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  1. Wow Afrikaans is so similar Nederlands Ek verstaan als
  2. Artwork Updates

    Where's roja gone to...?
  3. Idea for ranging daily

    Yeah it qould....If radu would only consider it...
  4. Idea for ranging daily

    Great Idea...I just think that it should be the same as a normal haidir quest, and be given to go kill a certain amount of creatures with bow and arrows of course but the idea of making new mobs would be less considered ,the time needed to implement a new creature...
  5. I think this is a very good idea Saxum...
  6. New emu Perk

    Well said...Just seemed like a good idea...For if you know Skyrim and the Steed stone that it plays such an excellent role in the game of the carry weight system...But then again El is nothing like Skyrim...
  7. New emu Perk

    With this perk the items you've equipped doesn't count against your emu.So that fighter can have more items in there inventory...
  8. Gaming laptop

    Razor is by far the best...
  9. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Mine is bleed it out from Linkin Park
  10. Phoenix

    excellent idea
  11. Vacation and sales

    and what did ya do....?
  12. New Plant Ideas

    Excellent idea !
  13. Xaqu WhiteAs Repeat Bug small

    lol, NPC's bad language ...
  14. EL videos

    lol that was long time ago ...
  15. Change Hulda exit

    My Point exactly.