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  1. Expiring bots (end of June)

    payed for Princess_Legend and Lord_Legend Belegnummer: 31F36557K7315173T
  2. Expiring bots

    Payed for Lord_Legend and Princess_Legend Ihr Transaktionscode für diese Zahlung ist: 2DD850615S411414S
  3. IOTF

    You are in Isles of the Forgotten [159,121] i fall through the ground there... an hole
  4. today i had a strange bug: wuffzel got healed a little because of his/her armor! Your Dragon Blade has been destroyed wuffzel kicked the bucket. anyone else had such before after i got the 'Your Dragon Blade has been destroyed' msg i had to restore cause of low HP but it doesn't work, i hit key and clicked on restore spell icon, nothing. after i died i restored its frustrating to loose 80000 gc or 5$ cause of that
  5. Trade bot storage

    found something in bot rules that might explain why owners can't do something with thier bot, that other players can do with the bot... 5. Bots that serve their master in a way such as muling are illegal (see the rules for multiplaying). so using the bot for mixing at it for the owner or using the sto for users items is nearly the same as you use an alt for that, hope that helps
  6. Global Quest FAQ

    Excellent, your 20 Black Dragon Scale will greatly help, thank you! Excellent, your 150 Amber will greatly help, thank you! I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 30, 1200 Amber and I have 300, 50 Mixture of Power of which I already have 0, and finally, 50 Black Dragon Scale of which I already have 20.
  7. Poll - New client update?

    i am using bluabs version since december 28 now, so far all is ok, no more glient crashes, ty i am using bluabs version since december 28th now, so far all is running fine and no more client crashes. i hope it stays that way ... ty
  8. Poll - New client update?

    ok i test your build bluab, but can take a while since the bug might come tomorrow or in a week..
  9. Poll - New client update?

    it can't be reproduced, some day i have a client shutdown twice in short time, then for weeks nothing. it only happens when using a spell (restore is used most so it looks like its a restore spell bug), but i had it also while using tele to range spell and often when i look with right click into sto window. the client is just closing without any error message. i have it happening since hmm begin of this year, others i heared have it longer. nothing in the client settings can stop it from happening. so far i know, that only win xp users have it. sir_odie was working on it and so far found no specific cause. only thing what stopped the bug was using the debugger...irrc. i think it might be a windows xp specific problem of loading libs or a timing problem. i guess it is the timing problem, cause as sir_odie told me, the debuger slows things down and the bug was not happening to him. i use winwods xp, SP3 with an ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics. drivers up to date. hope this information can bring it a bit foreward. edit : ups it was reported from me here : http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=58129
  10. Poll - New client update?

    its a known bug , happening to win xp users... i lost about 9 or more rostos that way, happens totaly random and also with other spells and also using right click in sto window...was on earlier clients before iirc ( the 1.9.3 series )
  11. Icon Flicker

    i have this since a few years, comes and goes by random... iirc i posted and talked about it a few times and yes it can disturb a lot also ATI video here
  12. TELE BUG

    when i open my spell window and click on the spells i have a description written at botom of the window it clearly says 'Teleports to the Portal Room of the other Continent' for the intercontinental tele spell. and you need more essences to cast it, so no bug here... hmm there are hidden spots, where the teleportals spell can throw you to other continent, but iirc you need to enter special rooms to use this shortcuts
  13. Haidir Monster Finder

    and ofc this tool would wok for lenny too ? as the other posted, searching is part of the quest special the feeling if you find the last remaining invasions mob, so i'd say we don't need it.
  14. Environmental Sounds

    if you turn on sound after game start, the envirnmenal sounds are ok after you change map or enter building/cave... iirc it was allways like that
  15. Server Crash

    wasn't the server... Server Uptime: 18 days, 11 hours,25 minutes, but all grued
  16. client crash on restore spell

    hello i had a few client crashes when using restore spell. after loosing a rosto cause of this and nearly loosing a 2nd one, i post now first i thought its my thumb pressing alt+x by accidend but client closes too when i click on the spell icon and now i have restore spell on END key its closes too. happens rare to me, about 5 or 6 times so far. any one else have this problem too or a sulution ? thanks edit thanks Sir_Odie for fast response i updated windows client with latest build from git.. should help, ty
  17. client crash on restore spell

    nope..not solved...crashed 2 times again today eye candy off...and lost a rosto any ideas ?
  18. One Ranging Perk

    Thank you andy I didn't realize WH resulted in net less xp. hmmm...i would say the xp bonus negates the xp loss from the acc bonus, but with the acc bonus you hit more often , so at end more xp out of same numbers of shoots special on low levels.. and damage bonus helps to kill with less ammo, so the ammo/gc ratio can be better not shure about the acc bonus effect on crit hits
  19. One Ranging Perk

    Actually ER lets you shoot about ~43% of arrows more. Lets look at 100 arrows. First you will have additional 30 arrows left, of those you keep 9, then 3, then 1. So you shoot 143 arrows from an initial stock of 100. hmm...not for me...i had a day where i saved only 20% or a bit less... ER gives 30% chance not to loose ammo when you shoot...so it can save 0% to 100% ammo depends, like nearly all in EL, on luck too
  20. One Ranging Perk

    oh, i had long time only WH perk... gives xp, damage and acc bonus which helps special on low ranging level
  21. Game change announcements on @6

    here it is http://www.eternal-lands.com/manufacture.htm need to use the site-search funktion of your browser to find items
  22. you can use astronomie to figure out astro sit down on a safe map every night in EL and whatch the stars and the moons ( EL has 2 moons ) write it down ... and with the rotation of EL around the sun you could figure out the curves of your astro...just need to compare with astro by using stones... but how does a server restart or a #reset or other changes to a toon influence that system ? oh ... btw, i know of some ppl who tried to figure out the astro curves by writing down the astro.... never heared of one in the last years who had figured it out. so i guess, best way would be a drawing of the EL starsystem, and like in real life plot it and get the relations of planetes, stars, moons and sun out of it. would be nice to have a new item... a telescope to whach the sky.. and can be an other way to spend time in game while harvesting outsite only my thoughts... ups forgott some things : the EL time is different from real time, this might help: http://www.eternal-lands.com/page/calendar.php ugh, damn..there was a site of the starsigns too...but i can't find it i try to add it later
  23. Sponsored WTF

    yes, was my first too, thanks soo much Maxine for inviting and ty to roja for the nice artwork on the bosses
  24. Sponsored WTF

    great maxine only mule 1 here, a/d 123/128 , ranging 66, full AP, no ER perk i might be in from about 8 pm, german time
  25. map change when shapeshift

    hmm, not shure if its known... its not an old problem... its not only me who has it... but today , when i was shapeshift as mule i got a bit dizzy... when i change the map, the whole landscape moves in a fast speed. even when i use first person view (alt-f) it is that way. seems the coordinates of the camara got seperated from the coordinates of the mule. so far, i help me out with pressing very fast tab for map, then i don't see it... , but still, would be nice if there is a way to stop this....ty