rocks giving off gas in Zirakinbar Why are there rabbit's called fluffy? Where did the Dragon skull in TD come from when there's no dragons on Seridia? So many questions on Draia people are just not looking at lol
  25. Artwork Updates

    awesome addition! what next? A sea serpent?