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  1. Server Crash?

    Grued too just now... and cannot login again
  2. Dandelions in Idaloran too
  3. Dragon scales

    +1 with this +1 with intial idea of RAD and +1 with karolus logic
  4. new server

    Nada Njet Rien Nix Nüüt I deleted my both DNS server entry ( + to Restarted the computer => DNS get back to 213.221.14X.240) Again, changed DNS server entry as above. Waited 1 minute. Restarted router => DNS get back to ..... Welcome to the new Server \o/ Thanks for helping
  5. new server

    Same here... it's maybe possible to run the game with: eternallands %1 [where %1 is the new IP adress] ? OR change the config file in the linux hidden folder .elc (which one ?) and replace game.eternallands.com with the new IP adress ? Voilà, that's the question... Lillaka CCFO (Chief Config File Officer)
  6. Scammed in instance

    I agree with Devnul AND Mythos
  7. RDHolaM and other rarly stuff

    For those who don't have CH6 open: Possible to have a little description about this topic ? Thanks
  8. Paysave Card

    all money comes from Switzerland so why not use the famous SwissCard (sorry I know.... was a bad joke... OR not )
  9. Today I logged on EL and what I see is that: http://imgur.com/wvJ6z0X I did an update for the Linux Mint 14 (but nothing concerning EL afaik) It's not urgent but if someone can help me or give me a suggestion about how to fix this.. I would appreciate Thanks Lillaka
  10. Strange map (Can't define a proper Topic... )

    PM to Aquila: thanks a lot for your advice] [PM from Aquila: happy to help] [PM to Aquila: It seems that nvidia driver needs to be restarted in Linux] My Linux Mint 14 asked for a nvidia driver update yesterday (I thought all went ok, no need to restart) but I had to restart. Now it works very well ! Thanks again Aquila !
  11. Global Quest FAQ

    Are there still players who want to help for the global quest ? How's the status ?
  12. Poll - New client update?

    Great idea ! 100% yes
  13. No. (everyone wrote what I think)
  14. server problems

    i didnt got myne :S me neither I think I lost around 9-10 rostos
  15. Remote Heal Service

    ...and great success !
  16. Redeemer perk (less break tool)

    Facts: I'm Skeptic. I got the Redeemer Perk (less breaks of tools). After 1537 SR's my M&P broke 4 times (1 M&P each 384 SR's). That's more than when I was "unsullied" by Redeemer Questions: Do I have to wait a bit before the Perk is working ? Do I have to wait before drawing conclusions ? What are your experiences about this Perk ? Thanks Lillaka
  17. Is there a way to give a player who trade to a NPC like Mira an additionnal option called "max" like this: Where max should give you the maximum available FP's calculating by: your inv free place your free slots (in case of non stockable objects) the gc amount in your inv Would be awesome
  18. Happy Halloween !

    Take care who you meet in this strange Day ! Mwouahahahaha
  19. Joker suprise !

    Gratz momr !!! momr58 found Joker and got a Magic Removal Stone
  20. EL - Time Applet (shows Day/Time)

    Facts: OS Linux Mint Mate 13 (based on Ubuntu Precise) Using EL Time App Indicator 0.6.2 from Paul B Problems: Since 2 days the Time and #Day is wrong I want to install the latest version of the App (0.6.6) but I can't find a .deb for 64 bits and synaptic doesnt include this app Questions: If the Applet is taking the informations about Time/#Day from the Bot Trinity, is there maybe a problem with the Bot ? How can I simply update my courrent Applet version to the last version ? (without compiling things and 100 other command lines) Thanks in advance for answers and/or tipps Lillaka Princess of Noobness in Linux Daughter of Sir ROM Megahertz 32 bits segmentation of the baron Fault-In 333 Bus
  21. EL - Time Applet (shows Day/Time)

    Damn it seems I used an "old" version of the repos... I found the deb file for my Ubuntu Version and all work very well now. Also, Trinity Bot is again up. Thanks for all your Forum PM/Ingame PM/tropa and zootnerper \o/
  22. Newbie Helper

    What is such an idea for ? Newhope as "Newbie_helper" will help new Players with YOUR spendings/gift to give a good image of him. (After that he will prolly wait for a new Player to become a medium Player and kill him as Newhope or another of his alts ?) ----------------------------------------------- Newhope is actually killing aroung people in Guildmap. People lost rostos (~55k). And then he ask here if someone want to help him helping newbies with gift and donation ??? Hey !!! Are you joking ? Or taking players for dumb ? I would help newbies but sorry. As long as such people kills potential "helper" in Guild Map I wont help them. A totally contraproductive acting of Newhope. Oh yes I believe you... we don't care what ppls talk or think. That's a good philosophy to say "I don't care what ppls like he talk or think"... Have your eyes open Newhope and give arguments instead of acting like a "God". A lot of dictators had the same talk as you. Only difference between you and them is that you admit here: And I find that very very bad for a guy who "want to help Newbies" !
  23. Magic cube

    Nice idea !!! A great surprise effect at the end