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  1. Tutorial Quest bug

    I brought my alt to tutorial and was awarded some magic (1200 w/god) and manufacturing (1000) experience. I clicked on "What's my current task". 1) Who are you? 2) Tutorials 3) Heal me 4) What's my current task? 5) Bye Response: You shouldn't be here.... I did notice that tutorial is listed in Quest List but no steps are listed even step I just completed.
  2. The child of stars perk is partly why I stopped harvesting except for food in field on maps with no bones and blue berries on IotF.
  3. boar token

    I like the idea of a boar token being used to finish boar quest. Last thing we need is a token which is basically useless and this would be valuable enough for some to buy not not so valuable it would be farmed by alts.
  4. Adding 2 new special days.

    What is next be fair to harvesters and rangers and let them worship their gods?
  5. Testing client ported to SDL2

    Sound alerts not working. I use sounds a lot for I have vision issues and I often have my client under another window and it allows players to send me a sound alert when they want to trade. I use Windows 7. I installed Windows 64 bit client in subdirectory and copied the binary EL and the DL files to game run directory. Checked and sound warnings file is in usual place. Checked and sound works fine and all settings set to max. Tried manually triggering sound alert and does not work, something I do often. No idea what else to check. Update: I copied the original saved files back to game run directory and now I still have an issue. No idea why. It is Windows so will try reboot.
  6. For an item dropped by 14 creatures it is amazingly uncommon. I think a good number of them are used for players with 60+ manufacturing reading books getting higher level Darithia items. A halberd is my most common item which requires rare ingredients as well almost double more than iron plate which is my next item which is why I agree they are not "hardly used". Nobody makes lesser magic swords anymore and lesser magic swords are now entering game via random item thing. Only use these days appear to be for bots. I bought one for a serpent stone. They are still being used in halberds (a favorite weapon), spear (preferred by some for some monsters), titanium axe (quest), titanium serpent stone (a favorite weapon of characters without high human nexus and have a few requests for crafting Red Dragon Helm of Life and Mana. Nobody is silly enough to use on enhanced iron armor anymore which is the expensive versions of augmented leather armor which breaks easier than unenhanced armor. Now for bars radioactive weapons require Dvarium Bars which requires serpent stones so quite a number get used there.
  7. new rare manu items

    I agree good idea.
  8. Well the change has been made as of December 21. Invasionmeter manufacture formula now produces 10 I wonder if break rate changed. I used to be someone who would help clear maps using them and then I ran into a string of uses where I got 1-3 uses out of them and I stopped. Combining that with occasional critical failure it became too expensive to do this as service to game.
  9. Agree completely on removal of serpent stones. Maybe substitute EEEs. In general NPCs have made some items non-mixable except for quests. I actually did my quests on no books day so I did not waste gold coins making tin/copper/bronze bars since NPC sells cheaper than to make including bronze armor.
  10. Potion of Perception

    A night visor removes armor and if you are hunting you want you want armor. This would allow both.
  11. Could the clearing remove only the GIWS monsters?
  12. It could be a real pain for harvesters doing dailies in TD and Thel. There is no skip on those so someone could be stuck for a while unable to do daily which as usual does not bother some players.
  13. One added one could be the Lenny one people have asked for. Lenny's family is in area and they are on various C2 maps. Since they will not have raised up, stored diss rings/pots like main Lenny drops will be lower. I also think that GIWS invasions should occur even if other invasions occurring. What is the worst that could happen - Red/Black dragon on map with invader fighters?
  14. Christmas contest! :)

    Will be traveling on most of 20th and 21th and not be on much unless places we stop have open wifi. Have fun.
  15. Instance mode adjustment

    Or what might work without major changes is ability to save several types of settings and switch between them like we do for mixing and pick lists (hopefully without the random failure like pick lists).
  16. Enhanced Unicorn Medallion

    I have used and it has not broken so fast but I think it has to level of competition. I rarely use since I find drops not worth cost in AP.
  17. It is for the break low level armor quest. it is one of the few quests I have not completed. It has been so long with multiple computers that I can not remember what armor needs to be broken for Buni's break quest in Nordcarn. I'd like a list like Vixen's which I have not been able to complete either.
  18. Do not use ingame Notes window. If game crashes file can get destroyed just like quest logs.
  19. sound effects help

    I use this: # This file is configuring sounds based on text displayed in the console # # Format for this file: # Sound = Text to match # # The default sounds available are: # alert1, alert2, alert3, alert4 # alert1 = You got all the alert2 = Your harvesting experience limit for this hour expired alert3 = hello alert4 = You stopped harvesting
  20. Global quest

    For the heavy stuff this would mean the people who do hauling would get bonuses and players may not want their contributions going to others' rewards. Agree completely about chances in EL. I have measured occasionally and sometimes it seems backwards. I'd like to see a reward of no tool break so players could use vial molds, make mercury, etc. without risking tools which now cost a fortune.
  21. new spell 'fight'

    If this is implemented it should be dependent on magic level and summoning level. Maybe add a needed spell component to spell like amber.
  22. Or not have alembic breaking so easily. An alembic requires EFE and if they are on market for 10K that is cheap due to cost of ingredients and likely on sale because no one buys except for quest.
  23. On freshly restarted client I was mixing SRs and broke 4 mortars in 453 potions which is a very large break rate. I have seen no improvement since fix. It is possible it is related to Child of Stars perk for I also noticed percentage of rares, even when I wore Artificer Cape, went down so I transferred nexus. i checked Harvest/Degrade indicator and astro positive, the only indicator which might indicate astro in this case. s
  24. Seperate folders for multiple characters

    Thanks I will try this. I want to create separate config files for me as big fight fighter with large screen and me as normal and this gives me an idea.