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  1. Id preffer buy gc from radu then susje.
  2. =hc=

    #join_guild hardcore tonight
  3. New Mage Spell Ideas.

    Just some ideas... Magic spells to reinforce/improve the fighting experience at all...usefull in invasions, invances and instances, resulting in some team job, and new tatics for players as collateral effect. *Sigils should be sold in magic shop as usual; *Essies to be choosen; *Could stack with potions aswell. -> Berserker rage Temporally increase your reasoning/attack by 5 pps; Requires sometime cooldown delay and/or action points. -> Panzer protection Temporally increase your instinct/defense by 5 pps; Requires sometime cooldown delay and/or action points. -> Merlin power Temporally increase your will/magic by 5 pps; Less cooldown and/or less action points to be casted.
  4. So-long Eternal Lands

    Gl and best wishes irl mano, farewell.
  5. i liked Maxis idea Seems an interesting item for add ingame.
  6. EL Instance Type 2

    Felt entusiasm on Rabbits general ideas, must be nice some changes for balance/re equal the instances purpouses for every EL player, even being pure fighter or all rounder-mixer.
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I will call you fairydragon tonight o/ tnx
  8. Flowers, Potions and Bones

  9. Goodbye EL

    Good luck irl, take care.
  10. Buying/Selling

    got eles for sale, pm me ingame
  11. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi, i would like to order: Ingame name: Asclepius 10.000 Fruits - 6kgc 10.000 Wheat - 15kgc 5.000 Blue berry - 7.5kgc 5.000 Honey Comb - 17.5kgc Many thanks!
  12. Sounds great to me, agree with Maxine , must be good sleep always in same time hehe
  13. Harvester medallion breakages

    Shit happens dude Did u know the Murphy's Law ?
  14. Hello friends, as far i'm potioner i would like to know if theres any (other) alternative recipe for potions of great healing, since those potions are very useful in combat... My suggestion is something like: 30 - Toadstools 15 - Body restoration potions 10 - Magic essences Note: Of course can be any kind of plant, but toads are ''similar'' to ogre toes and same color of final potion (red)
  15. Alternative recipe

    Alternative formula don't need to be 10 brs, was just my suggestion..
  16. Alternative recipe

    Agree with Learner, like i said was just my suggestion....it can be discussed or changed of course. Thanks and have a nice day!
  17. Alternative recipe

    I personally was looking for something related to ''potioning'' skill, nothing about mob drops.
  18. Encyclopedia translators and contributors

    Hi, i would like to help in portuguese translations if needed, theres not many pts/brs players latelly.
  19. Which was your biggest project ever?

    Wow u guys rock
  20. New perk ideas

    Ingame name: Multanex Merlin's Apprentice Perk: Gives you extra 60 mana permanent. Costs: 3 pp's and 100kgc Hercules Perk: Increase your a/d by 3 points permant. Costs: 4 pp's and 400kgc Dragonborn Perk: Permanent increase of 50 hp for your character. Costs: 3 pp's and 200kgc
  21. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi, i would like to order: 10.000 ogre toes - 20kgc
  22. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Right, please GenXer's can you guys do it for me? another ogre toes order please!? Thanks in advance
  23. Thank you for the 1.9.4 client

    True, i've experienced the same...alot of omfg graphics mmo's....but EL is particular, exceptional.
  24. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hello my friends! Im sorry for long delay, still have the 10k ogre toes order to delivery!? Please contact me in Multanex ingame or here. Sorry for long delay!