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  1. Not sure if bug or intended

    If you have a stack of meat under 10, you have to individually cook the meat rather then getting 10 back from when using a frying pan. Could this be changed so that if you have a frying pan equipped you will cook the -10 you have rather then having to click x amount of times like you would without a frying pan.
  2. can you change forum username

    PM'd, thanks
  3. can you change forum username

    is it possible to change my forum username to my current ig?
  4. Triple Ban

    Hello, I am speaking on behalf of myself (JuZ), BlackChook and Kalso. Blackchook is me and kalso's grandfather, and we occasionally play EL at his house on different machines but on the same network (we dont multi-log) and we we're all recently locked.. and we didn't multi-log nor even interact other then me and kalso joking around by saying hello to eachother. We are not white listed which we should've looked into sorting the White listing delema about (I talked to chook about it, but we thought it doesn't matter.. now we see, it does.) We would like these following accounts to be white listed: Blackchook JuZ Kalso Kind regards, JuZ P.S I created the account WhiteChook to sort all this out (created once realised we we're banned)
  5. Triple Ban

    Thank you very much! Are we still aloud to trade with each other? Kind Regards, JuZ
  6. Triple Ban

    Yes we are aware now. Hope you recieved the picture as we are all waiting to log back into EL, we have to go out for a couple of hours check back later. Regards, Tony, Justin and Callum (Blackchook, JuZ and Kalso)
  7. Triple Ban

    Yes we are aware now.
  8. Triple Ban

    The only accounts that should be active on this IP are: Blackchook, JuZ and Kalso. Kalso & JuZ also appear usually on their home IP. Delete anyother's connected with this IP. The only trading we do intercharacter is minimal i.e grandpa gimmie some armour.